Helpful Information for Caregivers and Loved OnesJuly 2011

This month is a great time in 2011 to celebrate the family caregiving role. Caregivers are spouses, parents, and children who help as a nurse, home health aide, financial and legal advisor and many other roles for their loved ones. 
We celebrate by highlighting an excellent new caregivers book, other sites that are can't miss for the caregiving in you and some helpful caregiving products in the sidebar and below. Enjoy the specially selected caregivers book quotes and review the Now You Know section for a funny song and dance video for long term care insurance!  

A Bittersweet Season 

Caring For Our Aging Parents - and Ourselves


The new Jane Gross book is a can't miss for anyone who has parents, is a parent, or knows a parent. The book covers the caregiving required for her mother in her final years of life. She covers all the family issues, geriatric medicine, hospital discharge planning, entitlement programs, assisted living, nursing homes, long term care insurance, moving a mother between states and between facilities and so much more. And she is in her own face and yours, too. Brutally honest just like in the NY Times blog she started and still contributes to: The New Old Age. Get more bittersweet book details here. 
Caregiver Quotes from A Bittersweet Season . . .
"I can tell you, from experience, that if you take charge too soon, you will patronize and humiliate your parents, but if you step in too late, their manageable problems will have turned unmanageable."
"My aim here is to give more precise and vivid meaning to the platitude that old age isn't for sissies."
"The reward for living this long (88 years), her mother often said, and studies support it, is that you get to rot to death rather than die."
"Sometimes I think about losing her just when I found her, the time we could have enjoyed, the terrible waste. I saw a glimmer of what we could have been if we'd paid attention to each other sooner."

Three Caregiver Sites To See

The Caregiver's Voice - see the moving story on the caregiver of the month!


Minding Our Elders - excellent info on every possible family caregiving topic.


Caregiver List - super caregiver checklists and easy nursing home searches. 

Icy Bag
Keep Cool Medicine Bag
Now You Know

M&M's Plain Chocolate Candies were first sold in 1941.
Medicare & Medicaid signed into federal law on 7/30/65.
Having a daughter is the single most important factor to stay out of a nursing home.
See the flash mob dancing the waltz and the swing dance in Times Square for long term care insurance.
Caregiver Help
Alarm - Bedside with Local Pager
Alarm - Bedside with Local Pager
Medication Center with Talking Alarm Clock
Med Center with Talking Alarm Clock
Easy Grip Cup

Easy Grip Cup



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