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June 2011  

The "Discovery Initiative" of the Office of Community Engagement invites you to join fellow alumni, current and retired faculty and staff, students, and the public for any or all of the "Discovery" events and programs offered by the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.  Click on the links below to read more about our upcoming events.  Please check our website often for updates to our event calendar.

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If you would like to receive announcements about upcoming events, please take a moment to complete our interest survey, which will place you on our master invitation list.   

What's happening in the Cook Community...
Rutgers Rising Memorial Service
Rutgers Rising Plaque Rutgers Rising is a quiet patio adjacent to the G. H. Cook Campus Center that was selected and developed as the setting for a memorial site and for fond remembrances of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.  The patio was designed and constructed in 1988 by Scott Ernst, Class of 1985, and landscaped in 1990 by Professor Roy DeBoer.

This year more than 100 family members and friends came together on Saturday, May 14, to celebrate the lives of their loved ones and to share their most cherished memories.

We were honored to celebrate the lives of the following faculty, staff, students, and friends:

*Michael Congiusta, Class of 2012
*Dr. Robert W. Duell, Crops and Soils
*Stephen P. Dey II, D.V.M., Board of Managers
*Warren J. Welsh, Sussex County Ag Extension Agent
*Deacon Don Cornelius S. Smoyak
*Dr. Richard D. Ilnicki, Weed Science
*Charles C. Kontos, Jr., Graduate Student
*Joseph J. McGovern, Esq., Class of 1981 
Alumni Reunion Tour and Reception
equine demo  

Inclement weather doesn't keep a good alum down! More than 50 alumni joined Executive Dean Robert M. Goodman on a tour of the G. H. Cook Campus on Saturday, May 14.


The first stop on the tour was to the Equine Science Center to see the world renowned equine exercise physiology lab (aka equine high speed treadmill) demonstration. Dr. Karyn Malinowski and Dr. Kenneth McKeever explained this unique and fascinating visual display of the research being done to advance the well-being and performance of horses.


gardens tourThe group boarded the bus for the short drive to the Rutgers Gardens for a tour of the beautiful and unusual garden collections including the American Hollies, conducted by Bruce Crawford, director of the Rutgers Gardens.  Dr. Rachael Winfree, assistant professor in the Department of Entomology, presented her research on Pollinators, this year's theme at the Gardens.


The tour was followed by a reception in the Log Cabin, which had been transformed into an elegant and cozy gathering place for tastings of local New Jersey wines and delicacies.  Also on display at the Log Cabin and Alumni Pavilion were extraordinary insect and history exhibits from the Rutgers Entomological Museum.


Discovery Tour: Grapevines and Fine Wines
Dan Ward

Who knew when you registered for a Discovery Tour that you would be put to work!  Well, it wasn't really work, but a chance to learn something valuable that you could take away and apply in everyday life.


A very enthusiastic group of amateur vintners, hobby winemakers, and people just plain interested in the wine industry joined the Office of Community Engagement at the Rutgers Agricultural Research and Extension Farm on a warm, sunny day in May to learn from the experts how to prune grapevines for maximum production and flavor, and how the New Jersey wine industry is growing and prospering with the help of Rutgers scientists. 


After a brief introduction, we boarded a wagon for the short ride toWoman in Vineyard the vineyard, where Dan Ward, assistant extension specialist, and Jack Rabin, associate director of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, explained the importance of proper pruning and watering to grow strong vines and produce great wine.  "Stress my vines, but don't kill them!" says Dan as he demonstrates the proper, sometimes aggressive, pruning techniques to thin new vine growth and allow maximum sun and air exposure to the strongest shoots.  Many were hesitant at first to take such a drastic approach to the vines, but after some encouragement from Dan, everyone donned their gloves and went to work.  Many hands make light work, so the pruning of the Chambourcin vines was expertly completed in no time.


WagonAfter our introduction to the art of vertical shoot positioning, we boarded the wagon for a tour of the farm property.  We were welcomed back to the facility by Jim Quarella from Bellview Winery who provided an enlightening look into the New Jersey wine industry, followed by a tasting of select varieties from his vineyard.  Everyone received a souvenir wine glass, enjoyed lunch and camaraderie, and left feeling very proud of their state university.

As a continuing feature in our newsletter, we will be highlighting the research and activities of each of the departments within the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station.  This month's featured department is Human Ecology.
The Great Flood of 2011
Karen O'NeillKaren M. O'Neill, associate professor of human ecology at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, answers questions about the "Great Flood of 2011."  Professor O'Neill says we've learned how to channel the water in the lower Mississippi to a point.

Read more about this interview with Rutgers Today here.
Department of Human Ecology responds to the needs of New Jersey and the nation
earthThe Department of Human Ecology at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences addresses the human dimensions of environmental problems. Faculty from diverse disciplines use their expertise in the natural and social sciences to study the effects of human activities on the environment and the impact of environmental changes on individuals and communities. 

Read more about this department and the research being done by Rutgers scientists here.    


Discover Your State University
The 2011/2012 Discovery event calendar will be announced in our July newsletter.  We know, the suspense is unbearable!

We are looking forward to seeing you again at our Discovery events, and if you haven't yet attended one of our very popular programs, we look forward to getting to know you better in the coming year.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Diana, Patty, or Diane.  We would be delighted to hear from you. 


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