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April 21
Earth Day
Aberdeen, MD
1 am to 4 pm


April 28  

(Rain Date: 5/5) 

Yard Sale
Heritage Farm Drive

New Freedom, PA


April 29
Adoption Event
Titanium Athletics
New Freedom, PA

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May 4-6
Fairie Festival
Spoutwood Farm
Glen Rock, PA

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May 12 

New Freedom Lioness Yard Sale

New Freedom, PA


May 19

Vaccine Clinic
Shrewsbury Township Building
11:30 am to 3 pm  

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June 24 

Karma Fest
Oregon Ridge Park
Hunt Valley, MD

11 am to 5 pm

Thank you, Rosies!
We'd like to thank the Tattooed Rosies for raising more than $800 for Animal Rescue, Inc. during their music benefit at The Depot in York, PA. Thank you, ladies!
Jake Needs a Foster
Jake, the 3-legged German Shorthair Pointer, still needs a foster home! Visit our site here to learn more!
This Survivor is
Full of Life

I may not be pretty but I'm so, so loving!
Mr. Smokey would still really love a foster home! Smokey was in a neglectful situation and during that time he bit into an electrical chord and damaged his upper palate and tongue. Smokey is undergoing surgery soon and is in desperate need of a foster home. This boy needs to be fed with a syringe (he's sure to let you know when he's hungry). He needs some love and a quiet room to call his own, too! He loves to play, as well! Check out his video here. If you're home often and would like to do something good for a kitty in need, contact Ashley here.
Punished for Loving too Much
Ludo, a 3-year-old Border Collie, came to us after he was given up by a farmer. Ludo was a "farm" dog -- he ran the fields and slept in the barn. He's patient, loyal and smart. And he also loves people, which is why the farmer decided he'd rather give Ludo up rather than keep him in his home. You see, Ludo loved people and playing ball so much that he had a tendency to interrupt the softball games at the school next to the farm. He'd run in, saying hello to the players. The school administrators were angry and asked Ludo's caretaker to keep him contained.
Ludo is now with us. He's obedient, handsome and friendly -- he has so quickly stolen all of our hearts!
Get Your Hair Cut
for Animals!
Holiday Hair in Shrewsbury will be collecting donations for ARI from April 23 through May 31. When you bring donations for ARI, you'll get a coupon for 20% off your next appointment! Stop by Holiday Hair in the Walmart Shopping Center.

April 2012

As a Shelter for Life since 1976, Animal Rescue, Inc. has proven our love knows no bounds when it comes to animals. From the founder to the volunteers, we are here because of one reason -

the animals need us. We are here every day, every weekend, every holiday because of our devotion to the animals and our desire to assure every animals' needs have been met. Countless times, our network of animal lovers have transported one of our 4-legged family members to a 24-hour emergency clinic or sat up all night holding a sick animal following a surgery. We all have that innate sense of dedication to our own pets, but to have so many wonderful people willing to help Animal Rescue, Inc.'s residents is beyond our expectations.  


Several years ago, Animal Rescue, Inc., knowing not everyone has a network of caring individuals they can count on in time of need, created the Crisis Intervention Program, which helps people with pets experiencing an emergency crisis. The crises vary from vet referrals and personal experience information to cost assistance when the life of an animal depends entirely on the family's financial abilities. We're all aware that veterinary treatment can be costly, but a middle-of-the-night dash to an animal emergency clinic can be devastating, emotionally and financially, and many have been forced to let their pets die because of lack of funds.  


Animal Rescue, Inc. tries to help those people and their pets, but with the current economic climate, we also are struggling to continue helping those who need us at one of the worse times of their life. We'd like to share Taco's story with you:  


In 2008, a small brown Chihuahua came to Animal Rescue, Inc. from a kill-shelter where he had run out of time. The

shelter had given us the usual background information on him but the most astonishing information was what the woman wrote as the reason for him being surrendered: "Husband and son killed in accident." No one could understand the pain this woman was experiencing or the reason she decided she no longer wanted Taco, we only knew this little boy had also suffered from the loss of three people he loved. We knew he now needed someone special who would understand his sadness and confusion.  


Marguerite, a woman who considers her pets as children, accepted Taco with open arms and vowed to help him overcome his tragedy. And with the numerous updates she's continued to send us through the years, we know she made good on her promise to us and to Elroy Wallace (formerly Taco). Elroy had competed in several Chihuahua races, had celebrated every holiday with a new outfit and was clearly loved by his adoptive Mom.  


Last week, we received an urgent e-mail from a panic-stricken Marguerite. For no apparent reason, Elroy started screaming in pain and lifting his front leg. Upon arrival at the emergency vet, it was discovered the discs in his neck had flipped. The vet further advised that while this is a very rare condition, when it does strike, it often afflicts Chihuahua's and other small breed dogs. It can be caused merely by a deep breath. The only treatment for this affliction would be expensive surgery.  


In just a few days, Marguerite had already incurred several thousand dollars of debt in exams, x-rays, pain medications and diagnostics. She reached out to Animal Rescue, Inc. when she discovered the surgery needed would cost up to $6,200 and had to be performed as quickly as possible by a specialist in this field of neurology. ARI's Crisis Intervention Program made it possible for Elroy to receive the surgery and he's now at home recuperating and receiving lots of TLC from a very grateful and appreciative Marguerite. And, while Marguerite has vowed to repay us for the entire cost of the surgery, we know the most important thing is Elroy didn't die due to Marguerite's lack of funds. Won't you please consider making a donation to ARI's Crisis Intervention Program in order for us to continue helping others like Elroy and Marguerite? No pet should have to die because of someone's current financial difficulties. Click the button below to donate:    




Thank you for helping us assist needy pets in the community!


Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc. 


Prisoners give HOPE to Hounds

Have you heard about the HOPE program? HOPE gives dogs with behavioral issues, whether they have a need for manners or for socialization, from local shelters and rescues a second chance! With the help of volunteers, trainers and prison personnel, approved inmates train and socialize these dogs, ranging from Pomeranians to Pit Bulls, to better their chances at finding  

forever homes.


Kelsey came to ARI from an abusive situation with her friend Murphy and their son Winston. Their puppy was adopted, but Murphy and Kelsey remain under our care. This week, Kelsey began her training though the HOPE program at the local prison. This beautiful girl needs to learn to trust humans and would prefer a home without other animals as she is a dominant female dog and likes to get her way. She is gentle with humans and older children but currently trusts women more. She loves walks and treats, and is quite smart! Watch Kelsey progress through the program and put in an application to adopt her at


Volunteers & Donors Needed!
Next month, we'll be kicking off our online auction! But we still need enthusiastic volunteers to take pictures, make phone calls and more! Interested in lending a hand or donating an item? E-mail Dawn here  
A Letter from Jennifer Brause at BARCS
Many of you may have heard of this animal cruelty case that has upset the nation. If you haven't you can read about it here. We'd like to share this open letter from Jennifer Brause, the executive director of BARCS, with you.

Dear Friends of BARCS,

 Phoenix will forever remain in  

our hearts.

 Many of us feel disappointed and angry because the people who killed Phoenix will never be brought to justice. But she did not die in vain. Her story had a profound effect  on people across the U.S. and the world, and she was a catalyst for change in Baltimore.

 Phoenix helped open our eyes to the prevalence of animal abuse in our community. Now we can work better together to help prevent it and report it when we see it. The Anti-Animal Abuse Commission was formed as a result  of her story, and will remain a legacy to her, focused on improving animal's lives in Baltimore for years to come. City organizations are now working together regularly on animal abuse cases, and many have since been prosecuted, with resulting guilty verdicts.

 We at BARCS are thankful to the prosecuting attorneys for their hard work and dedication to her case. We are also forever grateful to Officer Syreeta Teel for her act of bravery in helping a suffering animal.

 We thank all of you for your support, and for sharing your thoughts on this case through thousands of emails, posts, letters, and phone calls from all over the world. We thank those who donated to her reward fund, and to the Franky Fund in her memory. Since there was not a conviction, the reward funds collected will now be transferred to the BARCS Franky Fund to help with the treatment of the hundreds of injured and sick homeless animals that BARCS takes in each year. Another legacy of Phoenix's story that will live on.

 Phoenix was an amazing animal with strength far greater than many of us will ever know. Let's honor her memory by celebrating the lives of our own companion animals, and by teaching our children and each other the value in every life.



Jennifer Brause Executive Director, BARCS