Animal Rescue, Inc.July 2012
Jake Needs Chemotherapy

Remember Jake? The handsome young Pointer who came to the Rescue as a stray? His leg was riddled with cancerous tumors and shortly thereafter, he had the leg removed. 

Jake bounced back quite literally from this endeavor and could often be seeing flying around the yard with two tennis balls in his mouth. Then we noticed another lump.
The cancer had returned and Jake had undergone yet another surgery for having the lump removed just above the site where his leg was amputated. The oncologist and the surgeon believe that chemotherapy for this young dog is the next option.

Jake is now in foster care and will be receiving his chemotherapy treatments starting in the next few days. The oncologist hopes that with 4 to 6 treatments, Jake's cancer will be in remission. Until then, we can only hope for a speedy recover for Jake. But also, we must ask for your help.

The cost of diagnosis, surgery and treatment of Jake's cancer has been staggering, but we know this dog deserves a chance at a happy, full life. A gift of $5 or $10 would help diffuse the cost of Jake's care. If you are able to donate, please do so below:

Thank You, Volunteers!
Before: A very matted, smelly Millie came to ARI.

After: Shaving down Millie revealed irritated skin and paws and dirty, infected ears. But now at least she's clean!

We'd like to thank Ginae at The Pet Shoppe in Shrewsbury, PA for grooming many of the puppy mill dogs who came to ARI earlier this week. To contact Ginae, call the store at 
(717) 235-1944.

Also we'd like to thank Cindie Brockmyer and P.C. Smith, volunteers who dedicated their time to giving these dogs baths shortly after their arrival!
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P.O. Box 35
Maryland Line, MD 21105
(717) 993-3232
We've Done It Again!                              Eleven More Rescued from the Puppy Mills  

How could we say no? Eleven puppy mill dogs with varying degrees of health and socialization issues were brought to Animal Rescue, Inc. last Tuesday. While they were en route, we at the rescue scrambled to clear kennels, ready medications and treatments, and clear the bath tubs for the poor, dirty souls.


Most puppy mill owners do not address the dogs' physical issues, like poor teeth, raw paws and matted hair, because caring for them costs money they're not willing to spend. It's all business for puppy mill owners.


Since the laws in Pennsylvania became effective in 2008 forcing the commercial licensed kennel owners to allow dogs to exercise, we have seen an improvement in their temperament and socialization skills. Theproblem is, most of the former commercial kennels in Pennsylvania relinquished their licenses and are now operating illegally through an underground network.


Dogs "living" in these illegal kennels are

suffering far worse treatment than ever before in the history of puppy production lines because dog wardens have no authority to inspect these kennels. Without the fear of dog warden visits, puppy millers can do as they please to the dogs and no one knows what evil lurks behind those barn doors.


Our new arrivals came with varying degrees of neglect evident. While some had been shaved down, lack of regular bathing caused feces to accumulate between their toes. Most are in dire need of dentals and one little Yorkie has a severe underbite causing her teeth to loosen and twist. Individual physical exams are being conducted on each and plans to have them spayed are in the works. The only male in this group will be neutered, too. An emergency surgery was performed on a very small Maltese named Ponyo to repair a large hernia in her abdomen. She lost a great deal of blood but this resilient little girl survived major surgery and is
well on her way to recovery.


Once all their medical needs are addressed, these precious dogs will be up

for adoption. In the meantime, they're being treated like royalty and love the attention. Most are still frightened but we're seeing improvement after only a few days. Given a little time, all of them should bemore than willing to become lap dogs - except for the Golden Retriever and the Labradoodle, though we have a feeling they're going to try. Please click the links below to meet the dogs! They'd love to tell you their stories and hope you'd consider making them a member of your family. Please note that all of these dogs require a fully fenced-in yard and a home with an already-established family dog. Click here to read more about these policies.


Ponyo the Maltese
It's Not Too Late!                                    To Become a Dogs' Day Vendor or Sponsor! 

Join us for Dogs' Day in the Park, our year's largest event! We'll be featuring a day of fun with games, many vendors and rescues, catered vegan and vegetarian food, a bake sale, demos, Rent-A-Dog, microchipping and nail trimming and more, all while raising funds and awareness for Animal Rescue, Inc. This dog- and family-friendly event attracts thousands of people each year and the new location promises more of ARI's Maryland supporters will be in attendance, along with our many 

Pennsylvania supporters.


Date: September 22, 2012 (Rain Date 9/23)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: New! Marge Goodfellow Park
Intersection of Constitution Ave. & Main St.
New Freedom, PA 17349



It's a great event to showcase your goods, services or adoptable animals and reach out to the community while helping our Sanctuary for Life. Learn more here.



Make a difference for animals by sponsoring our year's largest event Dogs' Day in the Park! You can learn about sponsorship options by e-mailing Stacey at or by filling out our sponsorship form here.

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It's never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts and Cats Believe in Santa is a great gift for animal lovers of every age.

You can get your copy here and be sure to bring it with you during Dogs' Day in the Park on September 22 (Rain date: 9/23) from 10 am to 4 pm to have it signed by authors Jennifer Foulk and Robert Biser.

Buy it today and know that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Animal Rescue, Inc.!

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When Abbey the Tabby appeared at the Biser household one cold, rainy night, just two days before Christmas, she began a more than twenty-year long family adventure in providing sanctuary for stray cats.With a wonderful combination of photographs and stories, Cats Believe in Santa shares with us the telling images and heartwarming stories of how eleven of these cats found a place to call home.

Read how months of kindness and perseverance fostered friendships between animal and human.From lost and lonely to peacefully purring, readers will be touched by the unique and special bonds that form with even the most aloof of cats.

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