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American Tackle Company signs Sang Lin Tackle


American Tackle Company signs a deal with Sang Lin Tackle announcing them as the authorized wholesale distributor for all of Malaysia. AT president Joe Meehan said, "We are honored to have this trusted and well respected distributor representing American Tackle's brand". Sang Lin Tackle has been servicing its extensive dealer network for over 25 years to become one of the largest wholesale tackle distributors in Malaysia. AT products will now join a wide range of fishing related products offered through this firm. 



For more information contact Anthony Lee at:       


12a-16 Jalan Perda Timur,

Bandar Perda 14000 Penang.


Tel: 04-5372930/31/32

Fax: 04-5371935/2933





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Jaesen Yerger, Owner of

Cajun Custom Rods, uses Pro Wrap Thread



Meet American Tackle Pro Staff Member Sean Cheaney


Sean grew up in Miami and has been fishing since he could hold a rod. At the age of 12, he took a rod building class and got the bug. In the effort for the ultimate fishing rod, he found that it must be built rather than bought. For the next 13 years he simply helped out; rebuilding and repairing rods for himself and friends. In 2008, Seanfish Customs was born.

By the middle of 2009, he was nearly exclusively using American Tackle products because of the quality of components.


Currently he resides in Sanford, Florida where he enjoys both the world class bottom fishing off East Central Florida and the inshore flats of Mosquito Lagoon. He enjoys any and all fishing but in his eyes, nothing can compare to the blue water of the Gulf Stream where he grew up. 


The American Tackle ProWrap™ Rod Building Thread was in development for years and tested by rod builders. ProWrap™

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thread is available in 80 colors in both Nylon and Color Fast - in three spool sizes - 100 yd, 1 oz and 4 oz. The 100 yd spool works perfectly on power wrappers. ProWrap thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors which are pressure dyed for color consistency. This makes it easy for rod builders to select just the right colors. American Tackle uses the "Color Number System"™ or CNS for short - which provides the customer the ability to easily identify colors and shades of colors based on their numbering.

A Few of the many Colors in Metallic