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Air Travel Wearing a Prosthesis
Optimus Academy
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3/3/10 (Noon)
Heartland of Centerville 'Prosthetic Overview'

3/4/10 (Noon)
Sycamore Glen
'Prosthetic Overview'

3/8/10 (Noon)
Greenbriar of Eaton 'Prosthetic Overview'

3/9/10 (Noon)
Kettering Rehab
'Prosthetic Overview'

3/12/10 (Noon)
Grandview Rehab 'Prosthetic Overview'

Ohio Orthotics and Prosthetics Association Annual Spring Meeting
Columbus, OH

Ohio Chapter, American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) Annual Spring Technical Meeting
Columbus, OH

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Optimus Academy Quarterly Course Listing

Optimus Academy

1. Prosthetic Overview

2. Transtibial Prosthetics

3. Transfemoral Prosthetics

4. Amputee Mobility Predictor (AMP)

5. Transtibial Gait Training and Deviations

6. Transfemoral Gait Training and Deviations

7. Partial Foot / Symes / Knee Disarticulation / Hip Disarticulation

8. Upper Extremity Prosthetics

9. Computer Alignment System (COMPAS)

10. Microprocessor-Controlled Knees (MPK)
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The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics.

ABC is the national certifying and accrediting body for the orthotic and prosthetic professions. The public requires and deserves assurance that the persons providing orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic services and care are qualified to provide the appropriate services.


Are you ready for Spring or enjoying the Winter?  We are ready for Spring but we do actually enjoy the 4-seasons! 
We would like to take this time to THANK YOU for your valued support that has allowed us to expand our team to 6 since we opened our doors in May 2007.  Our team will always do everything possible to merit the confidence you have shown in us.  Again, THANK YOU! 

We are proud to introduce the 2010 Optimus Prosthetics TEAM!

Staff photo
Back row, Scott and John. Front row left to right, Lynda, Anita, Beth, Ellie
John Brandt, Co-Founder, Clinical Director.  Responsible for overseeing all patient care activities.  Has been known to 'accidentally' eat others' lunches that are in the fridge.
Scott Schall, Co-Founder, Prosthetist/Rehabilitation Engineer.  Spends 50% of his time with patients and 50% of his time managing 'business operations'.  Also responsible for Technology Integration.  Best known for making gum-numbing coffee and drinking too much of it just before some 8am presentations.
Ellie Thompson, Prosthetic Assistant/Lab Manager, joined as Optimus' 1st employee in October 2007.  Spends 75% of her time assisting with patients and 25% of her time overseeing the fabrication process.  Allegedly 'hides' the last of the Mountain Dew from others.
Anita Curtis, Office Manager, joined Optimus in November 2009.  Oversees the entire administrative process including obtaining detailed prescriptions, prior authorizations, claims processing, and patient scheduling.  Enjoys microwaving metal objects (seriously though, we hope no one else has microwaved one of our 2007 Optimus metal-finished coffee cups!).
Lynda Craft, Prosthetic Technician, joined Optimus in January 2009.  Fabricates custom prosthetic devices and assembles them with selected componentry.  Lynda is a music-lover and follows a couple of bands when they are in the area.  It has been rumored that Lynda is a 'groupie' in denial.
Beth Warren, Administrative Specialist, joined Optimus just last month!  Beth will be the 1st to greet our patients and answer calls and will be instrumental in working closely with Anita on staying on top of the administrative process.  Beth is musically talented; she plays the keyboard and sometimes the drums at her church and likes to 'whistle while she works' at Optimus. Please welcome Beth to the team!

If there is anything Optimus can do for you, please let us know. If you've got any suggestions, compliments, complaints or feedback on our email newsletter or on Optimus Prosthetics - we'd love to hear it! 

Call us at 937-454-1900 or click here to send us an email.


John Brand_Scott Schall
Optimus Prosthetics * 8517 N. Dixie Drive * Suite 300 * Dayton OH 45414

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Air Travel Wearing a Prosthesis

Optimus was recently asked by one of our patients what they needed to know regarding going through airport security with a prosthesis. Click here for all the details you need from...
Optimus Academy

Q:  Is the 2010 program different than the 2009 program for those who participated in the 2009 presentations?

A:  Absolutely!  Well, at least the first 3 courses are different; the 4th course covers the Amputee Mobility Predictor which will be very similar to the 2009 version of the course. 

For those who wish to skip the Amputee Mobility Predictor course in 2010, they can proceed with the 5th course. 

Below are course descriptions for Course 1 'Prosthetic Overview' and Course 2 'Transtibial Prosthetics'. 

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Optimus Academy
Course Descriptions

Course 1:  Prosthetic Overview.
This course covers demographics and a broad overview of both upper and lower extremity amputation levels and their typical modalities.
The following is just a sneak preview of the quiz that represents information covered in this course...
  1. True or False?  The #1 cause of all amputations is trauma.
  2. True or False? The #1 cause of upper extremity amputations is vascular disease.
  3. True or False?  The transmetatarsal amputation level is designed to provide a functional, weight-bearing foot with an adequate forefoot lever arm to permit reasonably normal walking without major prosthetic restoration.
  4. True or False? Symes amputation is the same as an ankle disarticulation amputation.
  5. True or False?  We should closely monitor the sound side of lower extremity amputees because almost 1/3 of dysvascular patients undergo contralateral limb amputations within 3 years.
Course 2:  Transtibial Prosthetics.
This course covers the fundamental principles of transtibial prosthetics as it did in 2009 but includes
video-enhanced instructions on applying a compressive wrap and shrinker as well as video-enhanced case studies of Optimus patients with transtibial amputations.

The case studies will cover:
  • Why certain suspension systems and feet were prescribed for particular patients.
  • Insight into the fabrication process.
  • How each suspension system is donned and doffed.
  • What is explained to the patient for proper use and care.
  • What therapeutic exercises can be presented to the patient.

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