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Jungle News: We need more Summer Monkey Buddies!
July 19, 2012

Dear Friend of Jungle Friends,  


Video: Become a Summer Monkey Buddy 
Watch this video & meet some
Summer Monkey Buddies!
Who's Your Buddy?  
 KC, a recent rescue, was just introduced to Bongo yesterday and we are hoping for a love-connection. KC lived a lonely life, with only her reflection in the mirror for company. Bongo spent nearly two decades in isolation in laboratory research. We will share the video and photos with you next week, so stay tuned!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our "Summer Monkey Buddies", we know the best people! We are averaging a Summer Monkey Buddy every day, which is what we need to do to meet our
$10,000 match. Let's keep it up!

Please become a "Summer Monkey Buddy" today by making a gift of $84 and we will send you a wallet-sized photo and monkey art from your Buddy. Donations are DOUBLED until the end of September, so now is the time to donate as much as you can!

     Kari BagnallLots of monkey love from Kari

P.S. Our sweet rescue dog, Ginger,
still needs a home. Please Email me
if you would like more information. 
Watch the monkeys fish for frozen treats in their pool!
Video: Jump in to Beat the Heat
Video: "Jump in to Beat the Heat"

The Jungle Friends "babies" favorite way to beat the heat is by splashing around in their pool. They love to "dive" for frozen treats and play with the hose to make as big a mess as possible! Your Summer Monkey Buddy donation makes fun summer times like this possible. 

Watch more summer monkey movies
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