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April 2011

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What to Know About FIV
Precious Goes Home
Dogs' Day in the Park

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4/30 Heritage Farm Community Yard Sale THIS WEEKEND!
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4/29-5/1 Glen Rock Fairie Festival THIS WEEKEND! 

6/17 Longaberger Basket Bingo 

10/1 Dogs' Day in the Park


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Dear Friend,

     Spring is here, and what better time to refresh your life and sense of self by helping animals in need!


In our last issue, we had an article written by one of our board members, Marianne Pearlman, describing her thoughts on our Memorial Garden. If you have lost a loved one: human, canine, feline or otherwise, consider purchasing a memorial brick for our garden or yours. You can learn more about our program by clicking here.


Money isn't always easy to come across, which is why the animals here are always grateful for


non-monetary contributions! It's spring cleaning time -- the perfect time to gather clean, gently used linens from closets, sturdy, clean spare carriers, soap, copy paper and more, and bring them to ARI. Supplies like unused pet medications and durable toys (like Kongs) are great, too! Your contribution is tax-deductible.


Time is a valuable contribution.Our rescue has approximately 700 cats across several of our rescue sites and nearly 100 dogs. The rescue can always use volunteer cat caregivers to brush and love kitties, and clean cat areas as well. And the dogs love brushing, walks and other one-on-one time. To print out a volunteer application, click here! You can fax it to us or drop it off during business hours. 


Help the feral cats in your neighborhood

by having them spayed or neutered and vaccinated. You can call us to learn more at (717) 993-3232. The ASPCA also has a comprehensive database of Spay/Neuter organizations. You can view its database by clicking here. Why help? By spaying or neutering cats in your neighborhood, you're reducing the population of kittens who would otherwise not have homes.  


Foster kittens!

whit kittenIt's kitten season and there's no better time to help the rescue than by bottle feeding kittens or by socializing young cats. Some kittens come to us and are in need of bottle feeding - this requires a foster who is home often to feed kittens every two hours or so (depending on age). At times, we also take in kittens who are a little older and may be afraid of humans. We need loving homes and gentle hands to teach these kittens about love. Interested? E-mail us here


Animal Rescue, Inc. is always grateful for monetary contributions, including one-time donations, monthly donations, animal sponsorship and planned giving. You can make a donation by clicking clicking the PayPal button below. To learn more about planned giving, call us at (717) 993-3232.

Make a Donation 


Thank you to our long-time supporters and new friends! Wishing you a cheery, peaceful spring!


Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.


Pushing Past the Myth: FIV

Natty: This young, beautiful boy is FIV+ and is hoping for his forever home.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Sounds a little scary, right? Many people may not know what this disease is and those who do may have misconceptions about it. We'd like to share a little bit of knowledge about this disease and help dispel some misconceptions about it.


Feline immunodeficiency virus, or FIV, is a lentivirus, meaning "a slow virus." It is in the same retrovirus family as the Feline leukemia virus (FeLV), but doesn't have the same characteristics.


First, FIV is not a death sentence. Positive cats can often live long, healthy lives with proper veterinary care and nutrition. Big Tom, a resident at our New Freedom shelter, has been with us since 1999! Now 13-years-old, he is as healthy as ever.


Second, FIV is a species-specific disease, meaning it can only be spread to other cats. A positive cat cannot transmit the disease to humans, dogs, or any other species! So, one needn't worry about "catching FIV" or another pet in your household getting the disease!


Third, FIV is not easily transmitted from positive cat to negative cat! FIV is known as the fighter's disease. Cats primarily are infected with this disease when there is contact with blood from a FIV positive cat.  That's why the large majority of FIV+ cats are unneutered tomcats trying to defend their territory. FIV is also passed from cat to cat when mating or, more rarely, from a mother to her kittens. However, kittens can sometimes shed the disease by the time they are six-months old, so if you have kittens that test positive before they are six months old, always retest when they reach six months.


Third is the matter of integrated populations of negative and positive cats. Many people successfully provide homes for both positive and negative cats. With proper introduction, positive cats can successfully be introduced into a home with negative 

Big Tom
Big Tom: This handsome 13-year-old FIV+ kitty loves to snug

cats. However, before thinking about introducing a positive cat to your household, do your own research on integration.

Animal Rescue, Inc. is home to approximately 45 FIV+ cats, many of which are adoptable. Butterscotch is a 2-year-old boy with black fur and a red undercoat. He likes to jump on his caretakers' backs and snuggle into their necks. Turtledove is a gorgeous pastel calico who would love to be the queen bee of your house! Warren is a handsome, 15-pounder who would love nothing more than sitting on the couch with you for nightly TV time!


All of us here would love to see these and other cats with FIV go to their forever homes. And the more cats who go out, the more FIV+ cats we can take in from shelters that may otherwise euthanize them. So, if you are thinking about adopting a cat, please consider adopting one of our FIV+ cats. You'll be changing the lives of two animals - the wonderful kitty you're taking home and the cat we will be able to admit in her place! If you'd like more information on FIV, please visit  this website. To learn more about the kitties we have at the rescue, please contact Ashley at (717) 993-3232x223 or by e-mail here.

Precious Finds her Forever Foster


Precious was transferred to Animal Rescue, Inc. several years ago from another shelter. This girl is fun-loving and sweet, and makes the most hilarious noise when she's happy to see you (something between a beagle bark and broken fire siren!). We were surprised and sad to see this girl getting overlooked by potential adopters for younger, and perhaps less vivaciously vocal, dogs. Then we began to notice a pattern with Precious -- she would walk in our yard and squat to urinate every few moments. We

Precious 1

took this sweet girl to the vet and found out she has bladder cancer. The search to find a forever foster for Precious happened immediately. We wanted to see this life-loving girl spend the rest of her days in a home with a family who loved her. And after a few weeks, that family stepped in and took Precious home! Read their update below to learn about Precious' new life!


"Precious is doing great. We have a routine here and she is starting to get the swing of it. She peed everywhere at first and was taking the diapers off, so we got diaper covers and are are putting pads in it while she is inside. That works well. We also discovered that she won't eat dry food-not even with some gravy in it. We bought canned food and she devoured it. The dogs are all getting along wonderfully. I thought it would be an issue at first, but dogs are so good at sensing age and illness that my dogs just leave her alone. It's amazing. She has so many places that she likes to rest. She loves my daughter's bed, our chaise lounge in the family room and she also lays on the living room couch with the other dogs. At night she sleeps on our big dog bed next to my side of the bed and I have to wake her up to eat and go out in the morning with the rest of the bunch.  Precious got a bath and wagged her tail the whole time. She loves to be brushed too. What a laid-back dog!"  


Precious 2

It fills us with joy to know that Precious has found a great place to spend the rest of her days. Thank you to her new family for taking care of this sweet girl.


Precious needs more medium-sized doggie diapers (she weighs approximately 25lbs). We may also be able to use weight-appropriate baby diapers (slits can be cut for her tail to fit through). If you have some you would like to donate, please stop by our rescue Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or call us at  

(717) 993-3232.



Looking Ahead: Dogs' Day in the Park
Dogs Day

Save the date

for Animal Rescue, Inc.'s Dogs' Day in the Park on October 1, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at John Rudy Park (Main Entrance) at 400 Mundis Race Road in York, Pa. Join us for a day of doggie fun! Activities include Rent-A-Dog, Vendors, Music, Canine Contests and Games, Children's Activities, Microchipping, Nail Trimming and More! To learn more about being a sponsor or having a booth at our events, or to learn more about attending, contact us here.


(717) 993-3232                                                                                                           www.animalrescueinc.org