Animal Rescue, Inc.
Dear Friend,

We would like to take a moment to give thanks to you! Your support has helped our Sanctuary for Life's doors remain open for more than 35 years. This year alone, your assistance has helped 465 dogs and cats find their forever homes, and assisted in the spaying/neutering of 2,523 cats, dogs, and rabbits. Forty-eight puppy mill dogs and 43 dogs and cats from other shelters were given a second chance at life. We took in 506 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies this year. That's a great deal of animals! Most of them would not be alive without your help.

We appreciate those who have not only contributed money, but also their time to the rescue. Thank you to the many dog walkers, cat caregivers, fundraising and event participants, veterinarians, groomers, foster parents, television stations and other volunteers who help the animals at ARI.

Every bit helps. Whether you drop off a $500 check or a bag of linens, your contributions go directly to the animals. So we would like to take a moment to give thanks to you, our contributors. Thank you!

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc. 
Urgent Help Needed!
Parkton Cats

Remember the Parkton cats we featured in a past newsletter? As it turns out, their caretaker moved out and left them with no food or water! New tenants are moving in and don't want the 50 or more cats to remain on the property.

Now we're asking for your help to restore happiness and comfort to these creatures' lives. We need outdoor homes for 50 or more undomesticated barn kitties. They need a warm place to sleep and fresh food and water daily. These cats love other kitties but wouldn't do well in an indoor home -- they're not used to being touched by people but otherwise do not mind humans. If you have a barn, a shed or a garage and would like the benefits of having one or more barn cats, please call us. All of the cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas, earmites and worms, and will be retested for FIV and feline leukemia before placement. If interested, call (717) 993-3232 or e-mail us here
Did you get your Peace Tree Letter?

Peace TreeThis is our 22nd year of the Peace Tree, our annual fundraiser to honor your loved ones -- human, furry or otherwise. If you aren't signed up for our physical newsletter and would like to receive the letter, or you would like additional cards to adorn our tree. E-mail us here
Home for the Holidays
This holiday season, Zeke will be curled up with his new family, watching snow fall from the window of his home. This time last year, Zeke spent the holidays at
the rescue.

When we went to Zeke's room at the shelter, he greeted us with a stretch and a yawn. He bounced from shelf to floor without an issue. He ate his food excitedly and pushed his head into our hands for attention. You would never notice Zeke had three legs.

It's amazing to find how animals can easily overcome their disabilities. While they may be frustrated or depressed at the loss of limbs at first, animals recuperate marvelously and Zeke is no exception.

We're so glad to see Zeke in a home. Disabled animals need love, too and trust us, sometimes you'll forget if Fluffy is missing a leg or Spot is short an eye. They'll love you for loving them. Consider adding a disabled pet to your family.

Animal Rescue, Inc.
2 Heritage Farm Drive
New Freedom, PA 17349
(717) 993-3232  
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November 24
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December 3
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December 10
Christmas Shimmy Belly Dancing Show MGM Studio Shrewsbury, PA

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Start your New Year's resolution early by volunteering now! We are in need of volunteers to work with small dogs in socialization and leash walking. The warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get by helping a dog learn to trust humans or simply walk on a leash could be your best holiday gift yet. E-mail here to
learn more.

Stacey Levie, a long-time ARI volunteer, has just launched her pet sitting business! If you need a reliable, loving person to watch your pets while you're away, you can contact Stacey here or visit her website here!
Kuranda Dog

We're currently in need of large and medium dog Kuranda beds. Our dogs love to snuggle in these durable, easy-to-wash lounge cots. We need to replace some of our old ones for the winter. You can donate a bed here.

During the warmer winter days, our dogs love to lounge outside, but sometimes they like to take in the wintery view from the warmth of a dog igloo. Have an extra lying around or know someone who does? We could use a few gently used, large dog igloos for the dogs this winter. You can drop one off anytime at 2 Heritage Farm Drive, New Freedom, PA 17349.