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January 2011 Newsletter
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Grandma's House of Hope
174 West Lincoln Ave. #541
Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: (714) 636-3690
Fax: (714) 537-0621

Mission, Vision, and Values
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide compassionate and uplifting transitional care for women in crisis and hungry children in Orange County.

Our vision is to be the Orange County safety net for uniquely challenged and underserved women and children through hope, love, and spiritual healing.

Our values consist of the three main categories: 

Love & Compassion: A faith-based approach to healing and forgiveness in a multi-generational community.

Respect & Acceptance: A non-judgmental celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of humankind.

Honesty & Integrity: An ethical approach to supporting personal growth and family values.


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Welcome New GHH Staff!

2011 New Staff

GHH would like to welcome our newest staff members: Maria De La Cueva, Stephanie Laing, and Maygan Olsen.


New Workforce Development Program: Hope Works

Hope Works

GHH's newest program, Hope Works, consists of three computer lab stations (located in one of the GHH shelters, the business office location, and the El Dorado motel). 

Hope Works is meant to provide GHH clients with the opportunity to develop new skills and job-searching tools. The computer labs are expected to be open by the end of February.

Hope Works has been a work-in-progress since late 2009. The startup of the program is being funded with the OCCB grant received by GHH in 2010, and will continue to be funded by the United Way grant.


Save the Date: 

Festival of Hearts

April 2, 2011

Festival of Hearts

GHH's third annual Festival of Hearts luncheon will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2011. 


Awards that will be presented during the event include:


 Home is Where the Heart Is
   Community of Faith Award
Volunteer of The Year

Student Ambassador of the Year


Be on the lookout in early February for an e-blast containing more information about the luncheon.


Tobacco Use Prevention Program (TUPP) 

Tobacco Use Prevention Program

GHH is proud to be working with the Tobacco Use Prevention Program (TUPP) in affiliation with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA). 


TUPP provides tobacco prevention, education, and cessation services throughout Orange County. It collaborates with high schools, colleges, community agencies, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, health care providers, law enforcement agencies, merchants, and businesses by offering educational presentations and materials, free smoking cessation services, and technical assistance to prevent tobacco use, lower exposure to secondhand smoke, and help individuals quit smoking.


TUPP is committed to upholding smoke-free regulations in Orange County. To report violations of smoking in designated non-smoking areas, call (714) 541-1444.


To find out more about TUPP, please visit their website at


United Way

Northgate Market

Summit Events Catering

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Orange County United Way Awards GHH $83k for the Next 3 Years! 


         United Way

GHH is off to a fantastic 2011!   We recently  have been awarded the Orange County United Way (OCUW) 2011-2013 Community Impact Grant, which will support the organization with $83,000 for the next three years!

OCUW identifies Grandma's House

of Hope as a partner agency that is following best practices and has effective policies and procedures for service delivery.This incredible grant from OCUW will help GHH continue to provide essential services to women and children  in crisis  in  2011 and beyond. This funding will be used to help support our upcoming workforce development program," Hope Works!" and our transitional shelter program.

GHH has been incredibly blessed as we have received additional grants from  these other wonderful foundations:
  • Orange County Community Foundation/Margaret E. Oser Foundation: $15,000
  • Klein Family Foundation: $40,000 (geared towards Nana's Kidz)
  • Dhount Family Foundation: $5,000

Roosters Feeding Families

Roosters Foundation Provides Holiday Feasts 

Roosters Foundation

The Roosters Foundation of Orange County helped over the holidays. At our December motel outreach, the Roosters provided pre-cooked boxes of food for families to take home. 


Additionally, the Roosters provided families with Christmas 'dinners' that consisted of whole frozen turkeys and various canned goods--all the fixings for a Christmas dinner! Many of these families, living in overcrowded situations and with nothing in their possession to have a meal, were able to have wonderful food for Christmas.


Parents Timmy and Tammy live at the El Dorado motel, and have been receiving Nana's Bagz from GHH to help with their two children. "We were so surprised and greatly appreciative to receive the box of food from Grandma's House of Hope and the Roosters. It gave us the Christmas dinner we were not going to have. All we had to do is cut the turkey, or put the other food on a plate and heat it up in the microwave. It was a big help!"


The Roosters Foundation is a social and charity organization consisting of 100 professional men of diverse backgrounds in the the Orange County area of Southern California. To learn more about the Roosters, visit their website at

        Come Watch the Show!

                       Help GHH Raise $1,000


                       Television Fundraiser for GHH Starting in March


Trinity Broadcasting Network
GHH is partnering up with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), which offers an exciting new fundraising opportunity.

We're looking for 50 volunteers (over the age of 13) to attend television tapings of TBN's Praise the Lord sermon series in Costa Mesa. When reaching our goal of 50 people for each taping, GHH will receive a $1000 donation per taping. 

Each participant will raise $20, which is enough to feed one motel child for nearly a month!

There are three different taping dates, which are the following Thursday nights from 6PM-8PM:
  • March 17th
  • April 14th
  • May 19th
For more information about TBN, and about the "Praise the Lord" series, please visit their website at

Call or email today to reserve seats for your group or organization!


(714) 636-3690


GHH Would Like to Honor our 

"Residents of the Month"



"Breast Cancer Angels brought me to Grandma's House of Hope and oh my gosh--I have accomplished so much!" says Kathleen. Kathleen has been connected with SOS (Share Our Selves) dental clinic in Costa Mesa and will be getting her teeth done. She is working on receiving Social Security benefits, her MSI (Medical Services Initiative) has been renewed, and is in the process for applying for Medicare.

Kathleen reaction to the title was: "Shocked! Made my day!" Kathleen feels good about herself and what she is doing, and that someone around noticed--even in a small way. Her favorite thing about GHH is the kindness, and she thinks the best thing about living at the shelter is attending the Tuesday night meetings.

Unfortunately, Kathleen's MSI had lapsed, so she used her giftcard to pay for Z-Pak (azithromycin) antibiotic medication.




Tamara :


Homelessness brought Tamara to GHH. So far, she's lost 13 pounds and cut back on smoking, which resulted in her being able to save money. Tamara's reaction to being selected as resident of the month was, 


"The Christian atmosphere, along with all the support from Je'net, Charlene and my case manager," responds Tamara when asked about what her favorite things about GHH are. Tamara loves being able to listen and share 'warm and fuzzies' every week at the Tuesday meetings.


Tamara used her giftcard to buy some makeup and cough medicine,  along with treating herself to a meal at Carl's Jr., and still has some extra to spend.


   Intern of the Month

     Alyx Pierce



Alyx is a Human Services major at Cal State Fullerton. This is an application-oriented major that is based on a synthesis of knowledge from several social sciences, together with methodologies of intervention at the individual, group and community levels. Alyx has been enjoying her work on the Nana's Kidz program, helping prepare for and volunteer at events such as the October luncheon and the December motel outreach, and helping in the GHH office.

Alyx plans on continuing her education once she graduates from Cal State Fullerton to become a licensed clinical social worker. She is also continuing an internship as an assistant case manager in 2011!

"I am so blessed to be involved with this gloriously evolving and inspiring human service agency. This experience is teaching me lessons that can not be learned in a classroom because they originate from the heart."


Interested in becoming an intern with GHH?  Click here for more information.

           Farewell to Charlene 

                         Saying Goodbye to GHH's 'Rock'


GHH house manager Charlene Graves has been a blessing to the GHH organization. Charlene arrived from Chicago three years ago, claiming that God wanted her to come to California to help others. 


Charlene has been the house manager at the Anaheim shelter location since 2008, and has helped to heal the hearts of the hundreds of women who have come through the program. Executive director Je'net Kreitner claims that Charlene has been her 'rock', and without Charlene, GHH wouldn't have been able to expand and grow its shelter program.


Charlene will be leaving in February to pursue new opportunities in Tennessee--she believes that it is God's will that she moves on to help others, just as she helped the ladies at the GHH shelters. 

Charlene will be missed--while GHH is sad to see her go, we wish her the best of luck with her future endeavours,


Thank you very much for your support to Grandma's House of Hope. It is through your kindness and generosity that GHH continues to fight hunger and homelessness in Orange County. Your contribution helps enhance the lives of women and children who are struggling to survive in your own communities.

God Bless,


Je'net Kreitner

Grandma's House of Hope