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Monday, 5/3/10
Sycamore Glen Health Center
Transtibial Prosthetics

Tuesday, 5/4/10
Maria Joseph Center Transtibial Prosthetics

Tuesday, 5/4/10
Dayspring (Fairborn) Prosthetic Overview

Thursday, 5/6/10
Koester Pavilion
Transtibial Prosthetics

Thursday, 5/6/10
Dayton Rehab
Transtibial Prosthetics

Wednesday, 5/12/10
Hillspring of Springboro
Transtibial Prosthetics

Thursday, 5/13/10
Southview Rehab Transtibial Prosthetics

Friday, 5/14/10 (12pm) Heartland of Eaton Transtibial Prosthetics

Tuesday, 5/18/10
Kettering Rehab
Transtibial Prosthetics

Wednesday, 5/19/10 9am-1pm
Proprio Clinic with Ossur
at Optimus Prosthetics

Thursday, 5/20/10
Harborside of New Lebanon

Friday, 5/21/10
Omega Laser Scanner Course
Ohio Willow Wood
Mt Sterling, OH

Tuesday, 5/25/10 12pm-5pm
Edison Community College
Prosthetic Overview for PTA Students

Wednesday, 5/26/10
Heartland of Centerville
Transtibial Prosthetics

Thursday, 5/27/10
Miami Valley HospitalWright State University
School of Medicine
The Prosthetist's Viewpoint:  How to select appropriate components and prepare a detailed prescription

Monday, 5/31/10

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1. Artificial Intelligence (TerrainLogic)
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2. Reduces energy expenditure

3. Reduces the risk of tripping and falling

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Optimus Academy 'Prosthetics for Therapists' Update

by Scott Schall

As I mentioned in last month's eNewsletter, I recently became aware of the Ohio Physical Therapy Association's mandatory 'Prosthetic Curriculum Topics' for Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) students.  The topics are listed below. 

Although we touch on 'Risk Factors' for amputation, we do not discuss 'Factors That Influence Vascular Disease' in the 'Prosthetic Overview' course.  For those therapy groups who have not completed the 'Prosthetic Overview' course, the course will be updated to include a more in-depth overview of these 2 topic areas.  For those therapy groups who have already completed the 'Prosthetic Overview' course, I will cover these 2 topic areas through last month's and this month's eNewsletter. 

Last month, I covered 'Risk Factors for Amputation'. This month, I am covering 'Factors That Influence Vascular Disease' (see below).  
Mandatory 'Prosthetic Curriculum Topics' for PTA Students

  • Risk factors
  • Factors that influence vascular disease
  • Types of lower extremity amputations
  • Stump wrapping guidelines
  • Types of post-op dressings
  • Components of a prosthesis
  • Considerations for prosthetic training
  • Potential complications
  • Gait deviations

Factors That Influence Vascular Disease

Who gets vascular disease?

Vascular disease primarily affects smokers, former smokers and persons with diabetes. One complication of diabetes includes blockages in the small blood vessels of the legs. As a result, blood flow to one leg or both legs is decreased.

Other individuals who may be at risk for Vascular Disease include:
  • Anyone over the age of 45
  • People with high cholesterol
  • People with high blood pressure
  • Those that have coronary artery disease
  • People with a family history of coronary artery disease
  • Those who are overweight
  • People who lead a very sedentary lifestyle

As for an update on the quarterly courses being offered, we are well into the 2nd course, 'Transtibial Prosthetics'.

Quarterly Course Listing
  • Prosthetic Overview
  • Transtibial Prosthetics
  • Transfemoral Prosthetics
  • Amputee Mobility Predictor
  • Transtibial Gait Training and Deviations
  • Transfemoral Gait Training and Deviations
  • Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation
  • Upper Extremity Prosthetics
  • Computer Alignment System (COMPAS)
  • Microprocessor-Controlled Knees

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