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NAPO Soles4Souls Challenge

I wanted to let you know about an opportunity to clear out excess shoes from your closet and do a good deed.


The Georgia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO-GA) is participating in the Soles4Souls project.


Soles4Souls is a non-profit that "collects new shoes to give relief to the victims of abject suffering and collects used shoes to support micro-business efforts to eradicate poverty." All donations are tax deductible. Go to to learn more.


Soles4Souls accepts all types of shoes: athletic, running, dress, sandals, pumps, heels, work boots, cleats, dance, flip flops, boots, just as long as they are new or gently worn. Any donated shoes that are not wearable will be recycled.


Find a drop-off location near you and do two good things at once!


You can save money. You'll know what you already own, eliminating the need to buy duplicate items. A professional organizer can help you find the perfect organizing products for your space and lifestyle, so you stop wasting money on things you don't need or won't work.


You can become more productive and efficient. A professional organizer can create order and structure out of chaos. You'll receive systems that work for your dominant learning style, your lifestyle, your needs, your challenges, and your dreams.


You'll have a positive self-image and ditch the shame. Once your home or office is neat and tidy, you won't feel embarrassed to have guests visit. The guilt will fade away as you take pride in your surroundings.


You'll have a healthier environment. Physical and emotional clutter obscures your surroundings. An organized home and office is more easily cleaned. Lose the clutter and cut down on time spent moving piles of paper and stuff around.


Your stress level will decrease dramatically. When you can find what you need, are on top of your to-dos, and arrive on time, you'll feel calmer and have more peace of mind. No more feeling overwhelmed by life -- you'll be the one in control.


You'll discover more time for yourself. When you're organized, your days go as planned, and you get a lot more done. That leaves more time to indulge in a little "me time."


Your energy will shine. Clutter is a mask and a professional organizer can help you take off that mask. Once the clutter is removed, you can showcase your talents, skills, and personality and have the life you deserve.



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September 2011


Laundry is a fact of life for all of us. It's mundane, constant, and never-ending. Even when you get caught up, you blink and there it is again, waiting to be done. Approaching this repetitive task in an organized and methodical way can make this chore manageable. As a professional organizer, I've worked with many people who feel very overwhelmed by their laundry. Some have confessed that they keep buying clothes because they can't find what they need and have hired me because they need a system that works. It can be done, I promise! Here are some tips and supplies that can make this "oh so human" task not a big deal, even if you struggle with your laundry.

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Terri Stephens, CPO, CRTS
Real Order Professional Organizing, LLC
(678) 513-6585
Laundry RoomHere are some tips for setting up an efficient system for sorting, washing, drying, and folding.


Transporting and Sorting

Put a hamper, basket or bin in each bedroom or bathroom. Even if you can't get every family member to do their own wash, you can save time by giving everyone a portable receptacle. Without a convenient "home" for dirty clothes, guess where it will end up? On the floor ... trust me!


Set up a central three-bin sorter in the laundry room where dirty clothes are brought and sorted into whites, wash & wear, and darks. Have a separate bin for towels, another one for sheets, and another one for hand washables.


Any family member over four feet tall should be able to do basic separating into lights and darks. It's good training and will make them better roommates and spouses later in life.


Be sure to keep dry cleaning away from the laundry room to avoid confusion and ruined clothing. A bag with handles or a separate bin, kept in the closet, works well.



Keep everything you need near the washer on a shelf at eye level. If you don't have room, try a rolling caddie that slides between the washer and dryer.


Arrange products from left to right in the order you use them. Start with stain removers, then detergent and bleach, then fabric softener.



When tumble-dried clothes are dry (and still warm) hang them up or smooth them out, then fold right away. Avoid having them sit and cool in a crumpled state as it only creates more work for you. Clothes that should be folded include sweaters, sweats, T-Shirts and jeans- basically anything knit or stretchy.


Be sure your folding surface is high enough so you don't have to stoop and strain your back. Life is too short for unnecessary lower back pain.


Everyone has to deal with lone socks (even if you're very organized). It's a mystery of life, what can I say? Lone socks should NEVER leave the laundry room so set up a collection place such as a small plastic container. If the sock's mate doesn't show up in a couple weeks, pitch it! Life is too short to fret about lost sock mates and keep them endlessly. Human mates are entirely different story! :-)



Hanging clothes from the dryer, while they're still warm, can save you tons of ironing time.


Clothes that should be hung include creased or pleated items, button-down shirts, khakis - anything that wrinkles easily.


Get rid of your wire hangers (most dry cleaners will recycle them). Replace them with plastic or flocked hangers. Professional organizers HATE wire hangers, for good reason. They are cheap. tangle easily, and only hold light-weight clothing.


Get in the habit of bringing empty hangers to the laundry room, using a hanger organizer. If you do, you'll have a supply on hand, and you can rid your closet of extras.



If you have room, invest in a wall-mounted ironing board that will also hold a hot iron. It will save room and make your laundry room neater and more efficient. I've had one of these for years and love it!


There are lots of great products that help keep your laundry room organized and make your laundry tasks a little easier. Here are some of my favorites:



Laundry SorterThree-Bin Laundry SorterLaundrySorter

Sort dirty clothes as you go and lighten your load







Sort a Neat

Compartmentalized organizer makes carrying your folded and sorted laundry a snap 


Hanger Organizer




Hanger OrganizerHangerOrganizer

Neatly stores excess hangers in the laundry room or closet





Flip Fold



FlipFOLD Laundry Folder

Folds items perfectly to a uniform 9"x12" size







Elfa Laundry Room



Platinum elfa Laundry Center

Create the ultimate organized laundry room







Ironing Center




Hide-a-way Ironing CenterIroning

I own one of these and absolutely love it!



Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it's not all mixed up.  

~ A.A. Milne



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