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May 2011

Dear Friend,


           We usually write an over-arching story for this letter, but today we want to tell you about a special dog who has been at our rescue for months and has yet to find her forever home. Meet Diamond. This beautiful girl is the perfect gem. She's obedient, loving and loyal. But she keeps getting overlooked for other dogs.


Diamond, a 4-year-old Labrador/shepherd mix, came to us in August 2010 when she was dropped off at an open admission shelter with a note. The letter was from her previous owner, who wdiamondrote that his house was foreclosed on and he didn't have space in his new living situation for Diamond. The shelter called us to see if we could take her and spare her life. Diamond has been living with us ever since. 


Diamond is excellent with humans and other large dogs -- no small dogs or cats. She's very people-oriented, loves walks and would enjoy snuggling with you on the sofa. 


Diamond is a bit of an acrobat -- she can climb fences, which is why she may do better in a home where she would be leash-walked only. Otherwise she'll scale the fence in a quick minute, though she would do all right with a privacy fence. She's a smart girl who loves a challenge or wants a job.  


If you're interested in meeting this wonderful young girl, please stop by during adoption hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. or Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Want more info? Call us at  

(717) 993-3232.


Diamond isn't the only over-looked dog at our rescue. Animal Rescue, Inc. has many dogs who deserve a second chance. To learn more about a senior dog, a dog with special needs or just a dog who isn't as outgoing but has the potential to be an excellent companion, please call us.




Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc. 

Chelsea Gets a Second Chance at a Forever Home

 By Jody Burns, ARI Animal Caretaker


            On a rainy night in April 2010, I received a note from one of the other caretakers that a Golden Retriever mix was returned that morning and placed in an indoor/outdoor run behind the office. Her family made the decision to return her after she had bitten their nephew who had repeatedly played on her sore back-end, pulled her tail and put his face in hers. Sadly not many dogs, even the most well-behaved, are tolerant of this behavior and are often returned to shelters for provoked nipping, biting or other types  

of aggression.              

              I went to check on our new arrival. Most of the dogs returned to the rescue, especially after having lived in a home for several years, have a difficult time transitioning back into rescue chelsea1life. The majority pace and whine in their own confusion and desperation to find their families again. But there have been a few that simply shut-down from the heartbreak and realization of having been left behind yet again. Chelsea was one of these few.

            I walked into the inside area of her kennel to meet her only to find she wasn't there. I peered through the doggy door and what I saw broke my heart  

that night.

There was Chelsea in the middle of a heavy downpour, standing perfectly still staring through the gates at the last place she saw her people. She didn't flinch as I called her name and attempted to coax her inside with the promise of treats. I could literally see the pain in her eyes. Her determination to remain vigilant "until they returned" astounded me -- how could someone abandon this beautiful and loyal girl?

Chelsea came to Animal Rescue, Inc. in March 2005 as a stray. She had been picked up by a passerby who saw her wandering through the Walmart parking lot. She was young then - the vet estimated maybe 1-year-old. Her first family adopted her one month later in April 2005 and was now returned her just five days from the anniversary of her adoption 5 years before. Her adoption picture is so joyful -- she trusted these people to care for her for the rest of her life. The Chelsea I was looking at was so confused -- everything she had ever known had been destroyed.

I walked around to the outside gate to her run and sat beside her in the rain for a minute, unsure of her reaction to a stranger attempting to move her. I talked to her calmly and she looked at me for moment before returning her gaze to the gates.

I slipped a kennel lead over her neck and we walked out of the run. She became excited, anticipating a reunion on the other side of the gates but once we walked through them, she quickly accepted her situation. She hung her head low and slunk to the new kennel inside the barn. Over the course of the night, I checked on her often, telling her what a good girl she was and that she was going to be all right.

            Over the next few months Chelsea's dejection seemed to evolve into a highly agitated state of mind where she became intolerant of the more boisterous dogs around her. I showed her to prospective adopters often but once passed over and returned to her pen, I could again see the disappointment in her eyes. I would walk away feeling just as hopeless as she projected. After every rejection, I promised to take her for a walk to make up for it and we ended up spending a lot of time together on walks and playing in our exercise yard. Chelsea became comfortable with me and would curl up to me when I knelt down as if she was asking for a hug. I would always say to her, "If only someone else could see this side of you, Chelsea!

            Fortunately, this past April, a wonderful couple called our adoption coordinator, Kim, and arranged to meet Chelsea after seeing her picture on our website. After having just lost their beloved companion the week before, they were unsure of adding chelsea2another member of the family so soon but couldn't resist meeting Chelsea.

            As I relayed Chelsea's story to them walking through the gates, I mechanically began to tell them about her most endearing qualities that don't always shine through to everyone. Apparently it wasn't necessary that day. The Borers walked through her kennel door and Chelsea immediately rolled over onto her back for a belly rub from them! Mrs. Borer started to get choked up as she described that this was just what her dog that recently passed used to do upon seeing them. Chelsea bonded with both of them instantly, snuggling up beside them and looking up at them adoringly with a huge smile from ear to ear. They placed a hold on her that day and on May 6th this year, I was privileged enough to take the gorgeous Miss Chelsea to her new and fabulous forever home! Chelsea was so excited to hop into my car for her ride home and kept her looking out the window, anticipating her arrival, the whole way there. I was overwhelmed with happiness as much as I was sad about her absence at the rescue. I'm so overjoyed Chelsea found such a wonderful home with The Borers and so immensely thankful they are giving her the home and second chance she deserves!


Organizations That Care 

Maryland Votes for Animals is a volunteer-run group focused on getting animal welfare legislation passed into law. The organization offers updates on latest Maryland animal welfare legislation and gives residents the opportunity to contact representatives and spread the word about laws to better the lives of animals. According to its website, Maryland Votes for Animals promotes the passing of legislation, the election of representatives willing to vote for animal welfare issues, and promotes proper, humane treatment of pets, wildlife and  

farm animals. Learn more about its mission by  

going to www.voteanimals.org.  

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Public Notice:


It has been brought to our attention that an individual named Evan Weibman/Weibmar from Maryland has been adopting cats and kittens from rescues and allegedly purposefully causing bodily harm to them. Weibman's case is currently being investigated, but he's no longer in jail and may be looking for more cats or kittens to harm.  


Please, don't post "free kitten" ads. These words are deadly. Some people may be looking for a free pet for a child's birthday, only to be kicked outside when the family no longer takes interest in him. Worse, "free kitten" can translate to "snake food" or "dog-fighting bait" to those with ill intentions.  


How can you help? When perusing Craigslist.org or newspaper ads, feel free to send a quick e-mail or give a phone call to persons placing free ads. Let them know what may be in store for the kitten they want to find a new home for. Encourage them to charge a small re-homing fee, say $50, for the cat. This will deter many persons. They can also ask for personal references, vet references and conduct a home visit before turning a kitten over to his new home.  


What's better? Let them know about ARI and other organizations that offer low-cost spay or neuter for the kittens and their mother. And don't forget to share this message! Spread the word by posting this on Craigslist.org under Pets or on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else where others can learn about responsible pet placement.


Questions? Call us at  

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Next month, Animal Rescue, Inc. will be hosting a volunteer dog walking seminar! Interested in walking dogs at the rescue? Dog walking is fun and enjoyable for you and the dog! ARI has walking trails and gardens to spend time with canines at the rescue. If interested, please contact Ashley here to sign up for e-mail updates! Please note: Volunteers must be 18 years or older.