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Newsletter (week 6)February 7, 2011

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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.





- organizer of corporate events, seminars, conferences.

- offering IT and telecommunication services to business customers.
The synergy of IT and expectations vs reality

More and more people are having troubles in time management - there're lots of e-mails coming, which require attention and don't allow us to get done with longer and more profound work, new software in our computers and mobile phones that need training and getting used to... How could we benefit from the new softwares? Shouldn't they make our lives easier and leave us more time for leasure, pleasure and social life? We'll have an event tomorrow evening at ICT Demo Center starting at 16:00, let's see whether or not they can open our eyes and give us some answers.

Elections are coming up in March, then wouldn't it be a good time to get to know what do the parties propose for their next seating term - more prosperity, higher taxes, what are their thoughts on further liberalization of the market and so forth. Let us meet the high representatives of leading parties and ask them in person. Coming up, this Thursday at 14:00 in Nordic Hotel Forum.

See you!
Merli Lindberg

democenter "Visit - ICT Demo Centre"


February 8, 16:00-19:00

Lõõtsa 8, Tallinn

ICT Demo Centre is a "show room" for most recent communication technology solutions. Demonstrating examples, introducing usage possibilities of these facilities is the main task.
The director of the ICT Demo Centre, Mr Indrek Vimberg shall introduce us the centre, it's objectives, main tasks, demonstrates the synergy created between the individual products. "Every visitor has at least one new idea when leaving the demo centre - how to improve own organization with the presented IT solutions, or how to create innovative IT services on the basis of the presented solutions", ICT Demo Centre.

Introduction of Demo Centre will be followed by a lecture on intellectual property rights presented by Karolina Ullman, partner at Maqs Law Firm.

Sign up info@decc.ee Free of charge for DECC members.

 Pre-election political debate

"Creating a Fertile FDI Environment" 

February 10, 14:00-16:30

Viru väljak 3, Tallinn

toomas hendrik ilves 
The president of Estonia, Mr Toomas Hendrik Ilves declared the elections 2011 to take place on March 6, whilst the electronic voting will already take place on Feb 24 - Mar 2. Elections can be followed at a website www.valimised.ee Though lots can still be done before - minds changed, targets triggered.

The afternoon meeting headlined as "Creating a Fertile FDI Environment" will give us an opportunity to ask all questions in person from the leading political parties' representatives.
Meet with: Mr Jürgen Ligi (Reformierakond), Mr Mart Laar (ProPatria & Respublica), Mr Marek Strandberg (Eestimaa Rohelised), Mr Sven Mikser (Sotsiaaldemokraadid) and Mrs Kadri Simson (Keskerakond). The meeting is opened by Mr Martin Breuer, the Chairman of the Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia and moderated by Mr Scott Diel.

The event is co-organized by international chambers of commerce and the Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia.

Sign up info@decc.ee 
DECC members 10€;
non-members as well as same-day-cancellations 20€.
The meeting will be held in English.
Coming up at Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce


February 9

Restaurant MEKK in Tallinn, has the pleasure of hosting their good friends from Copenhagen - the head chef of restaurant Krebsegaarden, Mr Carsten Korsnes, and Mrs Barbara Bascunan from Barbarellah bar. The Danish friends will be offering delicious dinner and cocktails in MEKK with an exciting Danish taste on Feb 9 at 7pm. Please register with Edith Arro at edith.arro@mekk.ee or call to +372 5663 9377. Full dinner including drinks 44 €. Please contact for menu information either info@decc.ee or Edith Arro from restaurant MEKK.


February 16

Members of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce are invited for a mingle event with the members of the British, Dutch and Norwegian Chamber of Commerce members. The event takes place at Swissotel, starting at 17:30. Register for the event latest Feb 14th at info@decc.ee Event is free of charge for the DECC members.


February 22

Independence Day's reception organized together with the Nordic chambers of commerce and the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia. Starting at 17:00, taking place at Lai 29. Register for the event latest Feb 18th at 12:00 info@decc.ee. Event is free of charge for DECC members, 20 € for non-members; cancellations after Feb 18th or non-show penalty 20 €.


March 2

Morning-coffee seminar: business funding possibilities from Norden and EAS. Registration open till Feb 28th at 12:00. DECC members 10 €, non-members 20 €; cancellations after Feb 28th or non-show penalty 20 €. More information coming up.


March 10

9th annual "Expatriate Tax Planning 2011 in the Baltics" seminar by our member company, Gencs Valters Law Firm in Riga, Kr Valdemara 21 (Valdemara Center), March 10 at 16:00-17:00. DECC members free of charge participation. Register at info@gencs.eu


Coming up:

Annual General Meeting of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

Export seminar vol. 2


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News from members / other organizations / media


The Danish language courses are starting up again in February. Courses for both - beginners as well as for the advanced levels are organized by the Danish Cultural Institute. Read more from Danish Cultural Institute's website. Click here.


Keep yourself posted with the news from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Tallinn. Click here. 


Information about Denmark for the Estonians seeking to start importing to Denmark or establish business relations with Danish companies. 


Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a website on Business Diplomacy. Read more on how to make business in different countries and find some useful links from here.

Recent news from Copenhagen Post:

- The recent study shows that most Danes are ready to work after turning 60, which forms a strong argument for the abolition of the early retirement scheme.

 - Danish food ingredient and enzyme giant Danisco this week received a 36 billion kroner takeover bid from US-based chemical producer DuPont. While this is one of the biggest business deals in Danish history, it looks like 2011 will see several other such acquisitions by international companies. Numerous renowned Danish companies could be bought up by big multinational companies. Bankers have named Danish giants such as Vestas, NKT, Topdanmark and B&O have been named as possible targets.

Read more from http://www.cphpost.dk/business.html

Chamber's notifications' board:  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on February 15th. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact info@decc.ee and inform us about it.

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Manager of the Chamber, Merli Lindberg, info@decc.ee Tel: +372 502 4006 Skype: merli.lindberg

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