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"Line Control" Perfected


The Bass Professor Doug Hannon, the brain behind WaveSpin Reels, the weedless trolling motor prop and the new MicroWave Guide System for spinning rods

Inventor Doug Hannon also known as "The Bass Professor" partnered with the

American Tackle Company to conceive, design and manufacture the perfect "line control" system. Hannon, the inventor of WaveSpin reels says "It's incredible how smooth this system casts with the line leaving the reel at 22,000 RPM's." He continues, "This system addresses coiling-memory issues with mono but it's ideal for braided lines and really something that has to be felt and seen to be believed".


Performance oriented, this system is intended to provide noticeable advantages that standard guide trains cannot. It combines science, practical application and custom rod building principles to offer these benefits:            


  • Increased Casting Distance - This is achieved by capturing and directing energy into forward motion maintaining line speed. 
  • Reduction in Fatigue -Less force is required for casting using increased line speed because the blank will load and recover more naturally without inhibition from increased line vibration.


  • Increased Casting Accuracy - Using less force when applying forward energy allows precision targeting during casting.


  • Increased Lure Range of Rod - Using controlled energy, lighter & heavier lure weights can be used without rod blank materials compensating for lost efficiency.
  • Wind Knot Tangling Elimination - Converts "pushing line energy" through a guide ring into "pulling line energy" preventing line from traveling beyond the larger stripper guide ring not allowing it to override the frame creating wrapping or knot formation. "Why use a guide that's tangle free when you can use a guide that eliminates tangles altogether"
Stop action photos shot at 1/10,000th of a second show the dynamics of a spinning rod cast leaving the reel at 22,000 RPM. The bottom shows the wide helical and distance robbing line slap as it goes through the the typical guide train. The top shows immediate "line control" the MicroWave Guide System is designed to employ
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Meet American Tackle Pro Staff Member 
Paul Reyburn


Paul Reyburn has been building Rods for about 9 years.  He began rod building when he could not get the right rod for Tog fishing in New Jersey.  He found a few local clubs including the Tri-State Custom Rodbuilders and the NERBS.  After attending Tri State Rod Builders classes and learning from some old time rod builder's, he was able to build the perfect rod for himself.


The passion continued, he is now the vice president of the Tri-State Custom Rod Builders.  He then started JPR RODS, which has grown over the last few years, he receives building help from local tri-state members and local area builders.


Paul has participated in fishing seminars in Bermuda, Atlantic City and in Pennsylvania, about jigging and popping for tuna and many other species.


The Bushido line of blanks is a very popular model used by JPR. Paul was able to give some input on design and is building on them frequently for JPR.  His most popular specialties include marbling and abalone.  Visit: for contact information.








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