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American Tackle Family Field Testing


While field testing products in Florida's Mosquito and Indian River lagoons from kayaks, Alexander and Darrin Heim managed to land both the infamous red and black drum fish. Rods were built with Matrix blanks including some salmon/steelhead and popping models, no doubt the SA/ST rods are a carryover from Darrin's northwest fishing habits. Both stainless and solid titanium Ring Lock guides were utilized in various guide sizing/model combinations with particular attention to newer Artus Ring Lock micro guides. The Matrix blanks were particularly well suited for these applications due to the material mixture. The unidirectional tip sections load perfectly for casting popping corks & artificials while the woven twill provided the power to control and land larger fish. The Artus Ring Lock micro guides performed well in line control and weight reduction and also proved durable enough for the rigors of kayak fishing.  Preparations are already underway for testing some new ATC inshore blanks due out in Spring 2012 along with a corrosion proof guide finish unlike anything currently available. This is tough work, but Alexander and Darrin will somehow rise to the task. 

 Product Spotlight On...
    Solid Titanium Turbo Boat Guides
Titan Turbo Boat Guides

Titan Turbo, the world's first solid titanium boat guide.  These guides are used on the most advanced saltwater rods providing the ultimate in performance and durability for the most extreme fishing conditions.  Besides being 100% corrosion proof, they utilize solid titanium alloy which is up to 60% lighter than stainless steel and much more flexible.  The flexibility and light weight allows a rod blank used for light line or heavy line applications to flex less inhibited during the natural load and recovery of the material used in their construction.  This will aide in the performance of any rod, particularly those where a stiff stainless frame guide would normally be used.  If you're not convinced of their value, the next time you build a rod with a stainless boat guide, test the flexibility of the frame and then imagine how that stiff frame not flexing will affect the blank.  Then, imagine if the guide frame flexed more easily with the blank and was half the weight and corrosion proof.




  • 100% corrosion proof                   
  • 65% lighter than Stainless Steel
  • Diamond polished & perfect for braided lines
  • Solid Titanium frame with Nanolite ring
  • Nanolite ring is 45% stronger & ground round to reduce line wear and increase casting distance
  • Ideal for Medium to Extra Heavy boat rods 
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    Glynn Prestenbach, Oreo and Minnie Mouse

    Glynn Prestenbach,Oreo and Minnie Mouse

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