September 2011


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Be Prepared in a Crisis
Sally's Second Chance
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Sept 17  

New Freedom Days  

New Freedom, PA


Sept 18 


Harrisburg, PA


Oct 1 

Dogs Day in the Park

York, PA

Come visit us at our largest event of the year at John Rudy Park! Visit here to learn more!  


Oct 15 


Reisterstown, MD


Oct 15 

Shrewsbury Fall Days

Shrewsbury, PA


Oct 28, 29 

Halloween in the Park

Hanover, PA


To learn more about our events, go to our website here


Missed the Meeting?


Did you miss the Volunteer Dog Walking Seminar this month? Don't worry! We'll be hosting another on Saturday, September 10 at noon. If you're interested, e-mail Ashley here to sign up or call
(717) 993-3232x223.

Clean out your Desk! 


We are in need of some office supplies to keep the daily operations here running smoothly! We need printer paper (white and colored), 3-ring binders, sheet protectors, notebooks, push pins, Post-It notes, stamps, masking and scotch tape, and White Out tape. Donations can be dropped off during office hours from 10-4 Monday through Saturday.
Thank you!

Meet Duncan!



Petfinder.com is celebrating "Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet Week" on September 17-25, but we thought we'd start now by sharing Duncan's story with you in hopes of finding his forever home!


Duncan is an amazingly handsome, 11-year-old St. Bernard mix who has been at ARI since 2001. He came to us as a puppy and was adopted, but returned shortly after because his owner was in poor health. Duncan never went home again due to no fault of his own!



Several weeks ago Duncan broke his leg during routine meandering through the yard. We feared cancer was the cause, so we took him to the veterinarian for testing and for repair of his broken limb.

The veterinarian tried three times to save his leg. After the first repair, the leg broke just above the first fracture. After the second repair, it broke just below the original fracture. We heavy hearts, we agreed that amputation would be the best option to save Duncan's life. But the good news? Duncan's test for cancer came back negative. It seems that being a large, senior dog has caught up with Duncan and his brittle bones are wearing out.

Duncan has compensated well on three legs! He's excellent with other non-dominant dogs but please, no kitties. Duncan is very gentle with children but can be leery with men, so a home without men or proper introduction is key!

Duncan loves being patted and giving kisses. He's a gentle soul who wants a home for his senior years.
Check out videos of him below:

Duncan Loves Kids!
Duncan Loves Kids!
Duncan is currently in foster care but
arrangements can easily be made for you to meet him! Call (717) 993-3232 or e-mail us here to learn more about fostering or
adopting Duncan.


Animal Rescue, Inc.
2 Heritage Farm Drive
New Freedom, Pennsylvania 17349
(717) 993-3232


Dear Friend,


We hope you and your family (human, furry or otherwise!) fared well during the recent harsh weather. We at the Rescue were fortunate to withstand the rain and wind with only minimal damage.

We would like to give a special thanks to those employees and volunteers who took some of our animals home from the Rescue and local pet stores to ensure their safety during the storm. All of the animals here are okay!

Here are 3 quick things you can do in the future to prepare for an oncoming weather crisis:

1.) Make an emergency pack. Purchase a sealable container and pack it with the following: leashes, bowls, water,a litter box, towels, canned food and a can opener. Have copies of your pets' vaccination and medical records and photos of your pets in a zip-lock baggy. Before an emergency, add 5 days of dry food and medications (with directidogbasgons in case you are separated).

2.) ID your pets. Make sure your dogs and cats have licensing, rabies tags and ID tags on their collar. But because collars can fall or break off, microchip your pets, too! The more identification you provide, the better their chances are of being returned
to you.

3.) Know where to go. Make a list of local vets and boarding facilities out of your area that may be able to board your pet in an emergency. Note that many human care shelters do not accommodate pets!

By being prepared during a crisis, you could save
your pets' lives. Don't forget Fido or Fluffy when
disaster strikes.


Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.

Sally's Second Chance

Sally came to ARI from a puppy mill where she was used to continuously produce puppies in substandard, even filthy and abusive, conditions. She spent the first 6 years of her life in a tiny cage being a money-making machine for greedy humansSally. She birthed and nursed her tiny puppies in the same wire cage where slept, ate and defecated. Her ears throbbed and ached from incessant ear infections that went untreated. There was no room for happiness in that tiny cage. Before her puppies were old enough, they were taken from her to be sold at pet stores where potential buyers would take pity and fall in love with her tiny, shaking puppies. Families surely paid more than $800 for each puppy and unknowingly added fuel to the greed fire that controlled Sally's life      


When Sally was released from her prison and came to ARI, she experienced toys, soft bedding and for the first time in her life: grass. She took all of these new experiences with a calm, shy but willing attitude that makes us love her even more. 


But we haven't put out all the fires in Sally's life yet. This poor girl has suffered incredible pain and has had severe hearing loss due to the untreated ear infections. If you were to look in her ears, you would see thick skin crowding her ear canal. Because of neglect, her life will be muffled and quiet.


We sent Sally and her adoptive parents to Dr. Krista Magnifico, who performed a delicate surgery on Sally. Both ears were so severely deformed and inflamed that Dr. Magnifico could only perform the surgery on one ear before having to revive little Sally. Her other ear surgery will be performed at a later date.  


ARI has relied on donors like you to diffuse the cost of surgeries for Sally and other animals who deserve the chance at a better life. If you have a Yorkie of your own, or perhaps have had an animal who required extensive and expensive surgery, then you feel our plight. Consider pledging a donation, maybe for a friend's birthday or perhaps in memory of a lost canine or feline loved one of your own for Sally's second chance.




Fluffy's Indoor Playground

Last week, we included an article about keeping your kitty indoors. But what can you do to give your home an outdoorsy feel?

 cat harness

Grow cat nip or cat grass inside! Keep it in heavy pots so your cat can't knock them over. She'll be able to get a taste of the outdoors without any actual risk!

Build a secure window enclosure. Curious Kitty can safely sit and watch the outside world while basking in the warm sun. Here's a neat one you can build out of an air conditioning casing! You can also purchase or build an outdoor cat enclosure. They're easy to find at pet supply stores or online, or, if you're handy, build one of your own. Not so handy? 

Pucatgrassrchase a cat harness and take Kitty for a walk around the yard. However, before you take Kitty outside, get her used to wearing the harness around the house, take her out into the garage or enclosed porch, and see how she reacts. Once comfortable, take her for supervised walks around your yard. Never ever leave Kitty outside unattended!


Make the indoors fun -- take 15 minutes to play with her every day. Buy a laser pointer, wand toy, and a couple of jingle balls and start to play! Two of the cheapest forms of kitty entertainment are cardboard boxes and paper bags (be sure to remove the handles, so she doesn't end up wearing the bag)!


If you only have one cat, consider adopting a companion. Many cats love to play, cuddle and bechronusandsesame social with other cats. Kitty's attention will surely be diverted from the outdoors by adding another cat companion to your home. Use these handy tips to keep your cats happy, healthy, and safe and give yourself peace of mind knowing you're doing the right thing for your  

feline friends.


Thank you!

We would like to send out a special thank you to Jennifer Donnelly and her Putts for Paws golf tournament last June at Geneva Farms! Jennifer and her group raised $7,100 for animals at ARI! The event hosted 80 golfers and featured raffle ticket sales, a Chinese auction and golf-related games. Jennifer has organized the tournament for the past five years. We're so thankful to Jennifer and others who raised money for the event.