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Monday, 09/06/10
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Wednesday, 09/15/10 - Friday, 09/17/10
Ellie to Midwest Chapter AAOP meeting

Thursday, 09/16/10 - Friday, 9/17/10
Scott to
Otto Bock (Minneapolis) for MyoBock Course
'Prosthetic Overview'
this month:

Wednesday, 09/01/10

(12 pm)
Miami Valley Hospital

Wednesday, 09/08/10
(12 pm)
Riverside Nursing Home
'Transtibial Prosthetics' this month:

Thursday, 09/09/10
(12:15 pm)
Walnut Creek

Wednesday, 09/29/10 (12:15 pm)
Bethany Village

Wednesday, 10/06/10
(12 pm)
Miami Valley Hospital
'Transfemoral Prosthetics' this month:

Thursday, 09/02/10
(12:15 pm)
Hillspring of Springboro

Friday, 09/10/10
(12 pm)
Grandview Rehab

Wednesday, 09/15/10
(8 am)

Thursday, 09/16/10
(12 pm)
Good Samaritan

Friday, 09/17/10
(12 pm)
Heartland of Miamisburg

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News from Optimus that we think you'll enjoy... Optimus conducts its first ever Skype evaluation, and welcomes a new team member!
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Optimus Conducts its First Skype Evaluation

Optimus is privileged to currently be working with two patients who have suffered high-level, upper-extremity amputations; Ted, who had a transhumeral amputation, and Marvin, who suffered a shoulder disarticulation. 

To assist with these challenging amputation levels, we enlisted the cooperation of Randy Alley, CEO and chief prosthetist of biodesigns in Southern California, and made plans for him to spend a week working with the Optimus team and these two patients here in our office.

Marvin and Randy
In preparation of Randy's visit to Optimus, he and John Brandt, CPO, conducted a complete evaluation of both patients via Skype. 

While Randy observed from his office in California, John took all the measurements, and completed testing to determine the myo-electric control potential of both Ted and Marvin.  Then, John and Randy were able to discuss the patient's needs, and what socket interface design options would be most beneficial for each.  With Randy's assistance, John then selected the best componentry for each prosthesis, and was able to have everything on site and ready to go when Randy arrived in our office. 
"The Skype evaluation gave me the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of one of the leading upper extremity prosthetic specialists in the country, and bring that expertise here to our office," John said.  "Through this technology, we were able to better serve our patients by having the knowledge and experience of Randy Alley right here locally."

SensorHand in action!
Sensor Hand
Both patients were fit with Otto Bock's Dynamic Arm and Otto Bock's SensorHand Speed with wrist rotator.  To see a European patient demonstrating the functionality of this combination on YouTube, click here.

Be sure to check our next eNewsletter for more on Ted and Marvin!
Optimus Prosthetics Welcomes a New Team Member


We would like to welcome the newest member of the Optimus Team, Prosthetic Resident, Travis Barlow, who joined us at the end of August. 

Travis earned his degree in Biophysics from Brigham Young University in 2007 and his post-graduate certificate in prosthetics from Northwestern University in 2008. An active outdoorsman, Travis enjoys hiking and canyoneering.  Travis will be heavily involved in patient care, as well as The Optimus Academy. 

Please join us in welcoming Travis to the Optimus Team!
Optimus Academy 'Prosthetics for Therapists' Update
by Scott Schall

Optimus Academy is pleased to welcome Alternate Solutions Home Care, and Friendship Village to the list of therapy groups participating in our Prosthetics for Therapists courses.

We are well into the 3rd course, 'Transfemoral Prosthetics', and quickly approaching the 4th course, 'Amputee Mobility Predictor'.  Schedule your course today!
Quarterly Course Listing 
  1. Prosthetic Overview
  2. Transtibial Prosthetics
  3. Transfemoral Prosthetics
  4. Amputee Mobility Predictor
  5. Transtibial Gait Training and Deviations
  6. Transfemoral Gait Training and Deviations
  7. Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation
  8. Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  9. Computer Alignment System (COMPAS)
  10. Microprocessor-Controlled Knees
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