July 2012

A New Leash on Life: Jake Starts Chemotherapy

After two surgeries to remove cancerous tumors, Jake is getting treatment to keep cancer away
We all know Jake -- this young pointer mix is no stranger to ARI supporters. He came to us last January as a stray -- his leg was riddled with marble-sized tumors. We knew something had to be done.

Jake has now had two surgeries. The first was to remove the cancer-covered leg and the second was to remove one cancerous tumor that appeared above his incision site.

Jake deserves a chance at life and to grow old with a loving family, which is why Jake started chemotherapy treatment this week. Please be a part of Jake's progress by contributing here.
Rodeo, Kaydee, Beckie and Stella are Waiting for You

Can you give a puppy mill dog a home? 
Lucy, an adorable yorkie, was the first to find a home in the group of puppy mill dogs we took earlier this month, and there are still more waiting for happy homes.

Can you look into your heart and ask if you can change the life of another? These girls (and one boy) need stable families with no small children, a fenced-in yard and another canine companion already established in the home. All of them are precious and need homes.

We have a yorkie, a silky terrier, 5 shih tzus, a labradoodle (the only male), a golden retriever, a miniature poodle (Beckie, pictured), a bichon and a maltese who all need homes!

Visit our petfinder page here for more info on these dogs. And if you know someone who's interested, please pass this e-mail along! 
Deadline for DDIP Sponsors/Vendors is August 1st!

Be a part of our year's largest fundraiser! 
Next Wednesday, August 1, 2012 is the last day you can join Animal Rescue, Inc. in its largest event of the year Dogs' Day in the Park!

Become a vendor or sponsor for our event and showcase your business to the hundreds of Maryland and Pennsylvania community members who support our rescue.

To learn more about becoming a vendor, click here.

To learn more about becoming a sponsor, click here. Please note we will be accepting sponsors past this date, but your business may miss out on advertising opportunities if you submit your application after this deadline!
Meet Milkshake

This 3-year-old cat doesn't let his illness extinguish his love of life. 
Milkshake, a 3-year-old cat, waits patiently on our vet tech's lap while she administers fluids to him from an IV bag hanging on the wall. When she's done, he gets up, gives a yawn and trots off to play or cuddle with one of his feline friends in his room.

Most of the other cats receiving fluids at our rescue are elderly or infirm, so why does Milkshake get fluids, too? He's in kidney failure.
Milkshake came to ARI as a stray. He cuddles with the other cats, bats toys around the deck and will sit on our laps for love and attention. He loves to snuggle with his friend Larry (you can see a video of them on YouTube here) and laze about on the porch on sunny days. This is not a dying cat. Milkshake is a special-needs feline who requires supportive care. 
Milkshake could use your monetary support, but what he really needs is a home. 

Animals are a commitment of 10 to 15 years. But what about 1 or 2 years? Maybe 3 years of love for an animal who would otherwise not have a loving lap. It's a difficult choice to take in an animal who will not be a part of your life for an extended period of time, but it would mean the world to them. Consider adopting or fostering Milkshake. For info, contact Ashley at 717-993-3232x223 or e-mail her here
Little People, Big Hearts

We love to see young people helping animals, and this young girl is no exception! 
When Alexa (right) turned 9 years old, she didn't want presents. Instead, she asked for donations for Animal Rescue, Inc. Her family and friends responded with food, treats and more for the many animals who call ARI their home. We always appreciate young people reaching out to help animals in their community. 
If you'd like to start a donation drive for ARI from your school, religious group or business, contact us here.