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Puppy Passport and Bandannas

What we do:

We promote early socialization education while giving R+ trainers a strong marketing advantage.  


Why we do it:

To dramatically reduce the number of dogs euthanized or surrendered. 


How we do it:

By providing a network of dog trainer and business members that facilitate safe, early and effective socialization. 

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The Socialization Innovation Newsletter 
Summer 2011


Welcome to Operation Socialization's quarterly newsletter for professional dog trainers. We provide tools to help your clients successfully socialize their puppies, and marketing support to grow your own business. Together we can make a huge difference in the lives of dogs and their families!

What's New:
  • A blog written for you, by OS members. We are very excited to announce the addition of the OS Blog written for dog trainers by OS members. Read about a range of topics including puppy development, class curriculum, marketing, and business tips.
  • Visit us at APDT! Stop by our booth at the Association for Pet Dog Trainers annual conference, this year held in San Diego, October 12 - 16th. Meet the OS team and learn how we can help you and your clients. 

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Warmest Woofs,
Ariana Kincaid

Ariana Kincaid

Membership Features: Change is
OS Dog Trainer Member Button We're excited to offer a range of new membership features to help trainers get started with Operation Socialization.

Effective September 26, 2011, Dog Trainer startup memberships will increase to $325 (from $225). This fee will include the following all-new options:
  • Ten free, one-year OS memberships that you award to the businesses of your choice. They try out OS with no obligation, and you expand your network of Socialization Destinations.
  • A one-hour startup consultation with OS President Ariana Kincaid. Discuss your goals and get tips on managing your particular challenges.
  • The seven-week Socialization Success Curriculum Enhancement for group puppy classes. Save valuable time and direct your energy to your clients and business. This OS curriculum is easily tailored to private consultations.
  • The opportunity to write for the OS blog. Share your knowledge and experience while connecting with potential clients and fellow trainers.  
  • Apply for the startup membership before September 25th - and pass the OS Certification Exam by November 15th - and you'll get these new features at the old price.   
Quick Tip: Marketing Puppy Socials
3 Puppies PlayingPuppy socials can be a terrific entry point for your business, exposing potential clients to your full range of services. Grow your business by thinking of puppy socials as a marketing tool, not just a service.

Here are a few tips:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Cute Puppy
Post photos and YouTube clips from your socials to your Facebook business page. Maybe you've noticed: puppy pics have a way of getting passed around the internet.

Get More Mileage from Your Existing Marketing
Include an insert about your puppy socials in your brochures (members can place inserts in the Socialization Success for Puppy Owners brochures.)

Court the Local Press
The press like a "hook," something unusual or noteworthy about an event, so add a twist. A Friday night social with wine and cheese. Costume-themed nights for both puppies and owners.

Think Creatively
If local papers have a "Best Of..." issue, don't settle on competing with your peers for "Best Dog Trainer." Instead, look for unusual categories to slip inside. Nominate your social for "Best Place to Take a First Date" or "Best Place to Lose Your Inner Cynic." (How can anyone feel jaded, watching puppies scamper around a room?)
Member Highlight
Picture of Veronica Sanchez Trainer: Veronica Sanchez, MA, Ed., CABC, CPDT-KA, OSCT

Business: Cooperative Paws, LLC

City: Vienna, VA

Services Offered: Private lessons and behavior consultations.

Why did you decide to become an OS member?
I've noticed that pet owners understand the need to socialize their puppies, but not the actual process. Operation Socialization provides a structured format to educate puppy owners, covering all aspects of socialization in a way that is easily understood and not overwhelming. I was excited to incorporate the program into my puppy lessons.

What do you tell people about early socialization?
To start right away, and to carefully determine which experiences are right for their particular pup. Some puppies are ready to jump right into a trip to the city, while other puppies need to start in a quiet park. They need to set their puppy up to be successful. Also, puppy owners should bring a camera when they are socializing their pups to capture the fun and adorable moments!

What do you think is most valuable about Operation Socialization?
I absolutely love the Puppy Passport, which offers each client a format to track their pup's socialization. I begin private lessons by discussing the previous week's socialization experiences, which helps me figure out the puppy's next steps. I notice many of my puppy owners tend to socialize their pups in similar locations and the Puppy Passport helps owners learn to diversify.
Got questions? Contact us:
P: 703.310.4443
E: info@OperationSocialization.com
FourSave $100


Apply for an OS Dog Trainer Start Up membership before September 26, 2011 - and pass the OS Certification Exam before November 15, 2011 - and get all the new OS features at the old price! Visit OperationSocialization.com to apply today!


*This offer is only available to those that submit their application by September 26, 2011 and successfully pass the OS Certification Exam before November 15, 2011.