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Newsletter (week 49)December 6, 2011
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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.

Filip Darthur Rasmussen

NB! Last day to register today! 

Already 70 people have registered. Don't miss the opportunity to take part of the celebration.



NB! Tallinn International Rotary Club is about to organize

 a lottery at the Christmas event whereas they invite everyone to bring along a small gift for the lottery, where every ticket costs 2 €. All raised money will be used for a charity project to support big families in Tallinn area. I.e bring cash with you too!



christmas in denmark

December 9, 2011


Kaval-Ants tavern

Toompuiestee 23


Please be invited to the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce's Christmas party of 2011, taking place in the center of Tallinn, at the tavern-style Kaval-Ants in the courtyard of Von Stackelberg hotel. Magic and jolly entertainment, food and drinks, fun and laughter in a cosy, informal atmosphere. This year we have also invited the Polish Business Club and Tallinn International Rotary Club members to join us. The more the merrier!


Participation fee 40 € per person before Dec 1, starting from December the participation fee is 47 €. Register for the event "click here". Dresscode: X-mas theme encouraged!


See you all at our Christmas party!

Merli Lindberg 

Coming up at Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


The event calendar for 2012 shall be published in January. Keep alert! Don't miss a thing!



* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

News from members / other organizations / media

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


Christmas events:

Dec 7, Estonian Swedish Chamber of Commerce (Stockholm)

Dec 7, American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia

Dec 8, British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Dec 8, Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia

Dec 9, Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Dec 10, EELK Lõuna-Rootsi Kogukond Kopenhaageni pihtkond, Christmas ceremony at 14:00, Hans                 Tausen church (Copenhagen)


NB Monday, December 26th is an official holiday both in Denmark and in Estonia.


News from Copenhagen Post

* Carlsberg about to lay off 150 employees in Europe.

* Discussion started whether or not cash transactions should be charged in order to give incentive for consumers to use more digital payments.

* Business failures are predicting to cost 26.000 jobs for Denmark in 2012.

* Importing educated immigrants is a money maker for Denmark, shows a recent economic research. Immigration is not a death for Danish welfare system, the irony is that highly educated immigrants are in fact saviours. A highly educated foreigner is defined as someone with an advanced degree - a doctor, lawyer, PhD, MA, MBA or similar. An average highly-educated foreigner who comes to Denmark with a partner and children, stays for 8 years and puts an extra 1,9 mln kroner into the state's coffers - even after using schools, hospitals and other state benefits - the study concluded. They found that where the immigrant comes from does not make a difference, more important are their areas of expertise. Furthermore, an average new-born Danish baby will end up costing the state more than he or she contributes in cold hard kroner. Read more from here.



2012 trade fair calendar in Denmark:

January 14-15, 2012 "Wedding Exhibition" (Copenhagen, Bella Center). Read more click here.

January 20-22, 2012 "Ferie og Fritid i Bella" and "Golf i Bella" (Copenhagen, Bella Center). Holiday inspirations fair together with golf fair. Read more click here.

February 2-5, 2012 "CIFF 2012" and "CIFF Kids 2012" fashion exhibition. More info click here.

February 24-March 4 "International Boat Show". More info click here.

February 24-26, 2012 "Ferie for Alle" (Herning). Read more click here.

March 20-22, 2012 "Foodexpo 2012" (Herning). Read more click here.

April 13-15, 2012 "Hunting & Outdoor 2012" (Odense). Read more click here.

April 26-28, 2012 "Scandefa 2012" (Copenhagen) dentalfair. More info click here.

May 22-24, 2012 "Health and Rehab Scandinavia" (Copenhagen). More info click here.

May 30-June 1, 2012 "MonitorExpo 2012" (Copenhagen) fair on professional communication via pictures, sound and light. More information click here.

August, 2012 "Formland Expo 2012" (Herning). For professionals working in the field of decoration, home and office design, furniture, lightening, fabrics, handicraft products, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

September 2012 "Automatik 2012" (Herning). Read more click here.

October 9-11, 2012 "Copenhagen International Clean Energy Fair". Read more click here.

November 2012 "Food Pharma Tech" (Herning). Trade fair for machinery, packaging, and ingredients for food and pharma industry.

November 2012 "Agromek 2012" (Herning). Agricultural trade fair.

NB The list of trade fairs is to be updated constantly. In case you are interested to go to a certain fair with a group, please inform us and we try to assist you.


* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

Chamber's notifications' board:  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on January 10. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact info@decc.ee and inform us about it.
  • The chambers' newsletters' archive can be found here

Contact Info
Manager of the Chamber, Merli Lindberg, info@decc.ee Tel: +372 502 4006 Skype: merli.lindberg


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