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Largemouth Bass No Match for Bushidos

Ben & Alexander discussing some of the Bushido blanks to be used today
A guided trip down Shingle Creek produced fish well.


Bushido bass blanks in the final stages of development and due for an ICAST introduction in July were put to the test against real fish by Team American Tackle. Design & prototyping mean little until actual real-life performance can be tested. Based on technique specific applications selected blanks were built into rods for evaluation using a variety of baits and fishing styles.


Ben Stein of American Tackle personally guided this expedition through the Ritz Carlton's extravagant grounds at Grand Lakes Orlando. The morning began on Shingle Creek for stealthy accuracy presentation baits followed by multiple lake options all accessible using canoes, kayaks, oar-driven drift boats as well as a customized 4 wheel drive fishing cart reaching the back-lot lakes. Healthy double digit numbers of Florida largemouth succumbed to a wide range of presentations perfectly delivered via Bushido blanks.


Performing beyond expectations these Bushido spinning and casting models remain on schedule for July's introduction.


Alexander with another nice bass on Bushido CB76/8-15
Alexander's trophy bass on Bushido CB72/10-17

















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Meet American Tackle Pro Staff Member

 Michael Bloch 



Michael Bloch was born and raised in South Florida, where fishing was a signifcant part of his life. Years of tournaments and endless amounts of time on the water brought him to expand his horizons to all that involved a rod and reel. He got started building rods out of  necessity more than anything. Building to fit specific applications and situations where a factory rod just wasnt good enough. Upon moving to Massachusettes for college an unforseen passion for distance surf casting and the striped bass began to evolve and the rods he was building followed suit. Practice and endless time on the field with tape, blanks, and all types of guides brought him to the more technical side of rod development, concept systems and materials. Understanding the components and layouts has always been the most important part of building to him, not the beautiful thread art that is common today.



Now living in Homestead, FL; Michael spends all of his spare time in Flamingo, Biscayne Bay and the Lower Keys chasing redfish, tarpon, permit and bonefish with a fly rod. All of his rod building now is confined to family and friends. But he still enjoys spending some spare time on the casting field to explore new guide layouts, blanks and reels.   










Matrix Fly Blanks
Matrix Fly Blanks by the American Tackle Company offer a full range of lengths and line weights in 2 - 5 pc. fly blank options. These blanks feature woven carbon twill material in the butt section integrated with intermediate modulus material throughout the rest of the blank. This unique combination of material allows the blank to load and unload distributing energy more efficiently during casting and battling fish.
These blanks are definitely a "see it, cast it, to believe it" and once you've seen the graphite twill material come alive in the natural sunlight, you'll be an instant fan.
Click on Image for specifications