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Optimus Supports Peer Visitor Program
Optimus Patient Featured in Xenia Gazette
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Completing the second course - 'Transtibial Prosthetics' - this month:


Mercy Siena 


Completing the third course - 'Transfemoral Prosthetics' - this month


Mary Scott 

8:00 am

Completing the fourth course - 'LEP' - this month



Alternate Solutions Homecare 

8:00 am


Completing the fifth course - 'Prosthetic Gait Training and Deviations' - this month: 



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Optimus Supports Peer Visitor Program 


On April 30, 2011, about a dozen Optimus Prosthetics patients gathered for a full day of Peer Visitor Training with Molly French of the Amputee Coalition.  Participants spent the day role playing and receiving valuable training for the purpose of forming a Peer Visitor Team.   


The result?   


ABUNDANT HOPE FOR AMPUTEES is a program of individuals who want to share their stories in order to help someone else in a similar situation. Successfully living with limb loss, these peer visitors are available to give support, education and encouragement to new amputees and their families.


Why was it important to these individuals to be part of this program?


"Finally I am able to give back to the community that has helped me for so long.  If it wasn't for people referring me to the right hospitals and prosthetists, I would be lost.  Maybe now I can give direction to those who need some support just like I once needed," said Kendra Herber, Certified Peer Visitor.


Another participant, Linda Lyons, put it this way, "When I was in the hospital after the accident and I became an amputee, I will never forget a man who stopped to see me. He was an above knee amputee like me. He gave me hope and that's why I wanted to be a peer visitor. Optimus had him up and walking within 3 months after his accident.  I want to help others find Hope!"


Do you have a new patient or resident who has recently undergone amputation surgery, or is facing an upcoming amputation?  Our Certified Peer Visitors are ready to offer their assistance.  To schedule a visit, simply call:  937-454-6911.


Read more about Abundant Hope for Amputees on our website, click here.

Optimus Patient Featured in Xenia Gazette 

Gifted SC Runner Hurdles Obstacles

By Asia Aikins, Sports Writer


XENIA - At track meets, some of the competitors wear bright socks or bright shoes to stand out. But Grace Norman, an eighth grader at Xenia Christian, stands out without even trying.

Since she could walk, Grace has worn a prosthetic leg. According to her mother, Robin Norman, Grace was born missing part of her left leg, from the knee down, and her foot.

But as what some might consider a handicap, Grace and her family do not view it that way at all.

"You tell her she can't do something and she'll look at you and say 'you wanna bet?' And then she'll beat you at it," said Robin.

Grace started playing sports at six years old. She has played soccer, basketball, and ran track and cross country competitively.

Right now, Grace is running cross country in the fall, playing basketball in the winter, and running track in the spring. And just like every other athlete, playing year around causes wear and tear on the body.

"We have to get a new prosthetic at least every year, year and a half," Robin said. "She breaks her foot at least once a year."

The active teen does not plan on slowing down at any time. She said she would like to compete with the Paralympics National High School track team, involving other teens with prosthetics from around the country.

"Next year when I run for the high school, we'll start posting my times online so they can find me," Grace said.

Coming from a family with a track background, Robin expects Grace to run well despite her prosthetic.

"My family genetics are great for long distance running," Robin said.

"God gifted me this way, and I want to show everyone that nothing can stop you from doing what you want to do," Grace said.

Optimus Academy 'Prosthetics for Therapists' Update
by Scott Schall  


Optimus Prosthetics would like to welcome Greene Oaks Retirement Community, and Crestview Manor to the 'Prosthetics for Therapists' series!


We have begun scheduling the 6th course, 'Upper Extremity Prosthetics."  Call today to schedule this, or any of the previous courses, today!


Quarterly Course Listing


1.    Prosthetic Overview

2.    Transtibial Prosthetics

3.    Transfemoral Prosthetics

4.    Lower Extremity Prosthetic Functional Level Prediction & Outcomes Measurement

5.    TT/TF Prosthetic Gait Training and Deviations

6.    Upper Extremity Prosthetics

7.    Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation

8.    Microprocessor Controlled Knees


We have begun scheduling the 6th course, 'Upper Extremity Prosthetics."  Call today to schedule this, or any of the previous courses, today!


Call the office at 937-454-1900

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