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JUNE 2012

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This Saturday

Flea Market
Scarecrow Farm
Stewartstown, PA

9am to 3 pm


June 24
Karma Fest
Oregon Ridge Park
Hunt Valley, MD
11 am to 5 pm


July 7
New Freedom Parade
New Freedom, PA
4:30 pm to 6 pm


September 22
Dogs' Day in the Park
New Freedom, PA
10 am to 4 pm


Construction Has Begun!
The Betty White House
We've broken ground on our Betty White House!
That's right, this building is getting updated and rebuilt with your help. We've raised the funds toward this repair with our Candlelight Ceremony, raffle, newsletter and online auction and now we're happy to report that the 57 cats who call Betty White their home have been relocated and construction has begun.
Ralph soaks up the sun.
We're reconstructing The Betty White House from the ground up. It has a good, solid foundation, but needs a new structure with siding, walls, windows, doors and a roof - the works! This building was one of the very first on the farm and was originally used as a containment area for chickens. When the rescue began, the building was repaired but restricted by zoning regulations.
We're looking forward to giving these kitties a home - whether it's temporary until they find their forever families or for life. 

Betty White House is a home to many of our older resident cats. They rely on your kindness to sustain
Knucklehead relaxes in his
favorite spot.
them when other rescues, seeing their lives as disposable, would euthanize the
m. Cats like Knucklehead appreciate the cool breeze, the sun on his fur, fresh food and water, and the loving hands of his caretaker like any other cat living in a home. 

Consider donating toward this ongoing project and others for the benefit of Knucklehead and his friends by clicking the button below.
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The Verdict Is In On Parkton Farm

Sharon Wheeler, a woman who rented a farm in Parkton, Maryland, asked for our help last year in addressing a very large issue: She only had three cats on her farm which quickly multiplied to 60 in two short years.

Parkton Cats
The cats gather to eat at the farm.
We came to Ms. Wheeler's aid with your help - many of you stopped by with food for the cats, and we used nearly $13,000 to spay or neuter, vaccinate and treat the cats there, many of which were suffering from eye and upper respiratory illnesses. When the project was nearly complete, Sharon began refusing our help over a clash in our spay/neuter policies. 


Several months ago, we learned that Ms. Wheeler had abandoned the farm and the cats living there. We took immediate action to feed the cats, who had been without food for days.  
Sharon Wheeler during an interview with a local television station.


Last month, Mrs. Wheeler was charged with abandoning 62 cats, failing to provide food and water for 62 cats and failing to vaccinate 13 cats against rabies. Unfortunately, all fines totaling $8,150.00 were dismissed.  


We have found homes for many of these cats, but about 33 of them remain at our Rescue. They lived outside with limited human contact, which means many of them are feral.  These cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested for FIV and FeLV and dewormed.  


He's waiting for a home.
These kitties would love to be outdoors with fresh food, water, shelter and room to stretch their legs. There is no adoption fee for these gorgeous cats, but we do prefer they go home in pairs and we do conduct a home visit. Adopters must be able to confine the cats in a barn, shed or other indoor enclosure for 2-3 weeks while they acclimate to their new home. 


To learn more about this program, call Ashley at
(717) 993-3232x223.