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Thank you for being a valued customer, partner, perspective customer or friend of Royal United. From America’s leading supplier of components to the builders of dust collection equipment, this brief e-Newsletter is an attempt to bring you relevant ideas and information that we hope will have a positive effect on your company’s profitability in the filtration/pollution control industry. In each edition you can expect:

  • Cost savings ideas
  • Better design options
  • Industry relevant best practices
  • Supplier announcements/releases
  • What’s new at Royal United

Thank you once again for your time and support. Since our company’s beginning ten years ago, our goal remains “to be the easiest company your staff will ever work with.”

Ty Headley

Managing Partner

February 2011, In This Issue
MATRIX Wiring System
  • The only single cable/multi exit wire system for the electrical connection of all integral valve coil assemblies to the timer/controller of a dust collector
  • Custom manufactured to your desired pitch (spacing) and number of exits
  • Significantly reduces the expense of shop or field wiring and the resulting errors
  • Eliminates the need for wire raceways and support structure of same
  • Economical and simple to utilize on your next project
  • Field proven for the past three years

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STAR Bottom Design for Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • Exclusively from our partners at iFIL, a US leader in pleated bag design and manufacture
  • Ledgeless bottom design consistent with USDA and FDA criteria.
  • All material and components are compliant with USDA and FDA
  • Readily available in most customer specified diameters
  • Unique mold construction allows for “OEM specific” imprint in bag bottom, putting your identity on every unit.
  • Pleated bag technology represents the fastest growing segment of the US filtration market. Now approaching $50,000,000 per year, it is a proven and cost effective design alternative to traditional bag/cage assemblies in many applications.

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COSTS to Increase on ALL Polyester Medias

rising prices On January 15th of this year we released a notice of pending price increases that will affect all Polyester based media utilized by the filtration industry. Increases have continued since then and it looks as though 2011 will be a “wild ride” for estimating the cost of filter elements. Our recommendation is to “factor in” a cost impact on any future project to avoid a profit squeeze at the time of project execution.

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