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April 21-29 is World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Zeke (top) and Pip (bottom) are looking forward to their retirement to Jungle Friends

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Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary
13915 North SR 121
Gainesville, Florida 32653
Help us help primates retiring from research!

Nearly 30% of the monkeys at Jungle Friends were used in laboratory research -- and we are looking forward to the end of May, when we will add two more!

Capuchins Pip and Zeke are coming from a lab where they were studied for their social behavior, problem-solving abilities, and cooperation. Always careful not to harm the animals, their caretakers wanted these two lucky monkeys to retire in a natural environment with other monkeys. And we are making that happen.

We are committed to helping Pip, Zeke, and other primates like them in every possible way...but we cannot do it without your help.  

Designate your donation to support primates retired from research by donating to our research retirement fund.

Herbie's retirement