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Dear Friend,

Chico thinks it's pretty chilly. Wouldn't you like to give
him a home?
The cold months are coming and we need to ensure there's enough room for each dog at our rescue to have a cozy, indoor kennel to spend his winter nights.

But instead of being at our rescue, we'd really like to see them snuggling on a couch or snoozing by a fireplace in their forever homes with a family that
loves them.

Below you'll see a few of our large adoptable dogs. If you're interested in one of these dogs or know someone who may be, please contact us at (717) 993-3232.

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.
This handsome hound was found as a stray and he needs a quiet, hound-savvy home to call his own. He's a little hand shy, means he may cower when approached, but enjoys walks and will warm up quickly once he's with a family. Because of his breed, Turner does require a home with a fenced-in yard and would appreciate being with another dog in the house to show him the ropes.

This Rhodesian Ridgeback/Labrador mix came to ARI from another shelter. Before that, her friend Murphy and she were seized from a house for abuse and neglect. She can be a little shy around strangers, especially men, but will warm up with walks and kind words. She would prefer a home to all her own with no other animals or small children as she likes to be the queen of her space.
This young boy came to ARI as a stray. He was running down a busy highway when a kind person stopped and coaxed him into her car. His next stop was our rescue and he's been here awaiting his forever home for a few months. He's happy, energetic and just waiting for a family with which to romp and play!
This handsome man and his sister Kelsey came to ARI from another shelter. Before that, they were seized from a home for abuse and neglect. He's more outgoing than Kelsey but could still use a few manners. He loves walks and will take treats nicely from your hand.
It broke one of our employee's hearts when she took dogs from a local shelter and Barron's family was dropping him off at the same time. The family said they couldn't keep him anymore. The children hung onto him with tears streaming down their faces.
Worried about Barron's fate, our employee made space for one more in our van. Barron has been waiting for a home ever since. He's most likely a greyhound mix. He's full of energy and would be good with children who aren't too short to be knocked down and no other pets.

You've seen this girl's face before. She's been in our e-newsletter several times and has yet to find a home. She's gentle with people but prefers a home without other pets. She's often overlooked for her age (about 10- to 12-years-old) and because she has epilepsy. She's on an affordable medication that controls her seizures and now she just needs a home. Sandy is incredibly loyal and loving.

This gentle hound came from a research facility. He was skittish and unsure of humans, but since spending time at the rescue and in a foster home, Forrest has adjusted to life outside the laboratory. He's excellent with other dogs but would prefer a home without cats. Because of his breed, he requires a fenced-in yard.
Boris came to ARI as a stray. We can't believe someone didn't search for this beautiful dog! Boris is most likely a Newfoundland/Chow mix and would do best in a home all his own with a family that's familiar with one or both of these breeds. Boris walks well on a leash and is just waiting for you to come for him.

Colby, like Forrest (see above), came from a research facility. He can be over zealous around strangers, but once he knows you, he's a-OK! We love this boy for his sense of loyalty. Colby enjoys going for a stroll but because of his breed, he needs a fenced-in yard. 

Nacho is a young adult black and tan Coonhound. She's great with adults but would prefer a home without small children or other animals. She takes treats nicely and loves to go on walks. Because of her breed, she requires a fenced-in yard. When you in Nacho's eyes, you'll be sure to fall in love.
This girl, like Sandy, is another familiar face, and a silly one at that. We don't know what Sabu is mixed with but she's beautiful in a unique way. Sabu came to us as a stray and would prefer an active home with no other pets.

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In several weeks, you'll see our annual Peace Tree letter in your mailbox. It's a great chance to honor someone you love or remember someone you've lost (human or otherwise).We're looking forward to hanging your pictures on the
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Volunteers Needed for Small Dogs!
Boh is bored! Why not give him a brisk walk?

Animal Rescue, Inc. is looking for volunteers to walk small dogs and work to socialize dogs from puppy mills or abusive situations. If you're interested, come to our dog walking seminar THIS SATURDAY at 12 p.m. at the rescue (2 Heritage Farm Drive, New Freedom, PA 17349) .
Merlin Goes Home

Merlin came to us as a stray and no one came to claim him. He was waiting for a few months for a home to call his own. The other dogs in our yard couldn't keep up with this young dog's playful nature.
Last weekend during the snowstorm, Merlin's forever family came for him! He's now happy at home with two other dogs who love his personality.

"Merlin, or Loki as we now call him is doing great. He fell right into place with our boys and seems to love his new home. He loves to run around the yard at full speed and plays very well with the other boys. They are very accepting of him and seem to get a charge out of his energy. All in all he is fitting in very well."
Special Needs
Kuranda Dog
We are in desperate need of large and medium Kuranda beds and large dog igloos. Kuranda beds can be ordered here at a special low price!

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