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May 2011

Happy Mother's Day
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Special Needs!

Medium Dog Diapers
Precious, a very loving beagle mix, is in permanent foster care and needs medium-sized diapers. She weighs approximately 25lbs. She has bladder cancer and can't help it when she piddles. Human diapers are also appreciated, as we can cut slits in them for her tail. 

Office Cabinets

Our other need is for durable, plastic-based cabinets for our office. We can use 3 waist-high cabinets and two 6-foot cabinets. You can see an example of what we  

need here.


Foster Parents
ARI needs volunteers to walk dogs, clean cat areas and socialize the animals.
We also need foster parents for bottle babies (must be able to feed kittens every 2 hours or so depending on age) and socialize older kittens.
If you're interested in learning more, contact Ashley here.

Kitty Kuranda Beds

Our kitties need beds. Cats who may be sick and are temporarily in cages like their Kuranda beds - it gives them a loft in their little apartment! If you're interested in donating a kitty Kuranda bed to our rescue for our feline friends, please click here.

Dear Friend,

In the past 35 years, we've seen many dedicated mothers -- dogs and cats who worked against the elements, who went again their own ailing health, who fought away attackers to save their precious young. Today, we want to tell you about Bastet -- a mother of with unending love and bravery who risked all to save her kittens.

According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Bastet was the goddess of fertility.

Bastet is waiting for her forever home. 
She had the head of a cat and the body of a woman. She also had dueling personalities - docile and aggressive. Here at Animal Rescue, Inc., Bastet is the sweetest mother cat we've ever met! She certainly doesn't share her namesake's proclivity for angry outbursts!


Bastet came to us from Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). Someone had dropped off a mother cat and three tiny kittens, barely old enough to walk on their own. The person who dropped her off at the shelter mentioned she may have been attacked by a dog. Upon examination, a large, gaping wound was found on the mother's belly. Since she had been nursing, her mammary glands had ruptured, and she was unable to adequately care for her babies. Despite her ghastly wound, she was still allowing her babies to nurse. However, no milk was available for the kittens.  


BARCS immediately found a foster home for the three kittens, but the question was, "What to do with Mom?" Her wounds were too severe to be treated there, so they turned to an Animal Rescue, Inc. employee, who works part-time at BARCS, and asked if we might have room for this sweet girl. After a phone call to the Director, Bastet was coming home to Animal Rescue, Inc!

Bastet belly
Bastet's stomach upon intake. She had been attacked by a dog. 


Once with us, Bastet was immediately started on antibiotics to fight off infection and pain medication to make her comfortable. Though you wouldn't know by looking at her that she was in any discomfort; she was so sweet and gentle, even allowing us to clean off her wound a few times that day. Never once did she try to bite or scratch anyone.


The following day Bastet was examined by Dr. Brent Whitaker, our generous spay/neuter vet, and he felt he could clean-up the large wound. Bastet was sedated, Dr. Whitaker performed his magic, and when he was done the surgery, she looked (almost) brand new!


Medical staff monitored her recovery over the next few days. Five days after the surgery, no one would ever have believed how awful she looked just a few days prior. She had only a small area of raw skin, but her wound was no long open! Two weeks after the surgery, the wound was just a scabbed over area. Now there's only the tiniest bit of scarring!


Bastet all better
Bastet's stomach looks great today!
Since she's feeling better, Bastet has become even more of a character! She adores being petted and held, and being she's practically a kitten herself, she makes a wreck of her cage playing with her toys! She even wants to make other kitty friends. However, she becomes the typical Halloween cat when she sees a dog (and who can blame her?)!


This Mother's Day, Animal Rescue, Inc. is honoring Bastet, a dedicated, loving mother who was doing all she could to care for and protect her tiny babies. Please consider sponsoring Bastet for that special mother in your life, so that we may continue helping more animals just like her for years to come.




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