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Newsletter (week 14)April 6, 2011

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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.





 - offering banking and financial services to enterprises.


- offering export management and B2B matchmaking services.
Annual General Meeting on April 12  
Just as all citizens are expected to vote for the country's parliament, the DECC members are expected to take part of the annual meeting, where we take a review to the previous year 2010 and look ahead to 2011, elect the council and remind about the possibilities each and every member has in the chamber.
There can be 10 members at the council of the DECC and we are expecting nominations to be sent to the chamber's manager. NB In case you won't be able to take part of the AGM, you may still put up your candidacy! In case you can't attend the AGM, please send your letter of attorney to info@decc.ee Read more.
Looking forward to see you all on April 12th!

Merli Lindberg   

meetingCall for the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce's Annual General Meeting


April 12, 17:00-12:30

 Kaval-Ants Tavern

Toompuiestee 23 


Agenda as usual:

- review of 2010

- preview of 2011

- elect the council


The current chairman of the council, Mr Jens Christiansen shall make a presentation on FICE - the Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia. After the official procedures, we have a guest speaker Mr Ole Rasmussen telling us about how the politics is made in Estonia through the eyes of a Dane who's a member of a local government in Saue, a municipality next to Tallinn.  


All member organizations and private members have 1 vote. In case you can not attend the AGM, please send a letter of attorney (template available from info@decc.ee). Also, we are expecting nominations for council members for the 2011 term. Please send a letter of introduction and interest. 


Please register latest April 10 via web registration or write an e-mail to at info@decc.ee. Buffet dinner after the official meeting shall be served (2 people from member company free of charge, non-members 23€/prs, 50€ will be charged for no-shows and cancellations made 20 hours or less prior to the event).  



Jens Christiansen

Merli Lindberg





DnB Nord

dnb nord office

Visit-seminar "Financial Markets in 2011 and DnB Nord"


April 18, 17:00-19:30

 DnB Nord Bank, Tartu mnt 10


The general manager of DnB Nord in Estonia, Mr Hans Pajoma has the pleasure to invite the members and friends of DECC to visit the bank and take part of a short seminar on 2011 financial markets, receive recommendations for successful financial activities for 2011, and of course learn more about DnB Nord. 


Register at info@decc.ee latest April 15, 2011. Participation is free of charge for all registered participants. Please note that 50 € will be charged for no-shows and cancellations made 20 hours or less prior to the event.


More information from www.decc.ee/events





powered by Sampo Pank


May 21, Hiiu stadium


The pan-international chambers football tournament shall take place on May 21. In order for the Danish team to take part also this year, we kindly invite everyone with interest and thirst to chase a football to contact info@decc.ee. NB! Training matches shall be organized prior to the competition. Take a look at what the last year's event's gallery here.

Coming up at Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

(keep yourself posted with the event calendar at www.decc.ee/events/upcoming-events)


April 11-17

Danish Fashion Week - Danish fashion boutiques in Estonia have joined their forces and are organizing a Danish Fashion Week from April 11-17 which includes promotional sales in shops such as Snob, NoaNoa, Matinique, InWear. Discounted sales, a fashion show and much more is expected. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information and visit the shops in the well-known shopping centres in Tallinn.


April 18

A seminar-visit to DnB Nord Bank on the topic of "Financial markets in 2011 and DnB Nord". We shall be greeted by the general manager of DnB Nord Bank, Mr Hans Pajoma, get a short overview of the financial markets in 2011, a presentation about the Estonian banking along with recommendations for successful financial activities. Mingling with coffee and snacks will follow. Please register at info@decc.ee by April 15. The event is free of charge.


April 26

"What does an entrepreneur need to know about Competition Law?" - a seminar by MAQS Law Firm at Clarion Hotel Europa, on April 26 at 10:00-13:45. More information from here. NB Seminar language: Estonian.


May 2-29

Nordic Look - will be bringing together leading designers from all five Nordic countries and Estonia in a way that has never been seen before. Nordic Look values art, creativity, innovation, economical production and nature. More information coming up.


May 3

"Export sales - Denmark, Norway, Sweden" - a practical workshop dedicated for the entrance of the Scandinavian market by Christiansen Consulting, on May 3 at 13:00-16:30. Find out what is the market situation now, what could be suitable sales strategies, difficult situations, case-studies and much more. More information from here.


June 13-14

In cooperation with Vertex Consulting, the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is inviting you to an international conference "The Next Level of Exporting" - a great opportunity to get together in highly intelligent and international environment. In addition to valuable content there is also good chance for networking in the evening reception taking place after the conference. You are also welcome to the workshops the next day. The event takes place on June 13 and 14. Please see more detailed information on the conference website www.vertexconference.eu NB! To register with the special discounted rate for DECC members please choose the normal participation fee on the registration form and add the code "DECC" in to the comments field. This ensures the 15% discount for you.



Coming up:

Sampo's Leaders' Forum, May 10th

Football Tournament, May 21st

Visit to Linxtelecom, May 24th

Summer party, June 5th

Reception at Danish King's Garden, June 15th


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News from members / other organizations / media


Gencs Valters Law Firm has published this year's first newsletter on tax and legal issues on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In the issue they cover changes in the Latvian corporate income tax law and problems in VAT refund, Estonia's changes in currency, and about the increased taxes in Lithuania in 2011. Read more specifically click here.


Keep yourself posted with the news from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Tallinn. Click here. 


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a website on Business Diplomacy. Read more on how to make business in different countries and find some useful links from here.

Recent news from Copenhagen Post:

- Executives: Unemployment has peaked, new jobs coming. Nearly three years of job losses are drawing to a close, say some of the country's biggest employers. Many of the country's biggest employers are gearing up to hire new employees and grow again, according to a new Greens Greens Analyseinstitut/BÝrsen study. Some 786 executives at large companies took part in the study. Some 35 percent reported that they plan to hire new employees in the coming six months. On the other hand, some 15 percent plan to scale down in the next six months. The current unemployment rate is roughly six percent. The number of unemployed grew from 100,000 in June 2008 to 168,000 today, according to Statistics Denmark.

Danish Industry Emigrating Overseas. Half of Danish businesses are putting new investment overseas. Nearly one in every two big Danish firms with plans to invest in production machinery will be making those investments abroad. The finding comes from a study of 368 companies by the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). After ranking the companies by size, the study revealed that just one in five of the largest Danish companies - those with 100 or more employees - plans to make capital investments in Denmark.

- New law could extend shelf life of food. Law banning sale of food after "best before" date may soon be changed, leaving shops to determine when food is too old to sell. Some 43,000 tonnes of food are thrown away in Denmark every year. The Veterinary and Food Administration wants to change that and is considering letting shops continue to sell food after the "best before" date determined by the manufacturer has expired. Denmark, like other EU countries, has two different expiration labels on food products. One is the "best before" date, while the other is the "use by" date.


Read more from http://www.cphpost.dk/business.html

Chamber's notifications' board:  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on May 3rd. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact info@decc.ee and inform us about it.

Contact Info
Manager of the Chamber, Merli Lindberg, info@decc.ee Tel: +372 502 4006 Skype: merli.lindberg

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