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Newsletter (week 9)February 27, 2012
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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.



- customs bonded warehouse keeper and forwarder of general cargo and dry bulk
- shipping network solutions in Europe
- mediterranean eating place in the center of Tallinn
-  logistics services for fuel and oil


eesti lipp
My native land, my joy and delight
How fair thou' art and bright
And nowhere in the world all round
Can ever such a place be found
So well beloved as I love thee
My native country dear!

...was heard widely during the past weekend in Estonia when a long celebration-weekend was spent in the honor of Estonia's birthday. February 24th is a special day for Estonians: last Friday a celebration for the Estonian Republic's Independence 94th anniversary was held. A festive day with speeches, demonstrations of armery, flags, candles, heartrendering songs and tears of proudness. The Estonian president, Mr Toomas H. Ilves' speech was imbedded with questions, concerns and pin-pointing to certain groups of inhabitants, the people of Estonia (not only Estonians). The president welcomed people to care of each other, of our fellow colleagues, to care more for the immaterial rather than tangibles. At the same time, the PM of Estonia, Mr Andrus Ansip said it out loud: "We should not live in debt for the future generations!". All so true. Read the speeches by Andrus Ansip and President Ilves, take a minute to think what they said and continue with a fantastic week that brings us the beginning of the first spring month - yes, spring is soon here. 


Let us enjoy it together!

Merli Lindberg



Retrospective to February

* Mindmapping for business: an Estonian mind-mapping coach, Kaido Irval was giving an introduction on how to map your thoughts and put them down on paper at our member company, restaurant Neikid. Take a short look at what was told here and the photos taken at the event are as always available at our website. A new event in the series of gathering after office hours is planned to take place on March 21. More information is coming up soon.



* Mingle between British, Norwegian, Dutch and Danish chambers of commerce in Estonia had over 90 participants! Can you imagine? We gathered at Nordic Hotel Forum, where we were kindly treated with yet unknown Spanish wines on the market, delicate snacks, introduction of Anu and Kadri Tali, and of course the latest news of hotel business by CEO of Nordic Hotel Forum, Mr Felix Mägus. As always, we welcome you to take a look at the event's photo gallery on our website. We did not bother anyone with any powerpoints, so don't seek for any.


* A full-stop to the month was put by a lovely, elegant dinner for the celebration of Estonia's independence 94th anniversary at restaurant Mannerheim, where the host of the evening was the chef de cuisine, Rudolf Visnapuu. Our warm greetings to him and his staff for the elegant evening. Photo gallery is for you to take a look at and feel pity in case you were not part of it. 


Overview of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


* Still, an exhibition "Spatium" is open at KUMU by the Danish artists till the midst of May. 

* A Nordic Day in Tartu is coming up on March 1. More info here.

Coming up:

* All beer fans, line up! I've got some news coming within the next few days. Be the first one to hear about it - sign up with our forum at Facebook.

* An after office hours meeting is coming up again, book the date! (Mar 21)

* Annual General Meeting of Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia (Mar 22)

* Another mingle event in a surprising location, more info coming up soon. (Mar 26)

* Annual General Meeting of Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (Apr 12)

* Christmas party on Dec 7, 2012


* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the financial news from Jyske Bank - click here.

* Direct link to "ISE ja KASulikult" on latest Estonia-related economic and banking news - click here.

News from members / other organizations / media

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


January - June 2012

Danish presidency of the council of the European Union. More info from here


March 7

focus  round table meeting "Cash is King" on potential working capital management. Cash Manager at Sampo Pank, Jaan Jakobson will highlight the process of WCM. Wednesday, March 7th 15:00-17:00. Free of charge for SCCE members, others 15€. Read more.


March 9

"Euro turbulence: implications for businesses in Estonia" a March speaker-luncheon by AmCham and BECC on Friday, March 9, 12:00-14:00. Speakers such as Indrek Neivelt, Riho Unt and Ülo Kaasik are invited to speak about the current situation and possible implications for businesses that operate in Estonia. Entrance 30 € for non-members. Read more.


News from Copenhagen Post and Baltic Business News


* Icelandic businessmen help IKEA to expand to Estonia.Speculations about the plans of IKEA to open its stores in the Baltic countries have been circulating for years, but this is the first time that there seems to be a solid base for this. The only difference is that the store is arriving in the Baltic countries through two Icelandic businessmen, brothers Sigurdur and Jon PalmasonPalmasons who are developing the first IKEA store near the Vilnius airport have now said in public that they will expand IKEA chain also to Estonia and Latvia. Read   more.

* Average gross wages to grow further in EstoniaEstonia's average gross wages are likely to continue growing in the long term at a modest pace because business remain cautious about the future, believes Irja Rae, board member of Fontes consultancy. "Based on long-term statistics and the fact that the Estonian economy was relatively unstable in 2011, one can say that the average gross wage figure for the fourth quarter was expected," said Rae. She added that one needs to consider that there is also monthly volatility in gross wages, probably resulting from payment of half-year and full-year bonuses and quarterly performance-based pay. Read more

* Study: Estonia is losing 100,000-euro medical doctors to foreign countries. According to a study made by the ministry of social affairs, it costs up between 100,00 and 130,000 euros for the state to educate one medical professional, but this money is being lost as the state is doing nothing to keep them from going to work abroad when they graduate. According to the health authority, more than 2,000 medical professionals have applied for permission to work abroad since 2004. Since there is no statistics available, no-one really knows how many of them are working abroad and some may be working part-time abroad and in Estonia. Another problem is that no-one in Estonia knows how many medical doctors Estonia itself is lacking. The ministry estimates that there should be an extra 200 medical professionals to ensure that current doctors are not overburdened. Read more

* Denmark. Trade union readies to rumble with Ryan AirIrish discount airline Ryanair is on a collision course with Danish trade unions over employment practices at the company's new Billund Airport headquarters. The new Ryanair regional headquarters, which is scheduled to open for business on March 23, will employ as many as 100 new permanently stationed employees. But those employees will not be guaranteed the same workers' rights as other Billund Airport employees. Read more.

* Organics' growth set to continue in DenmarkDanish citizens remain the world's largest consumers of organics per capita. Of all the foods sold in Denmark, more than seven percent are organic - meaning that they have been grown without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, do not contain genetically modified genes, and have never been irradiated nor treated with chemical additives. In 2010, one third of all the milk Danes drank was organic, as were 20 percent of all the eggs they ate, and nearly a quarter of all the fruit and vegetables they consumed. Annual sales in organic food products top 5 billion kroner, according to the latest figures from the agriculture and food council Landbrug & Fødevarer. Read more.



2012 trade fair calendar in Denmark:

February 24-March 4 "International Boat Show". More info click here.

March 20-22, 2012 "Foodexpo 2012" (Herning). Read more click here.

April 13-15, 2012 "Hunting & Outdoor 2012" (Odense). Read more click here.

April 26-28, 2012 "Scandefa 2012" (Copenhagen) dentalfair. More info click here.

May 22-24, 2012 "Health and Rehab Scandinavia" (Copenhagen). More info click here.

May 30-June 1, 2012 "MonitorExpo 2012" (Copenhagen) fair on professional communication via pictures, sound and light. More information click here.

August, 2012 "Formland Expo 2012" (Herning). For professionals working in the field of decoration, home and office design, furniture, lightening, fabrics, handicraft products, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

September 2012 "Automatik 2012" (Herning). Read more click here.

October 9-11, 2012 "Copenhagen International Clean Energy Fair". Read more click here.

November 2012 "Food Pharma Tech" (Herning). Trade fair for machinery, packaging, and ingredients for food and pharma industry.

November 2012 "Agromek 2012" (Herning). Agricultural trade fair.


2012 trade fair calendar in Estonia:

- Tallinn fair center Eesti Näitused and,

- Tartu fair center Tartu Näitused.


You can find a list of trade fair organizers for both Estonia and Denmark at our website.


* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

Chamber's notifications' board:  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on March 6. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact info@decc.ee and inform us about it.

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