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Animal Rescue, Inc.October 2011
Dear Friends,

It's a big month! You know why? We're celebrating the one-year anniversary of our e-newsletter! We now have almost 2,000 followers! To celebrate, we're going to throw-back one year and again feature some spooky orange and black pets for sponsorship! Some of these animals have health or behavioral issues that make them difficult to adopt, while others simply get overlooked!

Join us in celebrating these pets by sponsoring one or more for the month of November. It's quick and easy to donate, and you'll be helping a furry friend at our rescue.

Any amount will help! Just click the link at the bottom of their descriptions to make a secure, tax-deductible donation. Remember to fill out "In honor of" at the bottom of the donation page! See the column to the right of this newsletter to learn more.

Happy Halloween,


Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.


Spooky Trio Looking for a Home
These three were rescued from another shelter and want to haunt your house this Halloween
Gray and Black Kittens

This group was named after the Addams family and their names are quite fitting! Morticia, Pugsley and Wednesday are here at the rescue awaiting their forever homes. 


Morticia, the mother, has a beautiful black coat and is very loving to her kittens. Pugsley, the gray boy, has thrived regardless of a non-threatening ulcer on his eye. And his sister Wednesday may be the cutest of all. This Addams family isn't quite as odd as the original, but needs to be loved much more! 


Black cats and cats with (even minor) disabilities are always getting overlooked! Wouldn't you like to have a forever friend in one of these sweet kitties? Call (717) 993-3232 or stop by during adoption hours to meet them. 

Could You be Lucy's Lasting Home?
Lucy came to ARI as a stray. This sweet girl was wandering local streets when a kind passerby easily convinced her to get in his car. We would like to say her journey ended by being adopted, but this sadly wasn't the case.

Lucy was adopted by a family shortly after her arrival here, but a few months ago we received a worrisome phone call from a woman who found Lucy running around her neighborhood. And she said it wasn't the first time the lab/shepherd mix had been sighted. She and another neighbor had picked up Lucy before on separate occasions and had taken her to the local vet where she was picked up by her family. During these occasions she would have had to run across a very busy road to enter the neighborhood. We had to request that Lucy come back to ARI for her safety.

Lucy's family seemed to feel no reluctance or remorse when they returned Lucy to us, meeting our director at the vet's office. They said she ran away often as she escaped from a tie out. Clearly Lucy had not been attended during her outside adventures. We felt relief when she walked back through our doors.

Again, we hoped Lucy's next home would be her last, but again, that wasn't the case. She found a home with a previous adopter who had her for several months. A few weeks ago, she was returned to the rescue after her caretaker began having health issues.

Lucy is currently living in the ARI office, but she really wants a home of her own -- forever. She gets along with non-dominant dogs, cats and kids. She will need an active family who has a fenced-in yard and loves to go on walks at least once a day. She's very gentle with taking treats and would make an excellent family dog. If you're interested in meeting Lucy, call (717) 993-3232 or visit during adoption hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Halloween Pet Safety
Halloween Treat
Follow these easy tips to keep your pets safe and happy on Halloween:

~ Don't take your pet trick-or-treating -- he could become afraid and get hurt, or possibly hurt someone else.

~ At home, place your pets in a secure room with water and durable toys and bedding so they can't slip through the door when trick-or-treaters stop by. Be sure to do the same if you're having a party.

~ Never share your candy with your animal friends. Even sugar-free candy can make your pet sick. Instead, look up a recipe for pet-friendly autumn treats!

~ Never let your pet outside unattended. Vandals and other people with ill intentions can hurt or steal your pet. This is greatly elevated during this time of year.

~ If you choose to dress your dog for Halloween, never put a mask on his or her face. Also, don't dress up cats -- they become frightened and can hurt themselves.

Thank you to Associated Humane Societies for the great tips!

Solo Isn't Solo Anymore
solo home
Solo came from another shelter where his time was almost up. On his paperwork it read, "Please do not PTS [put to sleep]. We want to find another rescue for him!" That rescue was Animal Rescue, Inc.

This large boxer/mastiff mix came to ARI after finishing his heart worm treatment. And for months, he waited for a home. He was incessantly overlooked for his size and enthusiasm.

Last Sunday, a family stopped by to see none other than Solo! After a quick adoption process, Solo went home on October 26. His family was excited to take Solo for his training and incorporate him into their happy home!

We would like to thank Country Comfort Kennels for housing Solo during his heart worm treatment. You can visit its website here.
About Us

ANIMAL RESCUE, INC. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of abused and abandoned animals.

Our "Shelter for Life" is home to hundreds of homeless dogs and cats while they await their adoptive homes. No animal is ever euthanized because it is unwanted or due to the inconvenience of care.

We also provide supportive services to pet owners and pets in times of extreme hardship with the goal of keeping the human-animal bond intact. We also offer pet-assisted therapy, humane education and spay-neuter surgeries, believing that prevention is the key to controlling pet overpopulation.

Donations to Animal Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible.

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Meet Mittens
Mittens loves to play, some may say a little too much. He's a rough and tumble guy just looking for someone to wrestle. If you ignore Mittens, he's quick to stand on his favorite shelf and give you a head massage with his front paws! To sponsor Mittens for October, click here.
Meet Yoda
Yoda is a shy guy -- not feral, just unassuming. He's a sweetheart though, and he warms up quickly when doted on. This young adult would love a calm home with someone who could spend a great deal of time with him. If you're interested in sponsoring Yoda, click here.
Meet Frankie
Frankie has been a resident for years. He's great with his caretakers and other big dogs but he's fearful of strangers, which is why Frankie considers the farm his happy home. Frankie acts as a leader and godfather to the other dogs at the rescue. If you're interested in sponsoring Frankie, click here.
Meet Slim
Slim is sometimes misunderstood -- he's protective of his space but as soon as you enter his kennel, he melts! Slim's favorite friend is another pit bull mix named Reba but in a home, he'd be best in an experienced family all to himself. If you're interested in sponsoring Slim, click here.
Meet Zeke
At first, Zeke seems like any other cat -- he struts across the room, snuggles in his bed and leaps onto shelving just like anyone else in his cat room. But one thing about Zeke is different -- he only has 3 legs! Zeke's one cool dude, and he's young, too -- only 3 to 4-years-old. Zeke is looking for a home, but for now he's hanging out here, keeping up with his 4-legged friends. If you're interested in sponsoring Zeke, click here.
Meet Harley
Harley has spent the last few years at ARI. He's the perfect "cat-dog" - he'll follow you around all day! This boy is so sweet but has some behavioral issues that make it difficult for him to find a home. If you want to sponsor Harley, click here.
Meet Trapper
Trapper is an awesome rottweiler/shepherd mix. He's spent most of his life here because he's afraid of strangers and likes to join in the fun of the occasional canine dispute. He's typically good with people he knows and other dogs but likes his bed at ARI and calls this place home. If you're interested in sponsoring Trapper, click here.
Meet Blue
Blue is loyal, loving and great on a leash. He's good with some dogs but not others, and would love a quiet home for his senior years. He's perfect for an older person or a calm family with no small children or other pets. Because of his specific requirements and his age, Blue often gets passed by for other dogs. If you're interested in sponsoring Blue, click here.
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