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Newsletter (week 7) February 19, 2010
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3/03 AGM
12/3 Driving on ICE
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Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
a non-profit organization established in 2007. The purpose of the organization is to support economic relations between Denmark and Estonia, facilitate networking and  keep the members up to date with relevant news.
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Annual General Meeting coming up
Our chamber's annual general meeting is soon coming up on March 3rd at 18:00 in hotel Mihkli this year. I'm looking forward to members putting up their vote, registrate for the meeting, send in letters of delegated authorities in case some of you can not attend the meeting. This year we will also have some entertainment involved with the official part of the agenda - treasure hunt in the hotel, excellent Italian wines and mmm... authentic Brazilian meat!
Looking forward to hear from all of you prior to the meeting!
Merli Lindberg
DECC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Date/ Place: March 3rd, 18:00-20:00, Endla 23, Tallinn
DECC new logoThe AGM's specific agenda can be downloaded from , but we will follow the traditional procedure: select the council, go through the past and look into the future.
Official part of the meeting will be followed by more entertaining part of the evening: treasure hunt in Mihkli hotel, tasty Italian wines, Brazilian meat.
NB Please register to the event and also announce your absence, in which case a mandate should be given to another member of the chamber. Contact the chamber manager, Merli Lindberg by calling to +372 502 4006 or e-mail . Event is free of charge for members of DECC, 200 EEK for non-members.
Driving course on ice-road
Date/ Place: March 12th, 13:00-17:00, Männiku
We are inviting you to take part of a spectacular and adrenaline-rising driving course on ice, in Männiku. The event starts with theoretical tips on how to drive on ice, what to keep in mind, how to avoid danger and keep yourself and your copassangers safely on the road. The theory is followed by intensive practical driving on ice - pulling away from a person from short distance, taking fast turns and curves. It will be something to remember and something to enjoy for the upcoming weekend after that.
NB Participation for DECC members 500 EEK, non-members 600 EEK. Registration open till March 9th. Contact There're limited spaces available since the number of cars are limited. Catering offered and included in the fee.
FOCUS magazine in 2010 
Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce has of this year joined forces with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia to publish a magazine called FOCUS, which concentrates on business, legal, political news on Baltic countries and Scandinavia, but also more importantly is a voice of our chamber members. FOCUS has been published since 2007. View previous issues from here.
Now there's a possibility for the members of the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce to publish their news, commercial ads and announcements, articles of profound interest. Please contact for more information and for booking magazine space for your company.
News from members
Gencs Valters Law Firm  
  • Next DECC council meeting will take place on February 23rd. In case anyone would like to suggest a topic or make a proposal to be discussed, please feel free to contact and inform us about it.
  • Fredags' bar takes place in Hell Hunt. Everyone's welcome to join!
  • Foreign Investors' Council in Estonia (FICE) AGM will take place Feb 22nd at the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce. All chamber members can participate by signing up prior to the event. Read more at
Membership benefits
  • Arigato Sports Club has made a fantastic offer to keep both our body and mind fit. Special offer for DECC members. Read more. 
  • Good, quality Italian wines offered by Marco Iovino (Livonian Wood OÜ). Wines come from family-owned wineries from the area of Verona in the north of Italy and Sicily. Prices starting from 5€/bottle. Download pricelist from here. More information available from Marco Iovino tel 5391 1919 or e-mail

Contact Info
Manager of the Chamber, Merli Lindberg, Tel: +372 5024006 Skype: merli.lindberg