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Legislation to Ban Class B Dealers from Selling Pets
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Red Lion Days
August 13
Red Lion, PA

Yorkfest Arts Fest
Aug 27-28
York, PA

New Freedom Days
September 17
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September 18
Harrisburg, PA

ARI's Dogs' Day

in the Park

October 1

York, PA



October 15

Reisterstown, MD


Check out
Dine Kind!

Dine Kind is a fantastic way to learn about vegan dining and enjoy some delicious food while mingling with a great (and growing!) group of people!

Join us every 3rd Friday of the month at the Unitarian Universalists Church of Fallston at the corner of Rt. 152 and Fallston Road in Fallston, MD 21407

Mingle @ 6:30
Dinner Buffet @ 7:00

Bring a vegan dish for everyone to enjoy along with copies of the recipe. You can find many great recipes online -- you would be surprised at how many classic dishes can easily be made vegan! Drinks are also appreciated!

For more info, call Jill at (443) 616-5829 or e-mail her here.

Summer Safe:
Smart Tips for your Pets

summer dog


ARI gets many calls around July 4th about pets who have run away. Make sure your pets are safe and secure in a quiet room during the show.

Do not leave your pet in your vehicle for any amount of time. It's too hot! Keep pets at home and save car rides for early Spring and Fall.

Vaccines and Preventatives:
Now is the time to have your animals vaccinated, especially if you have outside cats. Flea, tick and heart worm preventative is also important in protecting your pet against disease.

Shady Spot:
Make sure pets have shade when they're outside doing their business. Keep them indoors otherwise.

Water,Water Everywhere!
Make sure your pets have fresh, clean water at all times.

Avoid the Sun:
Walk your pup in the morning or evening -- avoid the hot times of the day. Did you know that dogs can get sunburn, too?
Dogs with pink skin or white hair are more susceptible. Keep some animal-friendly sunscreen on them to ward off the dangerous rays.

 Kitties in the Night:
It's not a good idea to let your cat both indoors and out. Cats are more susceptible to injuries outdoors and can bring parasites and other diseases home with them. Yuck! If you have an outside cat, such as a feral or a stray colony, make sure they're up-to-date on their vaccines. Otherwise, keep kitty inside.

The Doggie Paddle:
Not all dogs know how to swim! A short splash in a kiddie pool will determine if your dog likes the water, or prefers higher ground.

Watch for the Signs
of Heatstroke:
    Anxious expression
    Warm, dry skin
    High fever
    Rapid heartbeat
Call your vet if your
pet shows these symptoms!

Walk a Friend!

Next month, Animal Rescue, Inc. will be hosting a volunteer dog walking seminar! Interested in walking dogs at the rescue? Contact Ashley here to sign up for e-mail updates! Please note: Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

Dear Friend,


It's a proven fact that Americans love their pets! We view our four-legged kids as integral members of our families and include them in family functions, vacations, marriages, and even in family portraits. We spend thousands of dollars in maintaining their health, providing good quality food and even keeping them updated in the latest fashions. The large pet store chains, which didn't exist decades ago, are always bustling with customers purchasing treats, toys, shampoos, etc., in an attempt to make their pets happy and healthy. I'm sure all of us can include ourselves among the millions of people who are willing to provide whatever is necessary to ensure the health and we


ll-being of their beloved pets. But, why is it we fail to provide for their welfare in the event of our  

untimely death?


Dusty and Rusty are brothers. They're neutered and have been indoor cats during their lifetime. No doubt they were constant companions to someone who adored them. Unfortunately, the life they once knew ended abruptly when the person who loved them for 13 years passed away. These two handsome senior boys are now awaiting their fate at a kennel and, because of their age, their future is not very bright. What happened to the warm bed they shared with their human? No longer can they curl up together in the chair that captured the afternoon sunlight. They remain alone at night with only each other. Is this what their loving human expected would happen to them? During the last decade, many experts have concluded that animals possess the same emotional capacity as humans; i.e., they feel pain, grief, loss, sadness, anxiety and much more. I can't imagine the emotions Dusty and Rusty are experiencing right now.


It is of utmost importance for each of us to consider the future for our pets when we prepare our Last Will and


Testament or other documents bequeathing our life's possessions. There are currently 46 states that have enacted Pet Trust laws allowing individuals peace of mind that the provisions made for their pets will be honored. Don't be naive in thinking your family will be willing to take your pets when you pass on. Animal Rescue, Inc. and every other shelter is besieged with requests every year to take 'Mom's 2 cats' or 'Dad's old dog.' Please consult with your attorney or prepare your own notarized document detailing your wishes for your beloved pets. The links below will guide you in assuring your pets' lives won't end like Dusty's and Rusty's.


How to Set Up a Pet Trust 

ASPCA's Info on Pet Trusts 

Other Pet Trust Resources 


Final note: If anyone is willing to offer Dusty and Rusty love and a safe home to live out their lives, please contact Ola here or Pat here for more details.



Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.

Pet of the Week: Todd


Todd is a handsome, 5-year-old male tiger. His sweet personality and love for attention are endless. He's great with other kitties and would make an excellent companion for a family or individual. If you're interested in learning more about Todd, contact us here.

Want to check out the other dogs and cats we have at the rescue? Click here

Recognizing Our Volunteers


  Perhaps it was Sherry Anderson, Board of Directors for United Way, who said it best, "Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless." This exemplifies the selfless dedication of the volunteers at our Bel Air, MD PetSmart Luv-A-Pet center who, since 1996,

have provided  care and love to hundreds of cats awaiting adoption at this center. There are approximately 30 volunteers doing shifts at this location, anywhere from a few times a week to several times a month.


The Luv-A-Pet Center


 There are also those who volunteer strictly for the Adopt-A-Pet events. Regardless  how often they give of their time, they have made it possible for hundreds of cats to find forever homes and continue to shower love and

attention on those still searching for families of their own.


One volunteer, in particular, Margery Hubbard., who, in 1996, began caring for our felines 5-days a week.  A few years ago, health issues forced Margery to reduce her shifts to two days a week and, to this very day, Margery remains a very committed and involved caregiver to the cats she dearly loves. Jen Sheehy began volunteering in 1997 and has also remained a loyal and devoted caregiver at the center.


Of course, none of this could have been accomplished without the coordinating and managing skills of Karen Vance, our Adoption Coordinator, who, since 2002, also held the title Volunteer Coordinator. Karen has worked diligently with potential adopters and has found homes for 116 cats in 2010 and, to date, 55 cats in 2011.  Since 2006, Diane Hanson has assumed the position of Volunteer Coordinator and works tirelessly to ensure all shifts are covered and care is provided for the cats every single day. These women have families of their own to care for but have continued to give of themselves out of sheer love and compassion for the animals.


Other amazing individuals are: Joanne Sonberg (2004); Sally Lawther & Victoria Swinson (2005);  Rhonda & Allison Spitters, Peggy Leard, Jessica Wood, Jerusha Mirarchi,  Sally Armel (2008);  Nadine Anderson, Lisa Cartzendafner, Lena Chan, Megan Stransky, Ruta Sandlin, Ashleigh Wilkinson,

Pam Corbett, Robin Holstein (2009);  Michelle Mandeville, Ellen Landenheim, Michelle Heckner, Ginny Blakely, Amanda Morlok (2010).  In addition, we also have many substitutes willing to help out when shift conflicts arise, including Donna Chason, Leslie Doroba, Sarah Nickol, Michele Sobieski and Doug Tyrol, and Pat & Sarah Tormollen, along with several volunteers who joined the team this year.



VolButtonAnd finally, Dr. Kristen Vance is always 'on-call' for Animal Rescue, Inc. Since 2008, Dr. Vance has provided all the routine medical needs for the cats in the Luv-A-Pet Center, which includes sick calls, routine immunizations and check-ups.  When a gas leak broke out at the PetSmart store, Dr. Vance graciously brought her new Veterinary Mobile Unit to Bel Air and evaluated all the cats and kittens.  She kept the kittens with her for the remainder of the day to watch over their health. Thank you, Dr. Vance, for being the ultimate tribute to your profession.


"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks" ~ William Shakespeare  


Want to volunteer at one of the PetSmart stores or at our main rescue center? Contact us here

Special Needs
While we appreciate all items donated from our wish list, we have a few special needs:


Durable, plastic cabinets.

Our office could use some durable, plastic cabinets with shelving to replace our ancient, rusting metal cabinets! Sizes from waist-high to 6 feet tall can be used.


Dog training materials.

Specifically, we're looking for a dummy hand and body to dog trainingtest dogs for potential aggression issues. We can also use an electric fence set for training purposes.


Canned Cat Food.

ARI staff feeds canned food to our dogs and cats everyday. Lately, we've seen a drop in canned cat food donations and have had to purchase the food. ARI accepts any brand of canned cat food.


All donations are tax-deductible and appreciated!

Good News!: Legislation to Ban Sale of
Animals to Institutions from B-Class Dealers

dogbehindbarsU.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, and U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa., introduced the Pet Safety and Protection Act to put an end to the practice of animal dealers rounding up "random source" dogs and cats - often family pets - and selling them for experimentation.  

To learn more about the bill and how you can help, read the article by The Humane Society of the United States here

Organizations that Care

Maryland Votes for Animals is a volunteer-run group focused on getting animal welfare legislation passed into law. The organization offers updates on latest Maryland animal welfare legislation and gives residents the opportunity to contact representatives and spread the word about laws to better the lives of animals. According to its website, Maryland Votes for Animals promotes the passing of legislation, the election of representatives willing to vote for animal welfare issues, and promotes proper, humane treatment of pets, wildlife and farm animals. Learn more about its mission by going to www.voteanimals.org.   

About Animal Rescue, Inc.

ANIMAL RESCUE, INC. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of abused and abandoned animals.

     Our "Shelter for Life" is home to hundreds of homeless dogs and cats while they await their new adoptive homes. No animal is ever euthanized because it is unwanted or because of the inconvenience of care.

     We also provide supportive services to pet owners and pets in times of extreme hardship with the goal of keeping the human-animal bond intact. We also offer pet-assisted therapy, humane education and spay-neuter surgeries, believing that prevention is the key to controlling pet overpopulation. Donations to Animal Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible.


Physical: 2 Heritage Farm Drive, New Freedom, PA 17349  

Mailing: P.O. Box 35, Maryland Line, MD 21105

Phone: (717) 993-3232

Website: www.animalrescueinc.org

E-mail: info@animalrescueinc.org