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May 22, 2012


Pip and Zeke when they were babies
Young Zeke and Pip

Summer has arrived at Jungle Friends with hot mornings and steamy afternoons, but we aren't slowing down!

Max has settled in to his new home -- just in time for two more monkeys, Pip and Zeke, to arrive this Thursday. The two boys are being retired from research. 


I am very grateful to so many in our Jungle Friends Family who donated generously to get Zeke and Pip's habitats built.


Please continue to help us offer safe homes to other monkeys by making a donation to our Research Retirement Fund!  


Lots of monkey love from Kari

Family says tearful goodbye to pet monkey
Tearful goodbye to Max
Watch TV20's report on Max's move to Jungle Friends, then read more about Max below!

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Welcome to your new home, Max! 
Max, a 25-year-old weeper capuchin, was so shy when he
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Chris says goodbye to Max after three weeks of settling him in. We will all miss Chris.
arrived that he didn't want to play with anyone but his humans. How quickly things have changed! Max stays so busy climbing and playing that his feet barely touch the ground. As a pet living in a human home, Max never had the chance for monkey activities like his new favorite, bug hunting. He is already an expert at digging them up or grabbing bugs right out of the air!

The adjustment isn't as easy for Chris Coppock, Max's "human." "We were on the waiting list for a long two years so I am prepared, but letting him go is hard!" she says. "I couldn't let just anybody have him. I looked at lots of other sanctuaries and there is nothing out there like Jungle Friends."

More than two-thirds of the monkeys at Jungle Friends are former pets. Most of their humans do the best they can, but monkeys are wild animals, and haven't been domesticated over hundreds of generations like dogs and cats. Monkeys just can't be happy in human lives.

Chris stayed on-site at Jungle Friends for three weeks to help Max get used to his new home.
"In the past three weeks Max has been happier than I have ever seen him," Chris says. "I know he is better off here."
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Send healing thoughts for KC
KC having a snack
Most of you remember KC's arrival at Jungle Friends last month. She has settled in very well, but lately her face has been swollen and she has been wheezing.

We thought it might be allergies, but when it didn't clear up with antihistamines, we decided a visit to Dr. Schirmer was in order.


It turns out that KC had root exposure on three of her canine teeth that had been filed down! Because of this, she has a serious infection in her sinus cavity and all three teeth had to be removed.

KC is staying in the clinic for a few days, but she should heal very well, be out of pain and ready to meet a monkey friend. She has been eyeing several of our bachelors, so we will keep you posted on the Monkey Matchmaking.


Please keep KC in your hearts and donate to our Memorial Medical Fund donate to help with her surgery.