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A Day at Jungle Friends
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Day at Jungle Friends"
Meet Some of our Regulars    ...Ashley Potchynok, University of Florida graduate student, came to learn about landscape design for animal habitats, and now volunteers regularly. She is always ready and willing to rake, mulch, mow and weed-eat.
...Zack Dubien
, high school senior, does general labor every Saturday and on school breaks. On Chop Days he cuts fruits and veggies for the monks.
...Jolle Vernier,
French Animal Activist, is taking a 3-month break from her organization to live on site and work hands-on with monkeys. She is the current "Mayor of Munchkinland," spending most of her time caring for the marmosets and tamarins.
...Helene Goldson, a Gainesville professional marketer, writes this newsletter.


Shira Reid makes a community outreach presentation.

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Jungle Friends
Primate Sanctuary

13915 North SR 121
Gainesville, Florida 32653
It Takes a Village to Care
For 120 Monkeys 
If you are looking for a fun, rewarding, and useful summertime experience, volunteer or intern at Jungle Friends! We have something for everyone, and just look at what you get in return:
  • A fantastic bunch of new friends
  • Lots and lots of monkey love
  • Really cool experience for your resume  
Our volunteers do everything from monkey food prep to habitat-building, from social networking to video editing to -- yes -- poop scooping. If you have a special skill or trade, you can hone it with us. Or learn something entirely new.

Keeping more than 120 monkeys happy and healthy takes a village, and we want you in ours!

Schedule a volunteer shift by calling 386.462.7779 or email us at info@junglefriends.org.

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Shira Reid Hearts Primates
Her California license plate reads "I♥PRIM8" because Shira (pictured at left) really REALLY loves monkeys. You have to be a serious primate afficionado to do Shira's 24/7 apprenticeship overseeing care for more than 120 monkeys.

Living onsite, Shira is up at 6 am to start the 4-hour process of feeding and medications, then it's on to various cleanup, building, and caretaking chores -- all the while overseeing volunteers and other interns. The best part of Shira's day is working with the monkeys to socialize them with new friends and provide other enrichment.

During group volunteer shifts, Shira's teaching credentials get a workout as she leads groups doing special projects, then tours them around the sanctuary. Shira's cheerful closing comment to her tour: "You're welcome to stay and help with afternoon chores" occasionally earns her more help. Even more often, volunteers make plans to come back on other days. That -- and making monkeys happy -- makes Shira happy.
Most Frequently-Asked Question: 
ill I Get to Play with the

Many of our monkeys have had bad experiences with humans. Others have lived for decades with humans, but without any monkey friends. For those reasons, we try to give our monkeys as natural an environment as possible with lots of monkey friends. They really don't need human playmates.

If you volunteer regularly, you will eventually get lots of opportunities to work close to the monkeys and get to know them.

Believe us, you will feel the monkey love!