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New Faces New Places

Paula Henderson, library clerk for the Helmke Library 


Kathleen Whitcraft, secretary for Communication 

Inside IPFW
IPFW Welcomes Taiwanese Students for Leadership Workshop
IPFW's College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science is hosting a delegation of 24 students from National Cheng-Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan, for a two-week leadership workshop. The workshop, which began July 18, is designed to emphasize the concepts of leadership through an introduction to American history and culture. Read the story... 
Test Your IPFW Editorial Style

Jo Bauman was the first person to correctly answer last week's puzzler, "Which of these uses of the en dash (--) is correct: 8--9 p.m.; Indiana University--Purdue University Fort Wayne; July 11--17; all of the above; none of the above?" The correct answer is all of the above. The en dash means "through," and can also indicate contrasting values or illustrate a relationship between two things.


This week's question: In body copy, what is an acceptable way to refer to the conferral of a degree?

  1. Jones holds an MBA
  2. Jones has an MBA
  3. Jones received her MBA
  4. Jones received an MBA degree 

Send your response to, then check back next week for the answer. IPFW Editorial Style Guide (PDF) ... 

In Memoriam Douglas Robert Olsen, 59, of Fort Wayne, died Monday, July 11. Olsen earned a Bachelor of General Studies in 2006 and a Master of Arts in communication in 2011. He served as a student employee in many departments including Student Life and General Studies, and was the 2006 class representative on the Alumni Council. Read the obituary ...
Continuing Studies Online Catalog Continuing Studies catalog
The IPFW Continuing Studies catalog is now online. Discover the new and exciting classes that will be available beginning in September. For more information, call 260-481-6619. 
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