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More Bushido Blanks in Development

The process of developing Bushido blanks continues. It was a collaboration of fishermen, rod builders and blank engineers beginning the quest for the Bushido freshwater and inshore blanks. Combining the desired specifications to new materials and practical manufacturing takes time to perfect. Each round of samples produced must graduate an exacting series of evaluations. Their weights, tip/butt target sizes, as well as applicable action deflections are critiqued and refined every step of the way. Most of the process is done in-house however, once prototyped, many models are built and fished for final approval and we seem to have a lot of volunteers for that part of the process! Look for the Freshwater & Inshore Bushido's to arrive in Mid-2012. 

Hunter & Mick check the action of the Bushido  BMB68 blank


Chris verifies a blank's butt diameter
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Meet American Tackle New Pro Staff Member 
          Nuno Paulino   
We were familiar with Portugal's Nuno Paulino's spectacular work, having seen photos on forums and on the cover of  Rodmaker  magazine.  Imagine our delight when Nuno applied to be a  member of American Tackle's Pro Staff.  His talents bring unique finishes and artistry in the craft of rod building to an entirely new level. Nuno stated, " I am never happy with the result of my work...always trying new things and transforming others. Building rods is a passion." 
At age 20, Nuno went to work in a fishing supply store where he started repairing rods.  He worked there for five years  before he began creating his own finely crafted rods.


Nuno is a former soccer player who still loves to play.  He also enjoys fishing and spending  time with his wife and two sons.   View some of Nuno's work below and more at

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