March 2012
Animal Rescue, Inc. Newsletter


April 14 or 15 (TBA)
Adoption Event
Pet Valu
Shrewsbury, PA
10 am to 3 pm

April 21
Earth Day
Aberdeen, MD
11 am to 4 pm

April 29
Adoption Event 
Titanium Athletics
New Freedom
Times TBA

May 4-6
Fairie Festival 
Spoutwood Farm
Glen Rock, PA
Times TBA

The Candlelight
Ceremony Video  
is Here

In case you missed the last update, the Candlelight Ceremony video is on our YouTube page. Click here to watch it. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

      Become a
Dog Walker!

Spring is on
the way and our dogs are hoping for some more walks! Interested in becoming a dog walker? Stop by at 12 p.m. on Saturday, 31st at Animal Rescue, Inc. at 2 Heritage Farm Drive in New Freedom, PA to
 get started!

Volunteers Needed! 

Animal Rescue, Inc. is looking for 2 to 3 volunteers to clean The Cat Den at The Pet Shoppe in Shrewsbury, PA two times each week. Duties include cleaning floors, wiping walls and shelves and changing hammocks. Most importantly, we'd like someone to brush and play with the cats, along with checking their general health! Hours are flexible and family teams are welcome! E-mail Tiffani here for more details about this opportunity
or others!


3-Legged Jake Needs a Foster!

Jake, now with three legs, is looking for a foster or forever home!
Near the end of January, a kind man brought a skinny, rambunctious German short-haired pointer into our office. It was only after the dog was admitted we noticed a cluster of at least ten to fifteen oddly shaped, deep red-purple growths on his right hind leg.


A week later, the biopsy results were in. Jake's growths were hemangiosarcomas, malignant tumors of the blood vessels. The prognosis is typically not good. However, there was a ray of hope in Jake's case. The type of hemangiosarcomas typically associated with the skin can often be removed by excision or amputation of the affected limb. Now we just had to determine whether this aggressive cancer had spread internally. If not, Jake would have his leg amputated and be given the chance at living a normal, happy, doggie life. If the cancer had spread, the prognosis is only about 6 months to a year. We were determined to remain optimistic - Jake was estimated to be about four years old and so full of life! Our fingers  

were crossed.  


Dr. Molesworth at Main Street Vet determined Jake's cancer hadn't spread and earlier this week, Jake underwent surgery to have his leg amputated! He's doing well

Jake's leg before the surgery. 

but he's returning from the vet today and needs a foster home. Can you help? He'll likely have some trouble with steps until he gets the hang of only having three legs, so a single-floor home would be ideal. If you're able to provide a temporary foster for thiswonderful boy (or if you're interested in adopting him!), please contact Kim Shaeffer, our adoption coordinator, by e-mail here or 717-993-3232 ext. 224.


Can't foster or adopt but want to help diffuse the cost of Jake's surgery? Givea donation to help cover Jake's $2,500 medical costs here: 




Kitten Season is Here
We can't believe it, but kitten season is here! That's right, as the weather warms, female cats go into heat and before you know it, there are masses of tiny kittens without homes! How can you help? 
Spay and neuter! Whether she's a feral cat in your neighborho
This poor kitten and his siblings were recent victims of an upper respiratory infection that infected their eyes. Kittens like these could use some extra TLC from a foster home. 
od or your personally owned pet, she's susceptible to becoming pregnant and gracing you with up to 10 little ones. While kittens are cute, cuddly and fun, there are simply not enough homes for these sweet souls. Get her spayed before it's too late. You can call us or use the ASPCA's spay/neuter database to find out what spay/neuter program works best for your time and budget. 

Found some kittens? You can find a full listing of shelters on or we are happy to courtesy list the kittens for you through our website. Also look into spaying/neutering the kittens (see above) because spayed/neutered and vaccinated cats and kittens are easier to find homes for, not to mention you won't be having more kittens! Send an inquiry about courtesy listing here.

Be a foster. In the coming weeks, we'll be overun with kittens needing to be bottle fed, socialized and the like. E-mail Ashley here to become a foster.

Have a shed, garage, barn or other outdoor enclosure? Consider adopting a few feral cats! We have many cats who would love a outdoor home! Taking feral cats from our rescue makes room for adoptable cats, too!

By working together, we can combat the overpopulation of felines in the community and find good home for those in need!  
Bid for Paws
Bid and buy during our online auction to help Finn and other animals at ARI!
Animal Rescue, Inc. is hosting an online auction with BiddingForGood from May 5th to May 27th! Bid on:

animal boutique items

home and garden items,
and more!

 All proceeds go to Animal Rescue, Inc. If you'd like to donate an item, e-mail us here. More details
coming soon!