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Dear Friend,

    We all know now is the time to be thankful. But it's also a time for giving. Most of you already donate to our rescue, so please set that thought aside. Instead, we ask that you give in another way: from your heart.
   That stray cat who's been hanging around your house? Winter will be a struggle for her. She may have kittens and not be able to keep them warm. She may be unable to find food. She may not live through the cold months. Why not get her spayed through Animal Rescue, Inc. or another association, and allow her to live in a wooden box stuffed with straw near your garage. Offer her fresh food and water. She will be grateful for your kindness.
   Or what about your overstuffed closet? Spend a chilly afternoon cleaning it out. Your gently used coats, hats and other clothing could go to a homeless shelter, while clean linens and towels could go to Animal Rescue, Inc. or another animal rescue in need. This will cost you nothing but a few hours of your time, and offer some being, human or otherwise, a season of happiness and warmth.
   Or save a life. Consider making your Thanksgiving meat-free. There are plenty of great alternatives, such as Tofurky, that are so good, guests won't know it's not real meat. And you'll be sparing the life of a defenseless animal.
    These three easy things can better the life of someone else, all with your giving only a small amount of your time. However you spend this Thanksgiving, we hope that it's a peaceful one.


Your Friends at Animal Rescue, Inc.
A Happy Ending: Dixie Goes Home

Dixie came to Animal RescDixie goes homeue, Inc. in 2005 after being displaced during Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. She was ragged and forlorn, and needed someone to love her. We found that person soon after Dixie was well enough to go to a home, and she spent several happy years in her home. However, Dixie's caregiver became ill, and returned Dixie to the rescue when she felt she may not be able to give Dixie the care she had deserved. Dixie was older then, and had several fatty tumors that needed to be treated. After medical treatment, Dixie continued to live with us for one year. She did well with the other dogs and loved her caregivers, but still wanted her forever home, the home she shared with her caregiver. That dream came true for Dixie last month, when we received a call from Dixie's caregiver, who told us she was healthy and was interested in taking Dixie back home. We gladly returned Dixie, who was nervous but very happy to see her family. The two were reunited, and they're doing well. We were happy to see Dixie go home, and wish her and her family the very best.

Looking for a Companion?

ARI has hundreds of dogs and cats just waiting for loving homes. Our

Buttons is looking for a home!

adoption prices include spaying or neutering, vaccines, testing and microchipping. Our visiting hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Visit us at

Dog/Puppies: $190
Cat/Kittens: $85

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Fall Vaccine Clinic

Dixie Goes Home

 Need Vaccines?

Vet with Beagle

We are hosting a rabies and distemper vaccination clinic on Saturday, November 20, 2010 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Maryland Line Volunteer Fire Department (York & Freeland Rd., Maryland Line, MD 21105). Cost is $8/vaccine -- cash only -- no checks or credit cards. Dogs must be on leash and cats must be in a secure carrier -- no exceptions. Please be considerate and clean up after your pet. If your pet has had a previous rabies vaccine, you must present its previous rabies certificate to receive a 3-year vaccination. Questions? Call us at

(717) 993-3232.

Updates from Last Month's E-Newsletter



Remember Teaque, the black lab mix, from last month's e-newsletter? We're happy to report that he is happy in his new home.

And what about Trixie the de-barked puppy mill beagle? Her new mom tells us that she's blossoming! Have you adopted from us before? Consider writing to us at And please, include pictures!

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About Animal Rescue, Inc.

ANIMAL RESCUE, INC. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of abused and abandoned animals.

Our "Shelter for Life" is home to hundreds of homeless dogs and cats while they await their new adoptive homes. No animal is ever euthanized because it is unwanted or because of the inconvenience of care.

We also provide supportive services to pet owners and pets in times of extreme hardship with the goal of keeping the human-animal bond intact. We also offer pet-assisted therapy, humane education and spay-neuter surgeries, believing that prevention is the key to controlling pet overpopulation.

Donations to Animal Rescue, Inc. are tax-deductible.