Meet the Singles at Animal Rescue, Inc.!
Dear Friend,

This Valentine's Day, we wanted to showcase a few of our "singles," dogs and cats who would prefer a home of their own with no other pets and a family to love them for the rest of their lives. Check out these friendly faces and see if one of these dogs and cats would be compatible with your family! See a match? Call (717) 993-3232.

Happy Valentine's Day,
Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.
Gender: Female 
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Age: About 10-years-old 
History: She has been at the rescue for years! It's time she find a forever home.
Interests: Snacking, spending time with human friends, kneading invisible dough

Call (717) 993-3232x223 for more information.
Gender: Female 
Breed: Plott Hound mix
Age: 5-years-old   
History: Came from another shelter as a stray, she had recently had puppies
Interests: Standing beautifully in the yard, being by her caregiver's side, looking pensive with her thoughtful eyes.

Call (717) 993-3232x224 for more information.
Gender: Male 
Breed: Domestic Short Hair (declawed)
Age: Less than 5-years-old
History: Was afraid of family's other cats
Interests: Head butting, eating, snuggling up to you! He'd love a comfy couch and a bed to take cat naps on.

Call (717) 993-3232x223 for more information.
Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier mix
Age: Less than 9-years-old  
History: Returned to ARI when his family was moving and decided not to take him.
Interests: Going on long walks, doing tricks and listening to commands, letting everyone know they're being too noisy by sighing loudly
in his crate.

Rambo Buddy is in the HOPE program. Learn more here.
Gender:  Female
Breed: Domestic Short hair
Age: Young adult 
History: Stray
Interests: Keeping her tail extra fluffy, lounging and looking at you longingly,
being beautiful.

Call (717) 993-3232x223 for more information.
Gender:  Male
Breed: Rat Terrier mix
Age:  8-years-old  
History: Returned for wanting to be  the center of attention (isn't that his job?!)
Interests: Curling up on the sofa, going on walks, back scratches and tiny treats. Perfect for a senior!

Call (717) 993-3232x224 for more information.

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 Animal Rescue, Inc. will be holding a Candlelight Ceremony on Valentine's Day in memory of all those loved and lost. We're inviting you to participate by ordering candles online to be lit at the ceremony. You can include your heart-felt messages and pictures by e-mail as well. You will receive a prompt response by e-mail after your order asking if you would like to include messages or pictures. The last day to order is Saturday, February 11th. You can order your candles here. 
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