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Animal Rescue, Inc.                                                           December 2010
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Celebrating Seniors
Holiday Pet Hazards to Avoid!
Celebrating Seniors
This cute-faced senior cat is looking for her forever home! Jasmine qualifies for our Seniors for Seniors Program.
Have you heard about our latest adoption program: Seniors for Seniors? Right now, any approved person 65 years of age or older can adopt a senior cat (animal's age approved by ARI staff) for $40.00. This price includes spaying or neutering, updated vaccines, microchipping and testing.
   Older cats make excellent companions and are forever grateful for the chance at having a home in their golden years. They also provide comfort and love to someone who otherwise may not have much social interaction.
   If you're interested in learning more about this program for yourself or someone you know, please contact the rescue at (717) 993-3232. Also, we have several special-needs senior dogs available as well. Call for details.

Public Notice:

It has been brought
to our attention that
some persons may be using
and other websites to solicit for animals under our name,
Animal Rescue, Inc.
These persons may
be asking for owned
pets or donations in
our rescue's name.
These persons,
regardless of what
they say, may have
ill intent and may be
using the animals to
sell to laboratories, or using the money to fund their own needs. Animal Rescue, Inc. will never ask for animals. If you find
an ad online promoting this action, please report it to us here.
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Dear Friend,

   Do you need an extra little something special for that animal lover in your life? How about a last-minute stocking stuffer? Give a gift with meaning by helping our rescue pets! 
Sabu is a big fan of eating snowflakes.

   You might remember Mangus from a few weeks ago - he was the star of our Giving Card. We're happy to report that Mangus is now in a home and is doing well on three legs!
   We received many positive comments about the card, so we decided to create more cards featuring our resident dogs and cats for the holiday season! For a minimum $5 donation, you can download one of our cards below and give the gift of sponsorship to a friend or loved one! And each donation given will help animals at our rescue! To make your purchase, go to our website by clicking here and then click the "Donate" button on the left-hand side of the page. Click the following links to download a Giving Card!:

Legend's Card   Big Foot's Card  

Sandy's Card   Sabu's Card   Hooch's Card   Brownie's Card

Having trouble viewing the cards? You may need to download Adobe Reader. You can get it for free by going  here.

Have a Peaceful Holiday Season,

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.

Keep the Holidays Merry: Protect your Pet

Follow these helpful hints to keep your pets happy and safe during the holiday season!

1.) Anchor your Christmas tree to the wall or ceiling to keep it from falling over thanks to some curious canines or felines. And skip the tinsel and tantalizing ornaments - they may end up in your pet's stomach and cause upset or require surgery. An animal lover's best bet? Keep a small tree on a table with some pretty lights and a nice tree topper. Spray a little bitter spray on the boughs to deter chewing and play. Make sure your pets have plenty of safe toys to distract them from the tree.

2.) Make sure you put holiday leftovers into containers right away - don't leave those tasty treats on the counter - they may cause diarrhea or worse. Instead, look up some tasty, pet-friendly cookie recipes online and make them for your pets. Yum!

xmas bowl
Sure, it looks pretty. But it looks pretty tasty to pets!

3.) Spend the extra cash. It's easy to pick up a toy here and there for your cat or dog, but cheap toys can be easily destroyed. Look for non-destructible toys for dogs, like Kongs and for cats, a large solid ball or a catnip toy will make them much happier than ribbon or twine. Cheap toys and items with string or ribbon can block intestines if ingested, and no one wants to spend Christmas Day in the pet emergency room.

4.) Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettias are poisonous to pets. Why not go fake instead? You'll save money by using the same decorations year to year, and your pets will most likely ignore the plastic plants.

5.) Play it safe. Make sure your pet has a warm, quiet room to stay in if you're having a holiday party. Set aside a quiet room with fresh water and put your pets in their before the festivities start. They'll appreciate the quiet time.

xmas cats
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