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April 2011
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Here We Grow Again!
Helen Gets Her New "Leggy"
She said "Yes!"
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Completing the first course 'Prosthetic Overview' this month:

Monday, March 28

Friendship Village


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'Transtibial Prosthetics'

this month:


Thursday, March 17
Wright Nursing and Rehab  

Friday, March 18

American Nursing Care 

Completing the fourth course 'Amputee Mobility Predictor' this month:

Tuesday, March 2
Walnut Creek


  Completing the fifth course 'Prosthetic Gait Training and Deviations' this month:


Thursday, March 3
Good Samaritan Hospital  

Tuesday, March 15
Southview Hospital


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Here We Grow Again!  


New digs

In April of 2007, Optimus Prosthetics opened with 1,350 square feet; which included just 1 office and 2 patient rooms. We outgrew that space in 2009 and completed our first expansion - almost doubling our initial square footage, and adding a second office!     

We outgrew our new space in just over a year, and found it necessary to start construction once again. On February 17, 2011, we moved into our newest expansion, giving us a grand total of 5,242 square feet! 


We've added 3 patient rooms, for a total of 5, the largest of which is 28 feet long to accommodate our 22-foot parallel bars.     

Room #2 proudly features a "Kid's Corner" for our pediatric patients, or for children attending appointments with their parents. 


We've also added 3 offices, for a total of 5, and increased the lab from 420 square feet to 650 square feet.


We also added:


a conference room

2 additional restrooms

a shipping/receiving area and...

doubled the size of the stock room!


In addition, a few of you have already made use of our 96-foot 'loop' for 2-minute walk tests.


If you haven't been in since the expansion, please note that our entry has changed - giving you much more convenient parking and easier access into the building.  The next time you come in, be sure to park right at the front of the building and come right in the front door.


Thank you for continuing to trust Optimus Prosthetics with your prosthetic care, which has made this expansion necessary!  Personal, compassionate patient care remains our primary focus, and we will continue to do everything possible to merit your trust!

Helen Gets Her New "Leggy"  


We last featured sweet little Helen in our January 2010 eNewsletter, when she received her first Mickey Mouse prosthetic leg from Optimus Prosthetics.  Helen has grown quite a bit in the past year and her prosthesis was no longer able to 'keep up' with her growth so it was time for a new socket.  She was successfully fit just in time for soccer season!  Still a Mickey Mouse fan, Helen decided she also wanted Minnie on this socket.

 Helen and Mom

Helen loves her new "leggy," as she calls her prosthesis, and is able to put it on and take it off all by herself!  She continues to amaze and inspire us, playing soccer in the summer, and brightening up our office with those huge brown eyes!   


Helen is looking forward to showing off her new leg this summer, when her family visits Disneyland, and she gets to meet the "real" Minnie Mouse!

She said "Yes!" 
Travis and ring

Join us in congratulating Travis Barlow, Prosthetic Resident at Optimus Prosthetics, who recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Amber!   


He has quite an engagement story to tell, so be sure to ask him to share it the next time you are at Optimus for an appointment!

Prosthetic FAQ

Each quarter, we bring you information and support on living with a prosthetic device.  In this issue:  Getting the Information and Support You Need.


The National Limb Loss Information Center - Help Is Just an E-Mail or Phone Call Away

from "First Step, A Guide for Adapting to Limb Loss," a publication of the Amputee Coalition.


The Amputee Coalition's National Limb Loss Information Center (NLLIC) provides free information about limb loss to amputees, their family members and caregivers, medical professionals, and other interested parties in the United States.  

THE New Experience of Limb Los

In addition, a librarian is on staff to ensure that the NLLIC's information is current and easily accessible via the internet and online library catalog.


The NLLIC Call Center

At the NLLIC's call center, our information specialists are continually researching, producing and analyzing vital information that can make a difference in your quality of life. You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm (EST), through our toll-free number - 888/AMP-KNOW (888/267-5669). Or you can reach us by e-mail day or night through our Ask the NLLIC Web page.  


Why should I contact the NLLIC?

You or someone you know is a new amputee.

You need information about your healthcare and future.

You would like to schedule a visit from an ACAcertified peer visitor.

You would like to find an amputee support group in your state.

You would like to locate certified prosthetists and prosthetic facilities in your state.


What are some of the NLLIC's most frequent requests?

New Amputee Information - Most new amputees have a serious need for general, introductory information concerning the specifics of their situation and their level of amputation.


Funding Information - As a nonprofit organization, the Amputee Coalition does not provide funding; however, we have created a funding packet to address this need.


Pain Information - The NLLIC offers a pain packet that addresses the various types of pain associated with limb loss, especially phantom pain.


Diabetes Information - Each year, more than half of all amputations performed in the United States are caused by diabetes and its complications and secondary conditions.


Advocacy Information - The Amputee Coalition has assumed the challenge to address and improve the health and care of people living with the absence of a limb and those at risk for primary amputations or secondary conditions, including additional amputations.  For more information, visit the advocacy area of the Amputee Coalition Web site or call the Amputee Coaliton.


Note: No funding from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is used to support ACA advocacy efforts.

Outside staff At Optimus, we're here for you!

We want to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us at Optimus!  Our team will always do everything possible to merit that confidence. 

Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you!


Click here to email us or call the office at 937-454-1900


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