Animal Rescue, Inc.                                                                    December 2011
Did You Adopt in 2011? Send Your Pictures In!
Darci now Dexter looks great in his holiday bow!
If you adopted an animal from us in 2011, please take a minute and send us an updated picture here! He/She/They will be featured in our e-newsletter Saturday! Submissions will be accepted until 12 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 23rd.
Holiday Hours: 
December 24:
Office Hours: 10 am to 3 pm
Visiting Hours: Appt. Only
(Call to schedule)
December 25:
December 31:
Office Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Visiting Hours: 1 pm to 4 pm
January 1:
Peace Tree
Josie, an office cat, considers the tree her playground.
There's still room on our Peace Tree for your cards! Send in your tree cards or request additional cards to remember or honor a friend or loved one (human, furry or otherwise) today. E-mail us here to request cards (remember to include your address) or call us at (717) 993-3232x221.
Meet Emmaline
Emmaline is a petite senior Spitz mix who came to ARI as a stray. She's friendly, sweet and laid-back. She'd love a home to call her very own for the new year. For more info, call (717) 993-3232 or e-mail us here.
"Grandma Cane"
                     at Home 
Cane at Home

In our last e-newsletter, we expressed our delight that Cane, a senior pit bull who had been at our rescue for years, had gotten her forever home. Here's a video of Cane and her friends snoozing in the bedroom. We wonder where the humans sleep?!
Dear Friend,

We know that during the holidays, time and money are of the essence. That's why you can spend little to none of both of these by following our 5 Cs of Giving to make a difference
for animals:

Clean Out.
Go through your linen closets, pet food cupboard, laundry room, kitchen and the like and drop items off at the rescue. Check out our wishlist here.

Circle Saving.
Do you use Purina-brand pet food? Save the weight circles located on the bag and mail them to us. We get checks and coupons for turning them into Purina.

Cut Coupons.
If you see coupons for dog or cat food (wet and dry), send them to us at P.O. Box 35, Maryland Line, MD 21105.

Collect Donations.
Collaborate with your workplace, school or church to gather donations for the rescue. A large box wrapped in holiday paper works great!

Care Give.
Take time off your busy schedule to volunteer at the rescue. You can brush cats or walk dogs, or give your skills toward maintenance projects.

Taking a few hours of your time to walk a dog, clean out your cupboards and closets, pick up donations or cut coupons can make all the difference. Call us with any questions at
(717) 993-3232.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season,
Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.
Give the Gift of Sponsorship

Forget singing cards, fruit cake and lottery tickets. Give something worthwhile for the same price as "throwaway gifts." Donate $10 to sponsor a dog or cat at Animal Rescue, Inc, for one month. With your donation, you'll receive a card for each animal you choose to sponsor that includes a picture and story about each animal. We will send you the cards by e-mail or you can order online and pick them up now through Friday at the rescue. Order yours here.
Slinky Needs a Forever Foster

For many cats and dogs, fosters may be temporary situations
they encounter en route to their forever homes. But for some, foster care offers a home for life and for some, life may
be limited.

Slinky had a wound on her toe that would not heal with antibiotics. We took her to the veterinarian where they amputated her toe and conducted a biopsy. The biopsy and an x-ray revealed the worst: Slinky has lung cancer. The cancer metastasized and went to her foot - otherwise we would not have known about Slinky's dilemma.

Slinky is a sweet, loving cat. She always greets her caregivers and loves to cuddle with the other cats. Right now Slinky does not need medication but might need supportive care (pain mediation and/or fluids) in the future. Slinky is looking for a quiet, laid-back home with someone who's around often to care for her. If you're interested in helping Slinky, call us at (717) 993-3232 or e-mail us here.
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