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2009 Peace Tree

The Peace Tree is coming! Our tree will be decorated with tags and pictures of animals and humans near and dear to your heart. Check your mail for your Peace Tree cards! Not on our physical mailing list? Send us an e-mail with your address here.
Public Notice:
It has been brought
to our attention that
some persons may be using
and other websites to solicit for animals under our name,
Animal Rescue, Inc.
These persons may
be asking for owned
pets or donations in
our rescue's name.
These persons,
regardless of what
they say, may have
ill intent and may be
using the animals to
sell to laboratories, or using the money to fund their own needs. Animal Rescue, Inc. will never ask for
animals. If you find

an ad online
promoting this action, please report it to us here.

In Need of a Home
Pissy Him
Prissy, a 10- to 12-year-old Himalayan, qualifies for the Seniors for Seniors Program.

ARI has hundreds of dogs and cats just waiting for loving homes. Our adoption prices include spaying or neutering, vaccines, testing and microchipping. Our visiting hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visit us at


Dog/Puppy: $190
Cat/Kitten: $85

Senior Cat: $40 (for approved adopters 65+ years of age)

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Issue: 5
December 2010
Dear Friend,
   Let's face it: Winter can give anyone the blues. That's what
Pikachu is a great senior cat who's looking for a home!
gave us the idea for our latest adoption program: Seniors for Seniors. Maybe things have been lonely around the house for you or someone you know. Right now, any approved person 65 years of age or older can adopt a senior cat (age approved by ARI staff) for $40.00. This price includes spaying or neutering, updated vaccines, microchipping and testing.
   Older cats make excellent companions and are forever grateful for the chance at having a home in their golden years. They also provide comfort and love to someone who otherwise may not have much social interaction.
   If you're interested in learning more about this program for yourself or someone you know, please contact the rescue at (717) 993-3232. Also, we have several special-needs senior dogs available as well. Call for details.
   We hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones, human or hairy.

Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.
Mangus: Three Legs are Better than None
MangusMangus came to ARI as most kittens do -- he and his litter mates arrived after being found locally as small kittens. They were sweet and friendly, and enjoyed snuggling and playing in their cage.

One day, Mangus' caretaker noticed his leg was swollen and his body was hot. He was quickly taken to the veterinarian, who believed he had been bitten many times by a poisonous spider.

After four weeks at the vet, Mangus returned to Animal Rescue, Inc. Mangus' paw had dropped off from the infection and his fever had subsided. After a week in bandages, the vet recommended that the rest of Mangus' leg be removed.

Mangus is now a "tri-pod." His front leg was removed and he is compensating well. He playfully bats at toys and loves attention from his caregivers. When Mangus regains his strength, he will be going home to his forever family.

Right now, we're offering a special gift. Consider making a donation to ARI and print out this PDF card of Mangus' story to give to a loved one for the holidays, or simply use the card to adorn your own fireplace mantel. The money donated will help defray the costs of Mangus' surgery and care. We ask that you make a minimum $5.00 donation, but any donation amount will help! Feel free to print out several cards based on the size of your donation. Go to our website by clicking here, then click the "Donate" button on the left-hand side of the page to make your contribution!

Sage Goes Home
Sage came to Animal Rescue as a younger dog. She was friendly to everyone she met, human, canine or otherwise. Soon after her arrival, she was adopted. So it surprised us greatly when Sage was returned to the rescue as a 10-year-old senior.

Sage's family had gone through a separation and felt that Sage could no longer be a part of their family. She was heartbroken, but never let her spirits fall. She has spent the last few months here at ARI, jogging with her belly swinging toward everyone who entered the yard. As soon as she came in contact with a volunteer or visitor, she immediately rolled on her back for belly rubs. We just knew Sage deserved a second chance.

And Sage did get that chance. Last week, she went home with a family who adopted from us before. Her family had
also adopted DJ, an older yellow Labrador two years ago. They also have another senior dog they adopted from another rescue. Sage's new family is happy to add another senior dog to the group! Congratulations to Sage and her new family!

Have a happy ending? Send it to us here.

You Can Help!
There are many ways you can participate in helping the animals at ARI! You can spend time brushing a cat or taking a dog on a walk. We also have fundraising and adoption events, maintenance and recycling projects, and more opportunities for volunteers. To volunteer, fill out and mail, fax or bring in an application. You can get an application by clicking here. Have a busy schedule? You can still help! ARI collects aluminum, cell phones, ink cartridges and Purina weight circles -- ask friends, family and coworkers to save these items for us. We also have a long list of items we need, such as linens, dog and cat food, stamps, trash bags and more. To see a complete list, click here. You can also help us by sharing our mission with others! Every bit helps!