April 2011
6 In Bldg under Night Skies
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A Wonder Elec & James Boyd
Furthering STL's plan of sustainability, Wonder Electric of 29 Palms donated this solar panel and constructed and installed the steel mounting frame, shown here with James Boyd, STL's new intern. The energy generated by this panel is stored in batteries and powers computers that facilitate on-site research and presentations to visitors.
A Ed
Ed Keesling, Morongo Basin ceramicist and potter, donated beautiful hand-crafted ceramic globes to be used at the Orrery. 
A K2
Wells Supply Company, through Steve Hagman, donated two huge PVC pipes which are being used for Orrery pedestals. Shown are Kyle Grant and Steve Hagman moving one into Steve Rieman's workshop area.

Mars Rover




In this newsletter, STL acknowledges and gives our wholehearted thanks for the incredible donations of time, talent, expertise and materials. This grass-roots generosity continues to support our Observatory project and moves it toward its ultimate goals! 

Over the past winter months, there has been steady progress made out at the Sky's The Limit site. Along with our developing Docent Program, which will be featured in a future newsletter, Ken Drummond continues to greet visitors and conduct tours of the site each Saturday. He is there from 9 a.m. into the afternoon, so be sure to stop by and see our progress!

In March, STL hosted a Star Party at the site for a group from the National Parks Conservation Association. Along with our STL astronomers, the group enjoyed meeting with Mark Butler, the new Joshua Tree National Park Supervisor.


April began with a visit from Kevin Kawai from Celestron Telescopes (  


At left, pictured are Ray Yeager, Kevin Kawai,  

Paul Livio, Ann Congdon and Ken Drummond  

with the Celestron Sky Prodigy prototype.

         A Group Pic with Celestron Telescope A Kevin & Ken

 At right are Kevin and Ken inspecting STL site model.

Kevin brought with him Celestron's new Sky Prodigy prototype telescope, the first time it was used for public viewing of night skies. Asked to comment, astronomer Paul Livio said, "I would say this is another 'revolution' in amateur astronomy, which will expand enjoyment of astronomy, especially deep sky objects, and make it accessible to total beginners."


We hope to hear more from Celestron in the near future!


A STEVE RIEMAN at Workshop

Steve Rieman, well-known sculptor and artist, has been donating his time, workshop and expertise to the Orrery project, assisted by Bruce Jones. Shown here, Steve is making the first cut to the PVC to be used as pedestal bases, with the heavy duty skill saw (on loan to STL by Yucca Valley contractor Joe Putrino).
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