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Newsletter (week 27)July 4, 2011

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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.





- offering science-based cognitive training solutions.
  Rene Trading
 - offering printing solutions for both indoor and outdoor usage.
Ulrick Thamdrup
- a private member


DECC on summer-mode

Since going beach and grilling has been probably taken most of the time of people living in Estonia so far, then we assume that perhaps you would like to also be updated about business events taking place in the upcoming rainy week.
Our member organization Jyske Bank is inviting for an evening on investment discussion and consultation, several entertaining sports tournaments are taking place. More info below. 





Jyske Bank is inviting to an evening reception

"A different way of banking"


Monday, July 4 at 18:45

Radisson SAS


Finding your way through the investment jungle is not an easy task. And that is where Jyske Bank Private Banking offer our assistance to make it a little easier for you.

Though we are not just around the corner, we are always close at hand - only a phone call or an email away. You can also contact us through Jyske Netbank. Furthermore we visit Estonia frequently for events and personal client meetings. Visit www.jbpb.dk to read about our products and services.

Learn more Join the evening and get introduced to a different way of banking. We will present Jyske Bank Private Banking and our services. Michael Sero from will Jyske Invest International will share their view on the Emerging Markets and introduce you to their Managed Strategy Funds.

Registration As soon as possible by e-mail to obeidat@jbpb.dk or mads.christensen@jbpb.dk or by phone +45 89 89 6191 or 6217. Participation is free. After the presentations a light on hand buffet and a glass of wine, beer or soft drinks will be served.


Jyske Bank is inviting for 

Jyske Bank Golf Trophy 2011


Tuesday, July 5th

Estonian Golf & Country Club


Jyske Bank is inviting you to spend a nice day out golfing at the Estonian Golf & Country Club on Tuesday, July 5th. For participation, please contact Mads Christiensen +45 8989 6191 or send an e-mail to mads.christensen@jbpb.dk 

Coming up at Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


Business delegations to Denmark - September 2011world in your hands


Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce invites all companies interested to enter the Danish market to contact us for business delegation trips planned for September:


First delegation shall take place during the Copenhagen design week and "Code 11 - Nordic Design Fair". The exhibition is a 4-day event from September 1-4 and is about showing trends in furniture, lighting, design, textile and interior materials. Companies interested in design products, offering subcontracting, producing furniture are very welcome to join the delegation.


Second delegation shall take place September 6-9 "hi 2011 - the Scandinavian Industry Expo", which is the largest Scandinavian industrial expo, which had approx 20.000 visitors in 2009. The exhibition includes 9 categories: woodtech,  tools & hardware, logistics, electronics, industrial IT, innovation, subsuppliers, automation, welding & cutting. Companies related to above-mentioned fields are given priority upon registration.


The companies are requested to inform about their interest the soonest possible time due to the planning reasons. Within the business delegation we offer partner search, export-import consulting, tickets to the exhibitions, arranging accomodation, Danish business culture introduction.


Maximum 10 company representatives will be gathered for both delegations led by DECC partner consultant in Denmark. Please reserve a place for your representative the earliest possible time by sending an e-mail to info@decc.ee.


Coming up:

Business-breakfast with Lindorff, September 29th

Nordic Open, October 5-6

Christmas Party, Dec 9th


* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

News from members / other organizations / media

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


July 4

Jyske Bank investment reception at Radisson SAS hotel in Tallinn. More info read above.


July 5

Annual Jyske Bank Golf Tournament at Estonian Golf & Country Club. More info read above.


July 14-17

International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Africa - The Rise of Africa "Strategies to confront the challenges of the 21st century: Does Africa have what is required?". (Berlin, Germany). More information click here


July 26-29

Spanish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is inviting to a golf tournament, where 5 people per team are required. The tournament shall take place on 4 concequent days in July 26-29 and on various fields: Jõelähtme, Niitvälja, Suuresta and Otepää. Participation fee per team is 1.000 €. More information from jelena@secc.ee 


August 14

Vihula Manor is organizing its first Mini Golf Tournament on Sunday, August 14th from 12:00-18:00. 

The Vihula Holiday Village complex features the largest Mini-Golf facility in the Baltic countries totalling 1880 sq.m, and built according to international standards. A completely new Mini-Golf concept highlighting the nature and architecture of three Baltic countries in a 18-hole facility, which has plenty of both educational and entertaining qualities. Participation information available from DECC website www.decc.ee 


August 25

The Nordic Trophy Cup 2011 organized by the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania is being held on Thursday, August 25th in Vilnius.This year the competition is a Go Karting Race where both individual as well as overall country results will be counted. More info click here.


News from Copenhagen Post

  • Danish prices 12 percent higher than EU average. Authority points to anti-competitive business culture and complacent consumers as reasons why we pay more than other Europeans do. We pay dearly for our goods and services in Denmark - 12 percent more dearly, according to a new report from the Competition Authority. We pay five percent more for goods on average than other EU citizens do. When it comes to services, such as getting the car breaks fixed, having a tooth cavity filled, dinner at a restaurant, or the cab ride home afterward, we pay 14 percent more on average.
  • Business leaders bemoan closed borders. Plans for stricter border controls send a "bad" signal that will make it harder to do business, critics say. The Confederation of Danish Industry and Horesta, the association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry, have come out in opposition to the Liberal-Conservative government's border control plan, which they claim is damaging for business. "The reaction from abroad has been stronger than anyone imagined and we are very much against implementation of the tighter border controls," Karsten Dybvad, the managing director of the Confederation of Danish Industry, told Berlingske newspaper on Thursday.  "Denmark can't have a world-class industrial base when the country sends out such awful signals. The border agreement supports neither openness nor internationalism. In fact, it sends out the exact opposite signal," he added. Last week The Copenhagen Post reported that summer house rental agencies were experiencing  cancellations from Germans tourists as direct political protest to the planned border controls.




* Follow the news on the Danish Culture events in Estonia at Facebook - click here.

* Follow the news on the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce at Facebook - click here.

Chamber's notifications' board:  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on September 6. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact info@decc.ee and inform us about it.

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