Organization of Real Time Brokers Implementing Technology                                                                               June 2012

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Real Time Education Days a Huge Success
Smarter Commerce
Text Messaging in TAM
Working Groups Looking for Members
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 ORBiT Newsflash

ORBiT's 2012 Real Time Education Days a Huge Success

Thank you to all attendees, presenters and sponsors for making ORBiT's 2012 Real Time Education Days - Fast Forward to Financial Succe$$ our biggest and best event yet!


Click here to read the event highlights and visit our Facebook page to view more pictures. 


Visit our website to view the highlights video of the day.


ORBiT Education Days Sponsored in Part by: 





Smarter Commerce - Redefining Commerce in the Age of the Consumer

IBM Smarter CommerceIBM Canada representatives were impressed with ORBiT's 2012 Real Time Education Days, and would like to share their Smarter Commerce brochure with us. 


The brochure reiterates the importance of tuning in with the digital age consumer, which was a central theme throughout the event. Today's new breed of consumer is empowered by technology, transparency, and an abundance of information, thus dictating a new set of terms in how we do business. Click here to read the brochure.

Text Messaging in TAM: Yes You Can

Brian Bartosh explains in his article that whether we like it or not, text messaging is a communication option we need to offer to our clients.


It's easy to set up in your system and it's easy to use, because each wireless carrier offers a way for their customers to receive emails as text messages on a cell phone.  Click here and scroll down to page 3 of the newsletter to read Brian's article and click here to access a list of the Canadian wireless carriers.

ORBiT's Working Groups Looking  for Members

ORBiT is pleased to share that the majority of our groups are busy working on their best practice workflows.  Some of the groups, such as Payments, EDT & Inquiry and New Business Quote & Bind are ready to go through the vetting process with the Road Mapping & Implementation group.


Two (2) of our working groups are still looking for more brokers, carriers and vendors to join their ranks:  


Client Access Through Broker Websites and Mobile Applications


Please click here to email Jamie Martyn, the working group team leader to join the group or call 705-472-5930.


Password Management


Please click here to email Geoff Dunn, the working group team leader to join the group or call 905-481-3332.


Click here to learn more about these and other ORBiT working groups.

Help us grow our membership
ORBiT is very excited about our growing membership.  Currently we represent 4820 brokers representing over $4.8 billion in premium, along with 14 companies, 12 vendors and 2 sponsors.


An expanded membership will allow us to provide our industry partners with a stronger, unified broker voice.  

Please help us grow by emailing us with three (3) names of brokers or industry partners in Ontario and nationally, who we can invite to join ORBiT.


Please click here to download the ORBiT Membership Form.  Feel free to forward it to potential members.