Animal Rescue, Inc.                                                                                                  December 2011
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Upcoming Events
Dog Walking Seminar
Homes Needed!
New Website Coming Soon
Hurricane Goes Home
ZigZag Defies Death
Volunteer Spotlight
 Upcoming Events

December 10
A Christmas Shimmy:
Belly Dance Show
2 pm to 4 pm
MGM Dance Studio
241 N. Main Street
Shrewsbury, PA
$5 admission plus a donation for Animal Rescue, Inc.

December 10,11
Pictures with Santa
11 am to 4 pm
Towson Pet Smart
Towson, MD

December 10,11,17,18
Pictures with Santa
11 am to 4 pm 
York Pet Smart
Route 30
York, PA 

December 17
Volunteer Dog
Walking Seminar
12 pm
2 Heritage Farm Drive
New Freedom, PA 17349

Dog Walking Seminar
Roxy is waiting at
the gate for you!
Get a jump start on your New Year's resolution to do good for the community by attending our dog walking seminar Saturday, December 17 at noon! You'll be helping animals and getting the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with volunteering! For questions, e-mail us here or call
(717) 993-3232x222.


Homes Needed!

Parkton Cats

Remember the cats we asked for your help in providing food and monetary assistance for in Parkton, Maryland? We're asking for your help once more, as their caretaker moved out and abandoned them. There are more than 50 cats on the property.

These semi-feral cats need outside homes with families who will provide them with fresh food, water and shelter daily. All of the cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and tested for FIV and FeLV. Twenty-three cats have already been relocated but more than 40 remain and are awaiting homes.

For more information, contact us at (717) 993-3232.
New Website
Coming Soon!

The Animal Rescue, Inc. website is getting a facelift! New features will include:

*Submittable forms for dog and cat applications, and spay/neuter appointments

*Interactive events calendar

*Slideshows of our Rainbow Bridge and our facilities

*A resource center to help you answer pesky dog and cat behavior questions

*More resident sponsors to choose from

*A new online store

And much more!

Keep an eye out for the new site here in the next month or so! It's going to be great!

Dear Friend,


Every holiday season, our lives are littered with unnecessary gifts. They end up under the bed, regifted or thrown in the trash. This year, why not give the gift of sponsorship? For $10, you can sponsor an animal for
one month
Wouldn't you like to sponsor Tracey for
the holidays?
in honor of a loved one. You'll be supporting an animal at our rescue and you'll have a heartfelt gift to give someone you care about this holiday season.

When you purchase your card, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and an inquiry as to whether you would like your card to be mailed to you or your recipient, or if you would like a PDF version of the card e-mailed to you to print at home. If you print it yourself, you'll be saving time and money for animals at the rescue.

Visit our store here to purchase a card featuring a cat or dog at our rescue.

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.


Hurricane Sees a Sunny Day
Hurricane or "Cane" has been at the rescue for years. Her time without a home is thanks to her breed. For more than a decade, Cane saw seasons change at the rescue. She watched dogs come here and leave with happy families. She struggled with and survived cancer.

This weekend, Cane is going home with a family who will love her the rest of her life. They saw her at the Victoria Stilwell dog training presentation a few weeks ago at Penn State York and fell in love with the senior pit bull.

Cane's leaving will leave both happy and sad impressions on her caretakers at the rescue. Her familiar, joyful face greeted all of us in the morning. Her stubbornness was presented when she tried to push through the door at feeding time. The shape of her old body resting on a Kuranda bed in the dog room was comforting. Her barking at the younger dogs when they got too rowdy made us laugh. We'll miss Cane, but those feelings of sadness are overwhelmed by our happiness at her finding a forever home. We are so happy for you, Hurricane. May the rest of your days be sunny.
Defying Death: Zig Zag's Tale of Survival
Zig Zag is a petite senior who lives in the ARI clinic. She's unassuming but loves to be rubbed and will make kneading motions with her paws when you stroke her. Because of her age, she is in kidney failure, but supportive care has kept her happy and healthy since her diagnosis a few months ago.

One day, we noticed Zig Zag stopped eating and we immediately sent her to the vet. During her time there, her test results came back inconclusive and Zig Zag's weight dropped from an already small 5.5 pounds to a mere 3.5. The veterinarian said to keep her comfortable but that inevitably, she would die.

We didn't understand but we knew Zig Zag wasn't ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge. She looked at us with her beautiful green eyes, kneading her paws against the soft blanket, awaiting our loving strokes down her head
and side.

For several weeks, Zig Zag was administered food through a feeding tube. Some days looked bleak but her happy attitude told us to keep trying.

One day, a clinic staff member noticed something peculiar: a petite calico with green eyes eating dry kiddle out of the food dish! Zig Zag was eating again!

Zig Zag continues to gain weight, already weighing about 5.9 pounds. Her feeding tube has been removed and she eats whatever is in front of her!

Zig Zag wasn't ready to give up, and because we're a Sanctuary for Life, we weren't either. If you would like to support our efforts to care for the animals who cross our gates, click the donate button here:

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandy
Always There When the Rescue Needs Her


If you've adopted a cat or dog from Animal Rescue, Inc., chances are your references and veterinarian have spoken to Sandy, one of our most cherished volunteers.

Sandy has been volunteering for ARI for several years and her contributions have been endless. She began assisting in our spay/neuter clinic, but her list of expertise grew until she coordinated all reference calls, manned clinic intake, entered adopter information into our mailing list, wrote thank you notes, and assisted callers. And she has never complained!

Her smile is always present and her sense of humor can light up the room. She loves animals and would do anything to help find them forever homes. We can't thank Sandy enough for her continued efforts to make life better for animals at Animal Rescue, Inc.!

Do You Have a Happy Ending?


We think Solo, a boxer/mastiff mix who was at the rescue for more than a year, looks pretty happy at home!
Do you have a happy ending about an animal you adopted from us you'd like to share? We'd love to hear it! Send us an e-mail (include pictures if possible!) here! We could feature your pet in our e-newsletter!