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American Tackle is proud to join Jerry and Mary Hutchins in their efforts to support the Wounded Warrior Project and Casting for Recovery.  For the last two years, Jerry and Mary Hutchins have been building and donating fly rods to the Wounded Warrior Project and Casting for Recovery.   Founded in 2003, WWP's purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members, to help injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.  Casting for Recovery was founded in 1996, with the principles that the natural world is a healing force and that cancer survivors deserve one weekend - free of charge and free of the stresses from medical treatment, home, or workplace - to experience something new and challenging while enjoying beautiful surroundings within an intimate, safe, and nurturing structure.


Jerry and Mary's contribution was completely funded on their own and in 2011, included 6 hand-made custom fly rods that were sent to Casting for Recovery and 17 that were sent to the northwest coordinator for Project Healing Waters.  In 2012, Jerry and Mary continued to support both organizations by contributing 18 Matrix fly rods to Casting for Recovery as well as 18 more Matrix fly rods to Project Healing Waters by July 10, 2012. 




Each hand-made fly rod featured the highest quality American Tackle components and the Matrix series fly blank.  Jerry stated, "It has been a labor of love and both organizations are very appreciative of our gifts.  We want to thank American Tackle for their generosity for their components that made this all possible."  We would like to thank Jerry and Mary for their time and effort to support these extraordinary groups and hope that we can be a part of future projects.


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Microwave Line Control System and The Bushido


On September 25, 2012, American Tackle Employees Hunter McKamey and Ben Stein took to the St. Johns River in search of Largemouth Bass with the Microwave Line Control System and the Bushido. The goal of the expedition was to test the Microwave Line Control System using un-weighted worms while concentrating on accuracy and reducing wasted casting energy in turn reducing fatigue.

They began fishing at 5:30pm and worked unweighted worms along a grass line that was notorious for holding big Largemouth Bass.  The technique used while fishing was fast twitching worms cast on the grass and retrieved all the way to the boat.  Hunter landed his first fish in a matter of minutes using this technique.  The Bass were holding under the grass line and would slam the baits as soon as the worm hit the water.  A few chased the worm all the way back to the boat and attacked right before the worm was taken from the water.

With the sun falling, Hunter made an exceptionally long cast with pin point accuracy which resulted in an immediate take.  The bass fought hard and jumped but was not able to completely clear the water.  Hunter and Ben could see he had hooked into a large fish.  The fish ripped drag and headed for the weeds.  With Hunters experience and the Bushido rod, he was able to stop the Bass from digging into the grass and turned her to open water.  After a lengthy battle, Hunter landed the 7 lb. Largemouth Bass.  

The rain started to roll in and the sun began to set as Hunter and Ben dropped the motor and headed for home.  The day was a success and the Microwave guides and the Bushido CB allowed Hunter and Ben the ability to cast long distances and cover a good distance of water throughout the day.  The smooth casting Microwave guides ensured accurate casts and enabled Hunter to reach targets that using other guide trains would have been nearly impossible to fish from that distance.  A great day on the water with a trophy to cap it all off.

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Oviedo, Florida 32765

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  • Increase Casting Distance
  • Reduction in Fatigue
  • Increase Casting Accuracy
  • Increase Lure Range of Rod
  • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination
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Bushido Vertical Jigging and Popping Blanks
  • Offering tremendous strength to weight ratios
  • Ideally suited for heavy 25-30 lb. plus drag settings
  • Super Nano Resin provides hoop strength during compression under extreme loads
  • S-Glass & 30 Ton Carbon material integration increases sensitivity & material recovery
  • Up to 6 different patterns are rolled up 14 times under high pressure
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