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September 2011 
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Dear Friend,

A tip from a compassionate person has alerted us to a situation in Pennsylvania which we're trying to resolve. A kennel (a puppy mill) is being forced to close. The owner currently has 15 to 20 dogs. The dilemma? The owner refuses to deal with any rescue group and intends to euthanize all the adults and possibly some puppies on  

A puppy mill in Lancaster, Pa.
(Note: this is not the mill in the story)

Monday, October 3rd. From what we've learned, the adult dogs are only 3- to 4-years-old. The dogs and puppies are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixes, Havanese mixes and Shih-Tzus. All are small-breed dogs.


Our friend is trying to persuade the owner to release the dogs to us so none will be killed on Monday. This is the first hurdle. The second hurdle is where to put them if their release can be secured. Animal Rescue, Inc. is at capacity right now. There's no way we can take on the additional dogs. The ONLY way we can help these dogs is to find foster homes who'd be willing to temporarily house them and care for them until permanent homes could be found. Fostering would be for minimum of 4 weeks with most fosters staying possibly 6 to 8 weeks.  


Misty, the pomeranian, was rescued from a mill last year.

If you have a

quiet room and would like to play a major role in saving their lives, we would supply all their food and medical needs. You would only be re

quired to provide shelter and lots of love. When first released, puppy mill dogs are frightened of humans, don't know how to walk on a leash, have never been on grass, and are not housetrained. They prefer the company of other dogs so it's beneficial to have another dog in your household unless you can foster two of these dogs so they don't have to  

be separated.


Fosters must have a fence-in yard. 

If you can offer us any help, please contact Animal Rescue, Inc. here and you'll be sent a questionnaire. 

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE : As of 7am today, it does appear some of the dogs will be released to us and a few more may be coming as his deadline approaches. Here's a listing of what we know for sure will be released: 

4 Shih-Tzus.......all females......4 years old 

1 Havanese mix.....male...........3 years old
1 Havanese mix.....female........3 years old
3 Cavalier/Bichon mix......all females.....3-4 years old
1 age given

Animal Rescue, Inc. cannot take these dogs into our program unless we have foster homes. With your help, these dogs can  

be saved!


Thank you,

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.